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[Cole Auschwitz Video was intro into the Hoax by the Whale editor. Became a victim of the JDL. Was physically beaten. Had his life threatened on the Internet by the Jewish Defense League 1.  JDL attack on him here.  ]

Web: David Cole  http://www.countercontempt.com

[pdf] Fredrick Töben Reviews Republican Party Animal by David Cole Töben, Fredrick

David Cole is back

Quotes re Cole:
'I further would like to address Davis Cole:  I do not like to see infighting amongst Revisionists and quite often get in the middle and try to mediate. Unfortunately, it was not possible in this case because you decided to publicly display your malicious slander against Faurisson and the rest of the Revisionist community. Your conduct in this affair is reprehensible. You are a "Johnny Come Lately" to Revisionism who managed to Get Piper to admit to the Russian Fraud. All Revisionists knew about this before you started.
    You claim to be an expert on Auschwitz in the matter of floor drains. You lie when you say you were the first to recognize this. I discussed it in my Reports (if you ever read them you would know that) and I was not the first. You have been riding on the coat-tails of many competent Revisionists with your plagiarisms. You are not a Revisionist! You never were. You are a self centered thief who runs roughshod over the reputations of many good men.
    I knew you when you were wet behind the ears. You still are. I, like many other Revisionists, accepted you and befriended you. That was a mistake. I publicly call you the fraud that you are. I am sorry it has come to this.
    Have a nice life Mr. Do nothing! Good bye! I will say no more!'  David Cole blowing by Fred Leuchter  http://vnnforum.com/showthread.php?p=1716184

When Irv Rubin Met David Cole

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Jewish Defense League (JDL)   When Irv Rubin Met David Cole


The Most Powerful Proof of the Holocaust By Martin Henry   For Cole's retraction, the JDL boasts that it was the result of their previous page, and that Cole "was afraid for his life and the relatives he supposedly is taking care of." So for those who didn't believe it possible that the Germans involved in the concentration camps could have been intimidated into make abject confessions, the idea is strikingly confirmed by Cole's retraction, and furthermore the JDL is waving the proof right under your nose.

Cole in Auschwitz. U Tube 1   codoh (full set)
A young Jewish holocaust denier, posing as a believer, puts some hard questions to the senior curator of the Auschwitz State Museum. After making this video, a "hit" was put out on Cole, and a reward for information on his whereabouts was issued by Irv Rubin (who years later, was arrested by the FBI for planning to kill a Lebanese-American Congressman.) Fearing assassination, Cole went into hiding. He never surfaced again publicly. (1992, 52 minutes)

Zundel-Cole 1 A German and a Jew investigate Auschwitz together, 2 the swimming pool for the inmates, etc. in Auschwitz. 3

Ernst Zundel and John Ball re: Schindler's List part 1, 2, 3

On January 22, 1992, revisionist activist David Cole was attacked by JDL thugs at a meeting held at the University of California at Los Angeles. Before the meeting began, JDL leader Rubin first tried to push the youthful Cole down a flight of stairs. JDL hoodlums also harassed and pushed around meeting organizer Robert Morrissey. After the meeting commenced, JDL punks tried to shout down the speakers, and then threw food at Cole. Finally, a JDL thug assaulted Cole -- who is Jewish -- hitting him in the face and bloodying his nose.

David Cole at the 1992 IHR Conference. He was attacked by JDL thugs at a meeting in January 1992 at the University of California at Los Angeles.

The tumult was recorded on videotape by a camera crew of the CBS television news program "48 Hours," as well as by news crews of two local Los Angeles television stations. Neither of the two local stations mentioned a word of the incident in their nightly news broadcasts. Similarly, CBS officials decided not to air even a second of this outburst, not even in a segment about Holocaust revisionism that was part of the CBS television network's hour-long magazine-format program "48 Hours" broadcast of February 26, 1992. Network officials apparently decided that scenes of Zionist hoodlums beating a young Jewish revisionist would not "fit" with the image of revisionism that CBS wanted to project to its many viewers. [1993] The Zionist Terror Network Background and Operation of the Jewish Defense League and other Criminal Zionist Groups

David Cole's 46 Questions About the Gas Chambers