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First trimester:       Preconception--12 weeks
Second trimester:   13-25 weeks
Third trimester:       26-39 weeks

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Drugs in pregnancy
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Vaccination during pregnancy
  Vaccination and miscarriage (spontaneous abortion)
  Vaccine foetal damage
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Vaccine foetal damage
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 Pregnancy and Chiropractic By Martha Collins, D.C.

[2012 Feb] The Attack On Pregnant Mothers Escalates by Suzanne Humphries, MD

Wifi, Microwaves and the Consequences to our Healt  - Barrie Trower

"I recently went with my mother to a dr's app't. When I took my children into the bathroom to wash their hands I saw this picture on the wall. I was speechless to say the least." --Proud Parents Of Unvaccinated Children
See: Vaccination during pregnancy & Flu vaccine racket

Cannabis & Hemp  "I must admit, the one birth I used cannabis with was my best birth EVER. No other pain relief needed at all & my Son was born quick & peacefully without barely a sound from me. Also from the moment he was born he was the most chilled boy ever & latched onto the breast like a natural.
    I'd like to see more research on cannabis & breastfeeding as I am a firm believer that Mother's who use cannabis & breastfeed have healthier happier babies than mothers who don't.
    It's pretty much common knowledge that wee babies in the neo-natal unit have a higher survival rate if they are breastfed, that's why we have milk banks. I strongly believe this is because of the cannabinoids our body produces in ABUNDANCE in breast milk!
    What do others think about this?" Erin Leigh