Locking the Gate
Sex  Tantra

[Cure for Premature ejaculation. The locking method is used to stop ejaculation and move the energy upwards.]

Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy by David and Linda Howe. The ancient adepts designed clever methods for gaining control over their sexual energy when they felt they were on the verge of ejaculating during intercourse. The most important and effective of these methods, combined with breath control, is 'Locking Up' of the entire sacral region with strong contractions of the anal sphincter muscle, buttocks and urogenital diaphragm. This flexing of the 'love-muscles' is the secret penile lock that enables a man to control his ejaculation reflex and ultimately master his own orgasm energy. Thus he can make love indefinitely - with full orgasmic arousal and sensitivity. This method is outlined in the texts of the Classic Pillow Book - ' Mysterious Master of the Cave' :

" When a man feels on the verge of ejaculation, he should always restrain himself and be sure to bring the woman to orgasm. He should draw the Jade Stem (penis) out shallowly and play it between the Lute Strings -(frenulum of clitoris) and Wheat Buds (Labia minor)...... He should concentrate his mind, press his tongue against the roof of his mouth, arch his spine and stretch out his neck, clench his fists and feet as if clawing the floor. At the same time, he should open his nostrils wide, close his mouth and swallow a deep breath. Clenching his jaw and love muscles with nine rapid contractions. Directing his eyes to look up at the Pai-Hui (Pineal gland - crown of the head), he can guide the rising Ching Chi (aroused orgasm energy) away from the genitals into the body. If he does this in time, he will not ejaculate. Instead, the semen will return and the orgasm energy will ascend naturally, by itself. In this manner, a man may completely regulate his ejaculation ". - The Taoist physician Lee Tung Hsuan.

In the section of Sun Ssu-Mo's 'Precious Recipes', entitled -'Healthy Sex Life', he also mentions the Locking Method. He gives detailed instructions such as opening the eyes wide and clenching the teeth, and other methods for drawing the vital energy away from the sexual organs and upwards into the body. In addition to constricting the anal sphincter and flexing the buttocks and urogenital muscles, he throws light upon the method of pressing a vital point - the perineum, which is located mid-way between the anus and the scrotum. Pressure on the perineum, called in Taoist texts 'Confluence of Yin', will also suppress ejaculation. But it is usually adopted by beginners who have not yet gained perfect control over their Love-muscles. Until you master the Locking Method, you may also use pressure at the 'Confluence of Yin' (perineum). As the Classic of Immortality states :

" Take the index and middle fingers of the left hand and press them at the point midóway between the anus and scrotum. If this is done with sufficient pressure and in time, and combined with deep slow breathing, with muscular contractions and gnashing of the teeth, then the semen will not be lost ".

Our old friend, Wu Hsien, considered 'Locking the Gate' to be the most effective of all methods for controlling ejaculation :

" If you tighten the lower part of your bowels (pelvic floor muscles -Love-muscles), to shut off the flow of energy there, semen will stop moving, naturally".

This method, sometimes referred to as 'Locking the Gate of the Immortals' is a practical skill that can be easily mastered. It is the key to ejaculation control.

Locking the Gate of the Immortals is probably the oldest and certainly the most effective and natural way to control ejaculation for longer lasting sex and fulfilling sexual love. These were the secret sexual skills used by the ancient Taoist lovers, and described by Wu Hsien in this rather picturesque series of steps :

1. The Locking Method is like trying to stop the Yellow River with one hand, and its success can depend on a man's character. An impatient man will take more than twenty days of practice to learn it. A gentler person can learn it much faster, half the time is usually enough. Study and practice the method carefully for about e month and then the man's precious treasure - Ching Chi (semen, orgasm energy), will be quite safe.

2. The advantage of the Locking Method is that it can be carried out simply. For example, when a man is doing the three shallow and one deep thrust pattern, he can close his eyes and his mouth and breath deeply but gently through his nose, so that he will not start panting. When he feels that he might soon lose control, he can lift his waist with just one quick movement and withdraw his Jade Peak (penis), one inch or more and stay in that position without moving. Then he can breath deeply and diaphragmatically and at the same time, contract his lower abdomen as though he is controlling himself when looking for a toilet. He must remember the importance of treasuring his Ching (sperm), and that it must not be lost indiscriminately.  When he is deeply breathing, he will soon calm down. He can resume his thrusts again.

3. The important point to remember is not to be too late. He must retreat when he has just become excited. If he retreats when he is already very excited and tries to force the Ching back, then the Ching will not return.

4. To sum up, the Locking Method is excellent, but one must practice it when one is just beginning to feel excited. It is much better to retreat too early than too late. By practicing this method, the man will be able to control his ejaculation rather comfortably, without letting his Jade Peak fall. He can thus save his energy and he will feel remarkably composed. And he should not emit his Ching until he has completed at least five thousand thrusts. Combining the Locking Method with deep diaphragmatic breathing, he could go on almost indefinitely. Then, to satisfy ten women in one evening would not be too difficult for him


All the following points, 1ó7, are performed simultaneously,


Point 1 : Stop Thrusting, Squeeze Tightly and Retreat.

When you first sense ejaculation approaching, no matter how 'early', stop thrusting and tightly 'close' (squeeze) the urogenital and pelvic floor muscles including the anal muscles, as if holding them when looking for a lavatory. At the same time retreat so that only about one inch or more of your penis remains inside the vagina.


Point 2 : Flex the Love Muscles with Nine Rapid Contractions.
Immediately you sense the urge to ejaculate and have withdrawn your penis to shallow penetration, flex fll the key Love Muscles in point 1 with nine rapid contractions.

Point 3 : Take a Deep Breath and Hold During The Nine Contractions.
As you withdraw your penis to carry out the Locking Method, draw in a deep breath and send it down to the lower abdomen as if you have swallowed it. Hold the breath pressure in the lower abdomen while you perform nine hard clenchings of the pelvic floor muscles.

Point 4 : Clench Buttock Muscles
Total lower body lock is greatly aided by the power grip of the buttocks. Clenching these large muscles assists the overall locking of the pelvic 'door'. The nine rapid hard flexings of the Love Muscles includes clenching the buttocks.

Point 5 : Arch Your Spine Concavely and 'Grip' the Orgasm Energy at the Root of the Penis.
As you withdraw your penis to shallow penetration to perform the nine contractions, swivel the hips forward, bending the vertebrae at the base of the spine towards your partner. Use will-power and grip the orgasm energy at the root of the penis, as if drawing it into the tip of the spine, (coccyx).

Point 6 : Clench Teeth, Press Tongue to Roof of Mouth and Straighten Neck.
At the same time, flare the nostrils and imagine (ideate - think) the orgasm energy up the spine to the neck and up to the top of the head. Orgasm energy in this sense, means highly aroused sexual energy, not climax - ejaculation. Swivel the head slightly forward, bringing the chin toward the throat by lightly clenching the teeth and pressing the tongue against the upper palate.

Point 7 : Clench the Fists and Look Upward with the Eyes.
Include the clenching of the fists during the nine rapid contractions of the entire pelvic region. Roll the eyes upwards, as if looking back into the brain. Imagine that you are sending the message to ejaculate from the root of the penis back to the brain. This helps to draw off some of the orgasmic pressure that would otherwise trigger the ejaculation reflex.


Point 8 : Repeat the Locking Method Until the Urge to Ejaculate Passes.
If after one set of nine contractions of the Locking Method, you still feel vulnerable to ejaculate, take another deep breath and repeat the nine contractions of the Total Body Lock. Do as many sets of nine contractions as are necessary to bring your ejaculation reflex under control.

Successfully controlling the nerve impulses to ejaculate and driving the orgasm energy back into the body, is the first half of Ejaculation Control - the hard half. The soft half that completes the technique is also indispensable to success in learning how to master your own orgasm energy. Rather like the soft and hard principles expressed in the Tai Chi diagram. Incidentally, people often find that the hard aspect of the Locking Method is relatively easy, yet they fail in the soft aspect, which is described in the following points :


Point 9 : Carefully Release the Breath and Relax.
Exhale and release the Total Body Lock. Relax the shoulders, chest and abdomen, but by all means, keep the root of the penis, the perineum and the anal muscles 'sensitively' flexed until you 'feel' sure that you are safe. Then Relax Completely. Breathe long and deeply.

Point 10 : Exchange Loving Affection.
Whatever pleasing position you are in while you are calming down your orgasm energy, there are myriads of ways to share and express tender love. Don't be afraid to do nothing during these rest periods. Tactile loving is one aspect of this Art that is probably impossible to teach!

Point 11 : Resume Thrusting.
When you feel inspired, or when your partner 'senses' you are ready, resume mutually pleasurable thrusting. Choosing the appropriate style of love strokes is a matter of 'good taste'. It goes without saying that there is a great difference between sensual pumping and senseless bashing! Vigorous, gentle, deep, shallow, quick, slow and rhythmically pleasing thrusts are all at your disposal. The inspired lover varies his thrusts like a great musician who has instinctive feel for his instrument of expression. I am not a gifted literary genius, therefore, I cannot find words to describe this seductive skill. However, the indescribable nature of inspired thrusting is also due to it's infinite forms of expression. Also, let us not forget that thrusting is a two-way affair.

Point 12 : Pay Attention to Your Breathing.
While thrusting, try to keep your breathing under mental control. Flare your nostrils and lightly clench your teeth at particularly erotic moments, (Partial Locking), and breathe the pleasure of sex down into your belly. This actually helps to bring the orgasm energy under your mental control. Don't hold your breath during a vigorous bout of thrusting. Adopt a kind of 'Warrior' concentration and weald your Love Weapon with calm and noble force. Soon you will realize that the poetic term 'Gladiator of the Bedroom', is not mere sensationalist romantic hype. Relaxed breathing while thrusting is essential for this 'state of mind'.

Point 13 : Stop Thrusting and Lock.
When you feel the urge to ejaculate return, repeat the entire process again. Do how ever many sets of nine contractions that are necessary to control the urge to ejaculate, and then relax. Breathe deeply to calm down your heart rate and share a loving moment of affection for a minute or two. Then continue thrusting or perhaps, even change positions.

Point 14 : Change Love-making Positions with Loving Care.
It would be immature and clumsy to rashly change love positions too early. A 'Gladiator of the Bedroom', varies his love positions to artistically express different forms of the joy of sexual love. However, he does not neurotically 'experiment' with different love-making positions just as an excuse or substitute for lack of staying power. The Gentleman of the Bedroom also varies the position of love-making out of courtesy and care for the woman's comfort. He should affectionately sense or ask when she is in need of a rest from a certain position, and lovingly manoeuvre her into another pleasing love position.

Timely communication - sexual requests, ie. telling her what you would like, asking her what she wants, and vice versa; becomes a practical possibility when, as a result of controlling ejaculation, penetrative sex lasts longer than two and a half minutes. With one or two hours at your disposal, 'communication' can have some meaning -at last!

Point 15 : Do It Again and Again Until She Orgasm.
If you think you can bring a woman to orgasm in five or ten minutes, then you have seriously underestimated how long a woman loves to be made love to, until she reaches climax. And thank goodness too! Surely the longer it lasts, the more sexual enjoyment there is for each other. Don't be surprised therefore, if as a beginner, you may have to perform the Locking Method twenty or thirty times in a love session that could last for two hours! Don't worry, provided your penis is not ridiculously small, she will love it. And is this not the true and lasting pleasure of sex ?

Point 16 : Do Not Ejaculate Before Female Orgasm.
Of course, everyone is entitled to make mistakes. Sometimes you may take it too close to the edge and lose control, and sometimes you are taken by surprise. This is all part of the learning process, provided you analyze what went wrong. But, don't be tempted to race her to the finishing line just because she's moaning and groaning in ecstasy. She will beat you down into the pit of premature ejaculation every time! A woman can moan and groan with pleasure for twenty to forty minutes or more, before she actually climaxes. So don't be overwhelmed by her erotic responses to your lengthy thrusting sorties. Remember, any ejaculation before female orgasm is premature ejaculation - even after twenty to forty minutes! Safeguarding your sperm rewards you with enhanced potency, reliable erectile power and deeply fulfilling, long lasting penetrative sex. Not only can a woman finally let go and enjoy her sexual nature to the full, the man also gains intense orgasmic satisfaction. Ejaculation control does not mean stopping orgasm.


This simply means that when the urge to ejaculate starts to 'stir', stop thrusting and perform the nine contractions of the lower pelvic area only. With practice and concentration, you will gain greater physical awareness and mental control over the urogenital muscle groups - Love Muscles. You will not need to clench your teeth and fists etc, of the Total Body Lock. You simply pump (flex) your Love Muscles when you feel you need to bring your orgasm energy to 'heel'. In this way of love, you can learn to 'Ride the Female Tiger' with a firm rein.

In other words, in emergencies perform the entire Body Lock to stop yourself ejaculating. But to bring the orgasm energy under your command, you can rely more and more on your Love Muscles. Actually, the Love Muscles should be kept slightly flexed throughout the entire love-making session, particularly at the root of the penis and the perineum. If you are wise, you will not risk spoiling the session by thrusting beyond the natural warning signals of an impending ejaculation. Manly patience, tender love and erotic passion should be seductively and tactfully balanced as you negotiate your journey toward the ecstasy of female orgasm.


If there is any truth in the old saying, "Mind over Matter", then it exists in the body. Ejaculation Control is certainly an art that requires Mind Power. A combination of sensitivity and attention to one's inner forces, tactile loving, and the penile lock; all add up to a greater mental control over one's orgasm energy. The more you practice this Royal Bedroom Art, the more expert your ability to control the ejaculation reflex, and the greater your capacity to draw the healing power of orgasm energy into the body - where it belongs

Depending on your character, attitude and partner, you will very quickly find that you are able to thrust for longer love rides. However, even a Master of the Art of Ejaculation Control is forever safety conscious. He never underestimates the seductive power of a woman, especially during the opening bouts of a sexual love session. Also, he is not ashamed to admit to his lover that she is so sexy, he's having a hard time trying not to be overwhelmed by her! Making love to a woman is like daring to sail around the world single-handedly; part of the journey is stormy and difficult to navigate, where not much distance is covered; other parts of the same journey are calm, and one leisurely drifts along; and some parts of this journey of love, he has the wind in his sails, the tide rushes him along, covering great distances (long thrusting sorties).

Satisfying a woman in bed with your penis will always be an exquisitely erotic challenge. She is forever the one who holds the power in the bedroom. Ejaculation Control gives a man both the weaponry and armour, not only to 'perform', but to 'survive' the Battle for the Sexes. A Love Warrior who courageously fights the undisciplined urge to ejaculate develops a manly patience and a talent for seductive love-play. He becomes a 'Hero of the Boudoir' and claims victory in the glorious pursuit of female orgasm.

Practice the Locking Method with an iron-willed determination not to ejaculate and you will discover the reality, that mind control lies at the very heart of the Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy.

" True paradise on Earth,
All things considered well,
Is found in bedroom bliss.
Unlike the realm of fame and glory,
Here joy begins and troubles cease.
Each day is spent in slippered ease, each night
In drunken slumber till the morning bell
So open your eyes, take this to heart:
All the world's
A vast erotic work of art ".
The Carnal Prayer Mat.