Premature ejaculation
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[The simple cure for this is semen retention (Tantra) using the Locking method, but that has to remain a secret as it would destroy Sex Inc.  Meanwhile such is the ignorance men have to endure absurd therapies such as destroying nerves, or taking pills.]

Male Sexual Problems by Sam Biser & Dr Richard Schulze

[2011 March] A blast of heat could help men last longer during sex by halting over-excited pleasure signals in the brain  Patients are given a local anaesthetic and a small, hollow needle is inserted a couple of inches through the skin into the pelvis, until it reaches the dorsal penile nerve - the nerve that controls sensitivity  and connects with the spinal cord to relay signals to the brain. A tiny electrode, attached to a battery, is fed through the needle until it reaches this nerve. At the press of a button, a low-level current is passed through the electrode to heat the nerve up to the point where it is partially destroyed. This reduces its ability to transmit messages to the brain during sex, allowing men to last longer in the bedroom.....But it is likely to need repeating after a few months as the nerve has the capacity to repair damage done by the heat treatment.

[2010 April] Men can stop sex ending prematurely with 25 pill - It is a short acting SSRI

[2010] Premature ejaculation could be passed to men genetically, scientists say