Historical Revisionists (critics)
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"Loyalty to petrified opinion never yet broke a chain or freed a human soul" ---Mark Twain

[These are mostly Auschwitz Hoax historians.]

Persecution of revisionists

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Auschwitz hoax
Ball, John
Belling, Joe
Bellinger, Joseph P.
Bennett, John
Berg, Paul

Bishop, Joseph
Brewer, George
Burg, Joseph G.
Butz, Arthur R.
Christophersen, Thies
Cole, David
Crowell, Samuel

Desjardins, D.D.
Faurisson, Professor Robert
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Felderer, Ditlieb
Garaudy, Roger
Grubach, Paul
Harwood, Richard
Hallett, Greg
Hoffman, Michael
Honsik, Gerd
Hunt, Eric
Irebodd, Dean
Irving, David
James, Michael
Kollerstrom, Nick
Krege, Richard
Kues, Thomas
Lagace, Ivan
Lawson, Anthony
Leuchter, Jr., Fred A.
Mattogno, Carlo
Mullins, Eustace
Nielsen, Ernst
O'Keefe, Theodore J.
Porter, Carlos Whitlock
Rassinier, Paul
Rudolf, Germar
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Rudolph, Tijudar
Smith, Bradley
Stäglich, Wilhelm
Töben, Fredrick
Walendy, Udo
Weir,  John
Weber, Mark  
Widmann, Richard A.
Yeager, Carolyn
Zundel, Ernst
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State terrorism
Cottrell, Richard
Hallett, Greg

John Sack

Dr. Fredrick Töben, Fight or Flight. The Personal Face of Revisionism
Download: PDF: 5.1 MB
On the travels, travails, trials, and tribulations of Australia's top-revisionist Dr. Fredrick Töben, Director of the Adelaide Institute. In this book he describes a multitude of encounters with many personalities of the world, from Konrad Lorenz and Werner Heisenberg to the whole range of representatives of Revisionism and their enemies. A world to be explored.