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Crohn's Disease & vaccines

"Utilizing my self-developed iridological analysis, I discovered that IBS and Crohn’s mainly have been caused by penicillin and vaccines. Penicillin infects us with fungus that is not natural to humans but is common in birds. Very often, penicillin travels to intestines, makes roots and lives there. Too often, it lives in the intestines and nervous system for a life time, unless we know how to gradually eliminate it. Penicillin fungus interferes with digestion and causes many intestinal problems and diseases. Too often, I have found that penicillin mold lives in our brains, causing many cognitive problems. I know of only one way to naturally eliminate penicillin fungus without serious side effects. (Note to readers, this is an older variation of the Penicillin Destroyer, see for an updated version) Blend together 5-8 tablespoons (depending on size of person) fresh raw lime juice, 11⁄2-3 tablespoons fresh raw lemon juice, 5-8 tablespoons unheated honey, 5-8 tablespoons raw coconut cream, and 2-5 tablespoons raw dairy cream. Add 3-5 ounces of raw milk or naturally sparkling water (such as Gerolsteiner) and stir gently. I suggest that that mixture be divided into 5 parts and consumed throughout the day for no more than 3 consecutive days, once every 3-4 weeks. That mixture is also a powerful antibiotic, only to be used in place of a pharmaceutical antibiotic."---Aajonus Vonderplanitz

"CHRONE’S DISEASE is an inability to digest many cooked foods and the inability of the body to prevent undigested food from entering the blood, lymphatic and nervous systems. When undigested food particles enter those systems, they cause extreme reactions, such as painfully swollen and enlarged joints, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. Most cooked grains and potatoes are poisonous in cases of Chrone’s. Chrone’s disease is usually caused by medicinal antibiotics, especially in infancy and childhood, and vaccines. When antibiotic and vaccine toxins enter the intestines, they destroy the healthy bacterial environment of the intestines. That chemical damage to intestines may reach as deeply as intestinal DNA, preventing the natural bacterial environment of the intestines from perpetuating digestive bacteria. In such a case, unless a raw food diet is continuously consumed, symptoms of Chrone’s will persist throughout life.
    Eating an all raw food diet is vital to reversal and recovery. Raw animal products, with their natural beneficial bacteria and enzymes have helped restore digestion in all cases, but did not completely reverse Chrone’s in a few cases where chemicals had caused genetic damage to the intestines.
    Eating 12 cagefree raw eggs every 12 hours followed by teaspoon unheated honey for 35 days usually restores some digestion. Then, daily, adding early morning and evening raw meat meals, an afternoon raw custard (see custard recipe page 56, footnote), and 12 cups fresh raw celery juice, 4 ounces at a time helps restore strength and bring life to normalcy." We Want To Live: The Primal Diet by Aajonus Vonderplanitz  p.247

Cannabis & Hemp

Rick Simpson with Chaun Bowie

"A few days late but here's Coltyn! In our new Colorado home, still fighting the viscous CROHNS DISEASE with CANNABIS OIL!! And WINNING!!! Up @10 lbs. which is very difficult for a crohnie. He's grown @4 inches too. But the best is that he feels better! No pain, less bathroom visits and more energy!" Wendy Turner

-- Crohn's disease is just another disease which can be kept under control with the use of purified decarboxylated cannabis resin. In an ideal case the patient would eat the oil, use it in suppository form, apply it topically and vaporize it for mood control or acute conditions. As for dosage instructions I would follow the Rick Simpson Protocol.

I would also add hemp seeds and hemp seed oil to the diet. I would also consider adding frankincense to the protocol, and I would eat 150-300mg of it three times a day. Frankincense is very beneficial for any issues with digestive system. Namely in combination with the most potent and sedative cannabis oils.

The oil is very effective against Crohn's and it helps patients enjoy much better quality of life. When the oil does not "cure" the patient, it will still give them maximum quality of life. That's a lot, too, and that makes it worth it, too. JB

"The newest book from Rick Simpson and Jindrich Bayer specifically details how to use cannabis extract medicine to cure cancer, going into extensive detail on the official Rick Simpson protocol."