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[EW July 4, 2006.  Dr Von Peters] Clearing the Air of Some Slanderous Flatulence.... - Don Croft

[Dec 2005] Overcoming Chemical/Biological/Radiological Weapons Assaults For the Duration by Don Croft

another reputable homeopath, Dr Wm von Peters, who has www.uncurable.com , had developed a specific energy remedy to overcome that bad programming and help the body heal the effects of chemtrails. ‘ChemBuster,’ which combines herbal tinctures and homeopathic elements in a proprietary blend. Is what he calls it. A new twist is that this remedy is apparently further potentized by placing it next to orgonite for a few minutes. [Nov 09, 2004]Two Warrior Exemplars, and Cliff Notes (long article)--Don Croft

Three and a half years ago, Dr von Peters was called before a federal hearing board in Atlanta, Georgia, to defend his livelihood. The consortium of naturopaths based at Bastyr, in Seattle and the Northwest College of Naturopathy in Portland, Oregon were trying their best to make it impossible for all naturopaths who didn't graduate from those two schools to have a license, and von Peters is the most prominent naturopath in Georgia and also represented a much higher standard of medical training, so that cabal of incompetents were trying to make an example of him, through government-assisted, public humiliation.
    He told Carol and I about his dilemma, and we asked people in the network to help get the Doc out of the trap that had been set for him. He was ordered to show up as the defendant in that federal hearing, in Atlanta the following week, so Josh Clark volunteered to thoroughly gift Bastyr College, Seattle and the Northwest College in Portland, Oregon while Carol, myself and a few other folks tossed energy at the six or seven ringleaders and lawyers of the offensive naturopathy cabal, and whom the Doc had identified for us.
    Carol made up an orgonite device especially for the Doc to take into the hearing room with him, which he received  time. ......The entire cabal were put off balance enough with Josh's gifting, our blasting and the orgonite in the hearing room, that they made monkeys of themselves, in front of the Feds and the assembled crowd.   Doc, who gave lucid and inspiring testimony, came out of that hearing room smelling like a rose, and the backstabbing-naturopath cabal, (we refer to them as 'Bastyrds'), hasn't been able to touch him since then—that was in the fall of 2003.  If those Bastyrds weren't predators, all the orgonite that Josh secreted around their campuses would have just made them happier, instead.
       More recently, the Georgia Medical Board tried to remove Dr von P's license, so we tossed energy at each of them, in turn, and the case was dropped. Last month the Montana Chiropractic Board made a move to cause trouble for Dr Stevo, and we gave them the same treatment—problem solved and case dismissed. We've rarely missed, so far, praise grid. [Book] The Life Etheric With Carol Croft

As you know, I am a natural doctor (www.uncurable.com). I have been working with CFS patients successfully for years.
Your correspondent Mary is correct about Lyme's being a spirochete from animal syphilis; and friends from Connecticut believe that it came from Plum Island.
It ideally requires systemic treatment to rebuild and strengthen the immune system while working on the Lyme's. Several years ago I designed Lyme-Quest to fight Lyme's and it has been used and praised by many of our customers.
It can be used, however, without having a program designed by those who wish to treat themselves.
You can tell Mary to go to http://www.lifequestformulas.com/b2bsuite/lymequest-p-41.html to order a bottle if she is interested. Feel free to tell your list about it if you wish.