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[2012 May] When Do The Benefits Of Ultrasound Outweigh The Dangers? by Judy Cohain, CNM   False Positives: The ability of ultrasound to detect anomalies in the second trimester varies from 13% to 85%(4) depending on abilities of the technician, and involves high rates of false positives. Most women get ultrasounds to be reassured but 10% of second trimester ultrasounds detect one or more false positive markers for Downs syndrome and 10% detect other markers or out of range measurements.(1)  None of these women will be reassured although most of their babies are perfect. Ultrasound can accurately diagnosis 91% of fetuses affected by Downs syndrome but will false positively diagnose 5% of normal fetuses as having Downs syndrome.(1)

Nutritional approach to Down's Syndrome. Can Vitamins and Diet affect the Health of Children and Adults with Down's Syndrome? by Richard Phethean

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Dr Patricia Sheehan, an Irish scientist, discovered in the 1980s that mothers of a cluster of children in  Dundalk (pdf) born with Down’s syndrome had been at a boarding school when a 1957 fire in Windscale in Cumbria, northwest England, released radioactive fallout which was blown across the Irish Sea.  In 1994, Dr Sheehan was about to present her findings at an Irish inquiry into birth defects at Sellafield when, following death threats, she was found dead in her car, and her papers were missing. The crash was never fully investigated.

[2000] Investigation of a cluster of children with Down's syndrome born to mothers who had attended a school in Dundalk, Ireland

Down Syndrome
Down Syndrome  If you have been told that nutritional treatment is of no value for Down syndrome children, you may want to read this.

Some Information about TNI (Targeted Nutritional Intervention) For People with Down's Syndrome

The Illuminati are sitting on technology and knowledge that could bring about almost a virtual paradise, but they are hoarding this technology and knowledge, and suppressing it....After you read this chapter and are aware that the secrets of cranial manipulation could rescue children with cerebral palsy, and some of the children with Down syndrome, you too will cry with this author at the needless suffering that the Illuminati have perpetrated upon mankind in their quest for total domination of this globe.8:  THE SCIENCE OF BODY MANIPULATION & PROGRAMMING Deeper Insights into the Illuminati Formula

ICNIRP (1998) quotes Cohen et al. (1977) which found no association between radar exposure and Down's syndrome in their off-spring. They failed to mention a previous paper from the same group, Sigler et al, (1965), which did find a significant risk from parental radar exposure.  Safe exposure levels by Dr. Neil Cherry - Lincoln University - 25/4/2000

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