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[2016 pdf] Vaccination on Trial. Germ Theory vs Soil Theory By Rob Ryder

[2012 March] Bedrock of vaccination theory crumbles as science reveals antibodies not necessary to fight viruses   As explained by Dr. Russell Blaylock in a recent interview with Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, vaccines not only do not work as advertised, but they actually damage the body's innate immunity. Rather than teach the body how to respond to infections, vaccines actually inhibit the immune system's ability to produce TH2-type cytokines, and suppress cellular immunity, which is how the body protects itself against deadly viruses and bacteria.

[2012 June]  GERM THEORY AND DEPOPULATION by Jon Rappoport

[2007] The Alleged Bad “Pathogens” The False Target of Orthodox Medicine by Dr.-Ing. Joachim-F. Grätz, Oberhausen i. Obb., Germany

[2009] An open letter to Professor John Oxford, world renowned influenza virologist

The Lost History of Medicine

HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT: The Role of Vaccines in Chronic Disease By Richard Moskowitz, M. D.

Second Thought About Disease by Drs Kalokerinos & Dettman 1977.


TO BE OR NOT TO BE? 150 Years of Hidden Knowledge by Christopher Bird 1991

The Amazing Wonders of Gaston Naessens by Steven R. Elswick

The Post-Antibiotic Age: Germ Theory by Tim O'Shea

Why Louis Pasteur's Germ Theory Is A Curse By Nancy Appleton, Ph.D.

The Amazing Wonders of Gaston Naessens by Steven R. Elswick


Dr. Wilhelm Reich: Scientific Genius – or Medical Madman? By ALAN CANTWELL, Jr., M.D.

Who was Dr. Wilhelm Reich and why has history tried so hard to erase him? by Jerry Morton

[2003] Bacteria, Cancer & the Origin of Life By Alan Cantwell, Jr., M.D.
[2003] Bacteria: The Ultimate Cause of Cancer? by Alan Cantwell
[1998] Do Killer Microbes Cause Breast Cancer? By Alan Cantwell, Jr., M.D.
[1994] Is Cancer Contagious? by Alan Cantwell


[1977 pdf] The Questionable Contribution of Medical Measures to the Decline of Mortality in the United States in the Twentieth Century by John B. McKinlay; Sonja M. McKinlay  In general, medical measures (both chemotherapeutic and prophylactic) appear to have contributed little to the overall decline in mortality in the United States since about 1900-having in many instances been introduced several decades after a marked decline had already set in and having no detectable influence in most instances. More specifically, with reference to those five conditions (influenza, pneumonia, diphtheria, whooping cough, and poliomyelitis) for which the decline in mortality appears substantial after the point of intervention-and on the unlikely assumption that all of this decline is attributable to the intervention-it is estimated that at most 3.5 percent of the total decline in mortality since 1900 could be ascribed to medical measures introduced for the diseases considered here.  Sourced: Vaccines.me


Homo Optimus Diet by Dr. Kwasniewski

The Post-Antibiotic Age: Germ Theory by Tim O'Shea

[Media June 2002] Barbara Sumner-Burstyn: Immunisation choice challenges the herd mentality

Hering's law of cure By Dr Roger Schmidt

"The germ theory of disease is such an incredibly stupid notion! It's like saying that flies cause manure piles and firemen cause fires. Doesn't anyone ever wonder why the doctors never "catch" all this stuff? In over thirty years of clinical practice I have never seen an infectious hepatitis "caught" by another member of a household and believe me when I say I really looked high and low for one of those. If I found one I would look for a source of the poisoning, not for a germ or a virus. The authors are victims of the germ theory propaganda that has about 85% of the world's "educated" population under its control"--- Dr Daniel H Duffy Sr DC Geneva, Ohio

"My own personal view is that vaccines are unsafe and worthless. I will not allow myself to be vaccinated again. .....The bottom line is that infectious diseases are least likely to affect (and to kill) those who have healthy immune systems. I no longer believe that vaccines have any role to play in the protection of the community or the individual. Vaccines may be profitable but, in my view, they are neither safe nor effective. I prefer to put my trust in building up my immune system."---Dr Vernon Coleman MB 

Drugs Never Cure Disease: Video from Dr. Lorraine Day
In this 98-minute video, Dr. Lorraine Day reveals the astonishing fact that germs DON'T cause disease--even though ALL conventional medicine, with its massive use of "therapeutic" drugs, is based on the INCORRECT premise that germs do cause disease. If you're going down the WRONG road, all the money, brilliant scientists, and hard work will just bring you to the wrong destination faster and more expensively! In this video Dr. Day reveals that the entire foundation of conventional medicine is based on ERROR. Very powerful video! http://www.drday.com/believe.htm#drugs

JABS AND JOURNEYS by Michael Nightingale

The Nature of Disease by Hilarion http://hilarion.com/eod.html

Rook GA, Stanford JL.  Dept of Bacteriology, UCL Medical School, London, UK. Give us this day our daily germs.Immunology Today 1998 Mar;19(3):113-6 g.rook@ucl.ac.uk
Modern vaccinations, fear of germs and obsession with hygiene are depriving the immune system of the information input upon which it is dependent. This fails to maintain the correct cytokine balance and fine-tune T-cell regulation, and may lead to increased incidences of allergies and autoimmune diseases. If humans continue to deprive their immune systems of the input to which evolution has adapted it, it may be necessary to devise ways of replacing it artificially. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/htbin-post/Entrez/query?uid=9540269&form=6&db=m&Dopt=b