Food Irradiation
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[One of the more obvious poisonings, along with Fluoride.  Kills the life force.]

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The USDA'S Food Irradiation Plot by Mike Adams  US food and health authorities, in league with corporations, are enacting plans to sterilise the fresh food supply with irradiation, thus destroying essential disease-fighting nutrients and promoting a sick society,

[2008 Nov] Cat food firm blames deaths on quarantine controls

[2008] Irradiation: Expensive, Ineffective, and Impractical

Food Irradiation: Your Right to Know: FDA Poised to Weaken Labeling on Food Irradiation

Genetix, LLC: Detecting Use of Genetically-Modified Organisms and Irradiation In Food Production Systems

[pdf] Food Irradiation: A Gross Failure The strange, sickening impacts on the smell, taste, color, and texture of food exposed to radiation


Zapped! Irradiation and the Death of Food by Wenonah Hauter and Mark Worth

Irradiated produce - dead food....So, now it's nuke the food. When your food is nuked it creates vicious free radicals. That attack. You. But the real danger is this. Irradiating food kills the life component out of it. What gives us sustenance, aside from the vitamins, sugars, proteins, and minerals, is the etheric life component. Nuking food with a microwave or other produce irradiation (conveniently setup with e-coli scares timed to certain sabbats, we notice) ejects the etheric energy. CBSWORK