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[2011] The Dying Art of Femininity By Henry Makow, Ph.D.  Masculinity does not simply apply to certain traits like physical strength, agility, aggression, prowess, dominance, logic, abstract reasoning or aptitudes for certain kinds of work. Real masculine men are loving of women. They show real consideration and appreciation for the whole person that they are with, and that includes the traits that might at times veer into typically masculine territory. They are not threatened if their wife shows a greater aptitude for math or science. They are happy when she suggests solutions to problems that they might not have considered, or when she is better at certain sports than they are.
    Since they truly cherish their woman as a part of themselves, everything that she accomplishes, whether typically masculine or feminine, brings them pleasure, as it reflects well on both of them. Yet, the masculine man remains aware that women do have certain physical limitations relative to themselves. And they are considerate of that. They don't expect their wives to carry or move heavy things, perform physical tasks while they rest, fetch and carry things for them, have sole responsibility for the routine tasks of child care, or wait on them like their wives are their servants. This would not be loving your wife as you love yourself. This would be putting yourself above your wife.
    If you are going to talk about the feminine ideal, it is only fair to mention that the concept of masculinity is frequently offered as an excuse for brutishness, and implies no responsibilities toward women. These discussions need to include suggestions for the improvement of the behavior of people in general, not just women.

Fascinating Womanhood by Helen Andelin's  (1963)
Unveil the Mysteries of The Female by Theun Mares

This leads us to another important concept, which is that the female needs to stand back if she is going to support the male's purpose. Standing back does not mean that the female is denied her individuality, or her independence, but it does mean that if she is going to support the male's purpose, she must take his purpose as her own. For example, although a wife is perfectly entitled to have a career of her own, she must nonetheless regard her husband's career as being more important than her own. If she does not do this, her own career will become more important than that of her husband, and eventually more important than even her husband, in which case she will be pursuing her own purpose, rather than supporting her husband's purpose. We see this all too often when, once a married couple has started a family, the female becomes so engrossed in being the mother of their children, that she not only forgets she has a husband whose purpose she once supported, but now even starts to mother him into how a father should behave!
    I cannot stress enough how very important it is that the female learns to step back for the male. Although it may appear as if the female is making herself less than the male by stepping back for him, she is in effect doing nothing of the sort. In fact, the reverse is true. By making his purpose supreme, and by putting his vision first, the female is making it clear to the male that she believes in him, and trusts that he is not going to abuse her, or disappoint her in some way. By believing in the male in this way, the female in effect manipulates him, firstly, into claiming his power as a male; and secondly, into bringing forth the true female in her, rather than the mother.
    It is only through the female refusing to mother the male, and by standing back, that the male can and does claim his power. Having claimed his power, he will automatically elevate the female to the status of his equal, by ceasing to rebel against her as if she were his mother. But, even more important than this, is that once the male sees the female as his partner, and not as his mother, he unconsciously begins to do everything in his power not to disappoint her in her vision of him. We can look upon this as seeking approval if we wish, yet it is not really seeking approval, but the very essence of intelligent co-operation. To grasp this, think of it in this way: "If you are willing to acknowledge me as a male, I will do my level best to prove to you I am worthy of that trust. But if you wish to mother me, I will fight you every step of the way by digging in my heels and rebelling. In this way I can at the very least prove to you, and myself, that I am not weak, and do not need your constant nagging!"  Unveil the Mysteries of The Female by Theun Mares