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[2012] Microwave test an eye opener

Don't Use Microwave Ovens! by Stan Cayer

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PLASTIC & MICROWAVE: Carcinogens - At 10,000,000 Times FDA Limits"

microwaved food increases electrical sensitivity

So, now it's nuke the food. When your food is nuked it creates vicious free radicals. That attack. You. But the real danger is this. Irradiating food kills the life component out of it. What gives us sustenance, aside from the vitamins, sugars, proteins, and minerals, is the etheric life component. Nuking food with a microwave or other produce irradiation (conveniently setup with e-coli scares timed to certain sabbats, we notice) ejects the etheric energy. CBSWORK


[2012] Microwave test an eye opener


Microwaved water Masaru Emoto