Prostate  Sexual Problems

Prostate surgery ruins sex for men

by Sam Biser & Richard Shulze, N.D., M.H.
-Excerpted from the book: Eternal Sex by Sam Biser, Featuring Dr Richard Schulze, Medical Herbalist-

SCHULZE: Of course, prostate problems are rampant and that also can affect your potency. Doctors many times don't emphasize the sexual complications of prostate surgery.

           I've had hundreds of patients after prostate surgery who could not have an erection - or could have an erection, but could not have an ejaculation, or could have an erection and ejaculation, but when they ejaculated, the sperm didn't come out of their penis. It went back into their bladder.

          There are hundreds of complications that men who have prostate surgery are not made aware of.

          One of the things that really helps is the greatest prostate herb, which is saw palmetto. It has helped thousands of my men. I have their prostate gland normal again and it's one of the greatest prostate tonic herbs. By reducing the swelling in the prostate, you can create normal sexual function again.

         You can drink 3-6 cups a day of saw palmetto tea - if you can stand the taste, and if you tincture it, you can soak the dried berries for a few days in alcohol before you put them in a blender to make a tincture.

         Here is a formula I used with many patients:

         Saw Palmetto berry 50%

         Plus a mixture of equal parts of the following herbs. Thismixture is 25% of the

         Nettle root

         Pipsissewa leaf

         Cleavers herb

          Thuja leaf

          Plus a SECOND mixture of equal parts of
following herbs. This next mixture is 25%
          of the prostate formula:

          Goldenrod flowers

          Corn silk

          Horsetail herb

          Juniper berry

          Uva Ursi


          Make this into tincture or tea. Standard dosage is three to six cups of tea, or 3-6 dropperfuls of tincture per day. Also, you can use the tincture and put it in the tea to get the water and alcohol-soluble components of these herbs at the same time. [Mandatory: See chapter 12 for information on how to make tinctures.]

          For some men, the prostate formula may not provide a complete cure.These men may get the relief they need - and the increased force of the urine stream - by using the male sexual formula described earlier.

Man has sex 3 times in 35 years. Dr. Schulze cures his prostate problems, and his wife's frigidity.

SCHULZE: This guy came to see me and he was fairly healthy, but he was having some prostate problems. One thing that's important is to have healthy ejaculations, because that works the prostate muscle and ejaculates the semen. That is the mechanism.

         I would always ask men eventually when they would have a prostate problem, "Do you have a normal sexual life?" This guy looked at me and laughed, and said, "Hardly."

         And I said, "What do you mean?" And he said, "Well, I've been married 35 years, and had sex with my wife three times." I said, "What?" And he goes, "Yep. On my honey moon, she wore a bath robe, and when I got to the room, she lifted it up and exposed her genitals." She said, "Go ahead and hurt me, and get it over quick."

          And he goes, "We had sex two more times that year, and we've never had sex since." He's been married for 35 years. And I said, "Well, maybe I can help you with your prostate, but I think you also need some help with your wife."

         So I suggested the male formula for him, but I also suggested a female formula for his wife, and I suggested some garlic and a few other things. Within a three-to-four-month period, about a quarter of a year, they were having a regular sexual relationship once a week.

          I think what happens to many people, they don't get off to a good start due to stress, anxiety, or being virgins. or whatever. They get off to a bad sexual start with their fear, or the pain, or whatever might be involved, and then they never, ever, feel anything again.

          They just shut down from there and don't get started again. And once you turn your endocrine system off, whether it's the pancreas by using insulin, or the thyroid from thyroxin, or ovaries or anything, and that system doesn't work for a while, it just goes into hibernation and it doesn't work. And again, this is what these herbs are for.

          The biggest emotional shock that turns off these sexual organs is money worries, and sometimes only the herbs can turn them on again. Your body is designed to turn off sex during stress. After all, Nature didn't want our ancestors getting a hard-on while they were being chased by a dinosaur.

"After by-pass surgery, men are scared to have sex again. But they can - and it can be better than before the operation."

SCHULZE: Especially after by-pass surgeries, many men can't get an erection anymore. There's two reasons for that. One is just fear. Many of these men fear to have sex again because they think that...

BISER: It'll kill 'em.

SCHULZE: Right, that they'll have a heart attack. They'll blow a valve, or they'll blow one of the new stitches on the veins.

          A) this is not true; and B), this type of can imagine having your chest hacked open, and of course veins removed from your leg...your vital energy is so depleted. You may be out of the hospital in two weeks, but it could take two years for the average person to ever feel like they did again - if ever.

          This one man came out of this surgery and he was totally impotent. I said, "You know, you need to get healthy again." So, we got this man on a treadmill. The doctors had even suggested a sexual surrogate. You can imagine this: here's this guy, a married man and they suggested that he go to a sexual surrogate therapist, and if anybody doesn't know what that is, that's basically a prostitute-a legal prostitute.

BISER: A prostitute with a degree.

SCHULZE: Of course, he was a spiritual man and had a long-term marriage and thought that was an outrageous idea. I said. "You need to get healthy, that's all the problem is. You've lost a lot of vital energy and circulation. So we got this man very healthy and his sexual activity was coming back.

          I said, "How's it going?" He said, "It's okay." And I go, "Well, just okay?" Oh, he goes, "Well, it's okay. You know, I'll take anything."

          And I go, "That isn't good enough, you want to go farther?" And he said, "Sure". So we got him even healthier and he said, "Wow, it's as good as it was before I had my surgery." I said, "What does that mean? Describe it to me."

          He goes, "Well, we have sex a couple of times a month and it's okay". And I go, "But do you want it better?" And he says "Well, it's as good as it was before." And I go, "Well, that doesn't mean that it was any good."

          You have to remember, too, that when you have that type of artery blockage in your heart, you probably have it everywhere else. So, we started using the male formulas, the sexual tonics, and we also used female formulas with his wife.

BISER: But I thought you were already using these?

SCHULZE: No, we just used all the programs to get him healthy.

          He became a vegetarian, because, having a by-pass, we knew he couldn't eat animal foods anymore, and he did all the right things. Then his sex came back to being the same way it was before the surgery, but I asked him if he wanted to take it further, because it still didn't sound very brilliant.

          Within two months, he told me that their sexual activity was like it was when they were first married. And he hadn't experienced that in twenty years.

          This is just an example, one example, to show that just because you have those surgeries, you can not only get your sexual life back, you can get it back better than it was before you even had the surgery. You can have it back to where it was when you were a teenager. Believe me, I've heard this from hundreds of men in their 50's, 60's, 70's and even a couple in their 80's.

-End of excerpt-
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