Episode 54

Powerwand, Shiva and the Death of Arch-Predators

[Editor's Note: The "Shiva" is a modified version of Don's Powerwand made by Mark Hooten in Florida. He's added some coils, possibly some additional types of crystal, and other things unknown to me. For the time being at least, he prefers to keep the details to himself. He's offering the Shiva for around $850 I've read and he has a large backlog of orders. He recently quit his day job to make a full time effort at producing these. Mark's price for the Shiva is probably out of most people's range, so Don is saying that the Powerwand can get almost the same results for far less cost, as they can be made yourself or obtain one ready made...Ken Adachi]

By Don Croft <terminator3@turbonet.com>  
March 11, 2003

I haven't had time lately to even read any of the posts, much less write a lengthy one myself, but will get to that after Carol and I get the foundation work done in Atlanta (destabilizing the satanic foundation here, that is) in a couple of days. I'm getting from private email, though, that there's a lot of fear and misgivings around the issue of dead ETs and predatory humans who engage us these days.

In fact, the Shiva is a bit more effective and easy to use when sending back and exponentially increasing the venom and aggression directed at us by predators, both human and non-human ones. Why else do you think we call it Shiva, for Crimus' sake!?

To say that anyone who gets a Powerwand or Shiva will be doing this work inadvertently is a misconception, though, probably based on fear of one's own innate power. We were all brainwashed to believe that we're powerless and property of the state, so it's a little un-nerving to discover just how powerful we are in real terms.

At the level most of us are getting attacked, the only response the rank and file predators will experience is acute anxiety or perhaps terror. This is enough to disengage them from us and make them want to have nothing more to do with us. If you want to clean the satanic clock, though, you need to consciously move up the chain of command. That's where the murderers and baby eaters are.

For those of you who have New Age or related sensibilities, know that you won't be harming anyone unless you engage these higher level predators directly. Meanwhile, I guarantee that you'll be busier with hackers, peekers, electronic attacks and predatory psychics than Carol and I are these days because there seems to be literally no end to the chumps who volunteer for the low level harassment duty. I think it pays a lot better than if they were just cops or working in a convenience store and they all seem to want to be like James Bond or something.

We choose to go after the bosses, and every time we get hacked, street or helicopter surveilled or even remote viewed, we move up the chain of command every single time and exert all our effort to exact some balance on behalf of humanity. On behalf of YOU to be precise.

There's something a little prurient about one who will ask for help, but will not help him/herself, I think. Thank Grid that most in this forum are self-starters and relatively awake and responsible.

My fond hope is that others can use these devices to help them finally break apart and discard the old pseudo-Christian and related New Age mental programming that stops them from standing up to tyranny effectively.

I get email from our foreign members and friends, especially the ones in non-western nations, who lament and offer consolation to me that America is so far down the road to overt tyranny. I'm still astonished when I encounter my own countrymen who are still unaware of the state of affairs here. I'm certainly not waiting for the PJ folk to wake up before I take decisive action and if you've even got one eye open it behooves you now to take some positive steps to ensure that we don't get railroaded into martial law and its subsequent genocidal progressions shortly.

Since all of this is well within the bounds of universal law, the secret police and associated agencies simply can't touch us without risking monstrous retribution from agencies much higher than ourselves. They know this better than the New Agers and pseudo-religious people who are unwilling to break out of the cattle chute and exercise their inborn rights and responsibilities.

Do grow some balls if you're inclined to whimper about the state of affairs and are unwilling to do something constructive about it, okay? You can bet you'll soon be meat on somebody's table if you don't do this. They're not relenting, nor would they honor any truce you attempt to make with them. Read a history book, for God's sake! We're THERE now. The calamities have arrived. Get off your white ass and take a stand! This is much better than climbing a clock tower with an Uzzi--can't you see it?

I need to write at length about all the wonderful CBers whom Carol and I have connected and re-connected with on this trip.

Galaero Elantra Aurelius gave me a wonderful HHg, for instance, when I was in Phoenix, and asked that Carol and I keep it in our home. Since I consider the Zapporium our true home, it's going to be positioned to reinforce the Joe Cell in anticipation of getting the cell to zero point ASAP. I was just going to make one for that, but Galaero's is eminently suitable and has sentimental value, thanks to its association with this courageous and resourceful South Arizona pioneer and personal friend.

We had a little reversal the other day when the FBI coerced Kanya into abandoning this project, which effectively stopped the participation of most of our newfound black friends and co-workers here because we lost our meeting place.

To his credit, he's the one who initiated this project and introduced us to some very fine, conscientious people. As Terry the Mailman said at one of our sessions, 'The blacks in America are the 'wildcard,' and I suspected that was so, but now I have a clearer understanding of that from my experience here in Atlanta. I also know the FBI clearly understands that because their agents were all over the neighborhood and have intimidated not only Kanya, but several other fine Black Americans into not associating with us here. I don't think any octogenarian should be expected to stand up to this kind of pressure and we're simply grateful for our time with Kanya and the others and hopeful that we'll find a way to get together after this.

Tim Djembemon did an awful lot of good work before we got here and Steven's CB north of the city is still kicking chembutt and may have been largely responsible for the moon changing its orbit. Remember Moonreaderman on the first CB forum who was shooting at it with an extended CB night after night last Spring and Summer? That's Steven White in Cumming, Georgia.

This city will be done before the end of March, regardless of little obstacles like the aforementioned. I'm letting Tim break the story about what transpired at the Georgia Guidestones. Do a search on that to find out how the satanists do radionics, okay? ;-)

This week, on our way to Florida, I promise to do some writing and posting while Carol drives. The feds stopped me from logging into the forums today, so I've asked Stuart to post this for me. I could have terrorized the hackers, etc., but I wanted this to be a testimony to their opposition to the Powerwand and Shiva ;-). I'll get to them a little later.

In shorthand, here's the choice one has when one gets a PW or Shiva: deal with the Chinese-style human wave of hackers, pavement artists and electronic/psychic predators or skip the middlemen and deal with the mid-level and boss predators in the NSA/CIA, MI6, CSIS, CSIA, OTO, Interpol, KGB, and whatever is equivalent in your country. If they can't touch me, you can be damn sure they can't touch you.

You don't have to be psychic to use these effectively, by the way.

~Don Croft

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