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[2006] 'Diet change cured me of depression'   The 71-year-old then cut out wheat and dairy and within three weeks was feeling better.  "It was a miracle. I just woke up one morning and my problems had gone."
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I had a number of patients get very depressed because of what the doctor told them, or because of their medical procedures or whatever. One of the things I had to do in my clinic was to combat depression all the time. The ginkgo on its own was effective with maybe 20 percent of the patients, but the majority of them didn't notice a difference in their depression.
          Putting the cayenne in with it, I would say I got up to about 95 percent immediately. It was quite astounding what the difference was.
          Of course, it is a well known scientific fact today, and this is something that has only come out in the last couple years, that there is a small area in the center of the brain. When it atrophies; when it dries up and shrinks and has a lack of blood and oxygen to it, you become more depressed. Keeping the circulation going to that area inhibits depression. And increasing circulation is what cayenne is doing.
    So ginkgo is a great herb for getting more blood and oxygen up there, but cayenne is the herb that takes it up." Dr Richard Shulze

[Assemblage point shift.] "After the bang on the head and the LSD, my father fell into depression.....Happiness at his new found success was replaced with agression and paranoia."--Sadie Frost (mail on Sunday Aug 22, 2010 Extract from Crazy Days)

It has been estimated that 20% of illnesses, including mental illnesses, are due to contact with a destructive person. In extreme cases, nothing goes right. POSSIBLE PROBLEM PRODUCERS By Stephanie Relfe B.Sc.

"The mind control capabilities of ULF waves were discovered during a rash of suicides in Medford, Oregon in the early 1970s. University of North Carolina’s head of toxicology Dr. David Fraser assembled a team who detected ULF waves emanating from a US Air Force Base near Medford (now closed), altering biochemistry to induce severe depression and psychological volatility in the population at large, thereby increasing regional suicide rates. The researchers questioned the base commander who implicated the Russians, then the following day the signals ceased, and later still Fraser and his team were forced into silence by death threats from several CIA agents.   Permanent ultra low- frequency mind control installations have been built beneath Colorado’s new Denver International Airport, while Masonic dedications and symbolism adorn the entire airport with runways laid out in the pattern of a Nazi swastika clearly visible from the air (above, left). The subterranean facility below the airport has been constructed using giant wave-contoured steel beams designed specifically for the purpose of manipulating human consciousness via infrasound. On June 18, 2002 the ULF output of standing waves from the Denver Int’l Airport was of sufficient amplitude to be recorded by Doppler radar as concentric circles (at 16:33 UTC, presented above, right).13 On February 16, 2007, infrasound resonance at the DIA shattered 13 airplane windshields.14 Crucial facts rule out cold, wind and flying debris as possible causes - no debris was seen by any of the pilots, and the various airplanes were damaged in the air, on the DIA runway and at the terminal gates –all during a narrow timeframe."   Alexander Putney, "Veil of Invisibility"   [whale]

Breastfeeding bonding and baby-carrying bonding are the first events of life which the newborn/infant/child learns about love and non-violence. Love is first learned at the breast of mother and by being carried on her body ~like in utero, where the first lessons of being connected with mother are learned. Baby-carrying is the external umbilical cord that assures that the baby is connected with mother, and breastfeeding bonding for 2.5 years, or longer, has been found to be essential to optimise brain-behavioural development for the prevention of depression and suicide, and makes peaceful, harmonious and egalitarian behaviours later in life possible. Baby-carrying bonding was found to predict with 80% accuracy the peaceful and violent behaviours ("killing, torturing, mutilation of enemy captured in warfare") in 49 tribal cultures distributed throughout the world.[2007] James W Prescott, Ph.D. Why breastfeeding mothers are important

Caffeine contributes to depression in well-defined ways. This is particularly due to the withdrawal effect, which can cause headache, depression and fatigue, even in light users (p. 111). Cherniske reported that 90% of people who came to him who suffered from depression and gave up caffeine completely for 2 months reported that their depression went away! CAFFEINE BLUES