Diet for Heart Disease
Heart disease

McDougall, John, M.D.

[2005] Is wheat killing us?  In China, the main predictor of heart disease rates in a given population is how much wheat flour (and other grains except rice) that population eats.

I was informed I would need corrective (heart) surgery or I would not survive to 20 years……in 3 years (after changing my diet, and exercising) I went back…they said I had a miracle, my heart was completely well. I said it wasn’t a miracle, I worked my butt off…… I learned one important lesson---your body can heal itself of anything if you are willing to do the work that is necessary."----Dick Shulze, N.D. 

Dr Bernard Lowen a Professor of cardiology reported on a 10 year study which concluded that 98% of bypass surgeries are unnecessary. He appeared with Nathan Pritkin to say that diet and excercise can heal heart disease.

"Hypertension is another area where a mountainous concoction of drugs rarely does any good against a condition that can usually be cured with judicious diet and excercise."---Lynne McTaggart.

"I had a patient…who had had two heart attacks…he went to 5 top cardiologists….and I said "What did they tell you, any of them about diet?"….and she (his wife) said "They didn’t say anything"…….this is 5 top cardiac specialists. This guy had two heart attacks, and he has severe artery blockage, and nobody suggested a dietary change……I find this shocking. That just goes to show how much into the cut-and-replace syndrome they are."---Dick Shulze, N.D.

"What THEY consider extreme (dietary changes) is what we consider normal. What WE consider extreme (cardiac by-pass surgery)---they think is no big deal."----Dick Shulze, N.D., M.H.

Milk is the foundation of heart disease and the explanation for America's number one killer.