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George W. Bush, Barbara Bush, and Aleister Crowley

Did you know Barbara Bush is allegedly the 'moon' child of Aleister Crowley?  This information may at first seem ridiculous, but the source is Aleister Crowley’s own diary, and is substantiated by historical facts.  When Crowley was 50 years old, he was residing in the home of Frank and Nellie O’Hara in Paris, France. In early 1924, Nellie was visited by her American friend, Pauline Pierce, the wife of Marvin Pierce, president of the McCall Corporation, which published McCall’s and Redbook magazines.  During Pauline’s visit, Crowley underwent what he termed the “supreme ordeal,” an initiation into the Masonic Ipsissimus Grade — the highest magickal achievement in his Order. The initiation rite included choosing one or more experienced attendants, charged with arousing and exhausting him sexually by every means possible, employing every artifice and stimulant. In that place and time, Nellie and Pauline were the most suited for this task.  Pauline returned to America, and on June 8, 1925, eight months after Crowley’s “supreme ordeal,” Pauline gave birth to a daughter she named Barbara. Barbara grew up to marry George H. W. Bush, who later became President of the United States.  Compare Barbara Bush and Crowley’s photos, and decide for yourself whether you see the family resemblance.

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