non-instructions for the Powerwand By Don Croft,  April 24, 2003

   I very rarely see or feel energy, so don't feel like a chump if you don’t, either, okay?

   Suggestions of Engagement

   The real performers with these devices are our imaginations and all of us have one of those. Please don’t underestimate the power of your own imagination! The crystal-based devices that Carol and I developed, also Mark Hooten’s Shiva and other new creations of other folks, access and amplify the latent power of our imaginations so all we need to do is convince our ego-based doubts and fears to step aside and let the rest of us do what needs to be done these days to prevent the world’s gang of tyrants from committing mayhem and genocide as they exit history’s stage. Don’t worry—if your target is not guilty he/she won’t experience anything more than a vague discomfort and if the target is innocent the energy will likely feel good to him/her. That’s how this new technology works.

   When I use my PW to disable a secret police predator or other tyrannical miscreant or enabler, I sometimes imagine that I'm standing knee deep in water with the raging ocean behind me. I imagine the 'recipient' about to get a huge wave of orgone crashing over him/her. I feel the water recede all the way down to my feet, rushing out toward where my a** end is facing as a tsunami builds up. I do this on a slow inbreath. Then, as I exhale, the wall of water/orgone hits the target. I feel it all over the front of my body as a sort of outward pressure in this case. Carol says that really freaks them out or kills them, depending on their threat (to humanity) level. It always takes them by surprise, she says.

   Another technique: I imagine my doppelganger, which is a big, black panther most of the time, prowling around the target, looking for an opportunity to pounce. If the targets are just some chump psychic agents or internet NSA hackers, he knocks them down and plays with them, as a cat does with a bird or mouse, and they get terrified beyond comprehension (my internet browser operates as it should from that moment, most often). If the target is a killer, I see the very hungry panther ripping his/her throat or guts out and I even imagine myself relishing it—I think that makes it more real for the target. Remember that we're not making these determinations and if the imagined target is harmless (we all goof sometimes) nothing at all will happen except that I feel a little chagrined.

   In most cases, I get angry before I do the work. Righteous anger is like gasoline on a fire. If you think anger is always a bad thing, try to figure out how to disable the programming that was used to convince you that this is true, okay? You can bet those programmers don’t want you angry at them, and you may be angry at me for mentioning this, which is yet another evidence that you were programmed ;-) If you’re a new ager, your burning anger will be veiled by a smile and an expression of concern for me. You might be beyond redemption at that point.

   Another one: As I breathe both in and out, I imagine spirals of bright orgone moving up through the target, spinning very fast. I spin them both ways, so it looks like a DNA molecule pattern.

   I don't know if any of the crystal-based devices will work if one is unwilling to use the imagination. Imagination gets a bad rap in our culture because of some pseudoscience and/or religious mental programming considerations. In fact all of the great discoveries were made by people with extremely active imaginations. It's only when it gets out of hand or when drugs are used that the imagination tends to be fruitless and misleading. I think a good imagination is also tied to one's control of the ego. The ego, when out of line, always skews the imagination, sidetracks us and gets us false data, which is why I ignore channelling.

   Having said all that, you really need to find your own expression with these tools. We mustn't institutionalize any of this work.

   If you have children, you might consider letting them use the devices for you, after having read them these instructions. You can bet that most eight to thirteen year olds will instantly grasp these concepts and will go right to work with appropriate gusto. They’re probably more observant than you are, too, and will more quickly visualize the target and even the fed peekers, both physical and astral. Let them be your teachers.

   Here’s Cheri’s account about using her Powerwand and you can see that her approach is entirely different, though certainly as viable:

   “I think I was psychically attacked night before last - my lower back was killing me, then my middle back. I got into bed about 8:30 at which point I got a sharp pain in my right side. I pushed it with my finger - sore - weird. My little PoWi [Powerwand] was on a dresser busily covering about 5 other things, but, from bed (in my mind), I just told it that if this was an attack by the dark side, would it please stop my pain and send it back to them tenfold, then on up the chain of command to the top. All pains were gone within 3 seconds. No Sh*t!!!!! So I'm keeping this PW and ordering a another one for my sister. This one'll work great in sync with my Shiva - the bad boyz are goin' down!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

   By the way, we don’t need to be touching the devices in order for them to work for us. We don’t even have to be in the same room or perhaps even in the same town. There may come a point where it won’t matter if the thing is turned on. I know I’ve gotten the same results at times when I later discovered that the frequency box was not even on or the nine-volt battery was long-dead.

   I don’t know if there’s a limit to how many people can use one device or to how many jobs one can set the thing to accomplish. I think you’ll need to get a feel for that yourself. There are others who are inclined to program these devices for extended work but my personal style is more inclined to real-time encounters with the bad guys. I’m hoping that forums will continue to be used copiously to record and discuss the experiments others are conducting along these lines.

   Astral Visitors

   A good test for you to determine if the PW is ‘doing something’ is when your computer gets hacked by the NSA/CIA. I get that interference nearly every time I get online these days and, as I said, they stop as soon as I focus some special attention on the hacker, though sometimes I need to attend to the hackers’ superiors if I’m in a hot spot due to having done something particularly hurtful to their collective predatory agenda and in those cases it’s usually one of the superiors who is hacking my computer, Carol tells me. The boss hackers, usually MIB, have a lot more talent, resources and determination than the chump level hackers. Carol says they’re always shocked/angry that somebody like me can actually ID and stop them.

   For psychic peekers I find it expedient to blast them every time the thought occurs to me that my privacy is being compromised by them. As a rule, I do this every time I even think of them because that’s probably exactly when they show up. Some are clever at hiding.

   These days the NSA won’t do anything at all until/unless one or more of their psychics can get a clear picture of our circumstances, so disabling the astral visitors really puts a kink in their plumbing. Remember that anyone who is in the astral plane is particularly vulnerable to our brand of interference, and in that world the imagination of the corporate entity (you, the would-be victim) is king, so have some fun with these vampires, okay? You’ll no doubt find, as I have, that you’ll get fewer and fewer intimations of psychic peeking as you progress. The psychics in the NSA and the other secret police agencies in the world know the score; don’t kid yourself. None of them are under any illusion of patriotism or the desire to serve humanity. None.

   The remote viewers are another story. Many of them are legitimate military men and women. If one of them hasn’t figured out that many of their targets are innocent and that the people ordering the viewing are criminals, give him/her a blast when you sense the intrusion and it will make the right impression without harming the viewer. I feel them as rather clumsy intrusions compared to the higher level professional psychics. I think the secret police use them as backup only.

   Remember that every single molestation of your privacy, your skies, even your mail, is just another opportunity for you to exercise your right to protect yourself and your family and friends from this vast corporate monster that I’m calling the world order. All of these intrusions are at the hands of the secret police and their affiliated chumps in the otherwise more legitimate police agencies around the world. The satanic orders, like Golden Dawn, Theosophical masonry, etc., are sub-groups of the secret police and do their dirty work on occasions when the fake governments of the world want to divert attention from themselves. For instance, the murder of the Special Forces doctor and his family a few years ago in North Carolina was performed by one of the CIA’s satanic assets and the string of murders in Maryland and Washington, DC, last fall had the same characteristics, including the token ‘Ace of Spades’ calling cards left at each murder scene.

   ...Tomorrow the World

   So…stop the secret police from enforcing the world order’s agenda and we will have effectively disabled the world order’s terror campaign and the next logical step will be the dissolution of the corporate entities that are posing as legitimate national, state, county and local governments in the world. Then, I think it will be natural and easy to fix this political mess by dissolving all heavily centralized ‘authority’ and consulting locally and at the county and state levels to arrange for more organic, managable and feasible forms of government. The fact that we’re already a global society is no longer debatable, I think. We (a more conscious humanity) accomplished that, not some vague, hidden organization of ‘masters’ on our behalf. See how important your work with these devices can be to the course of history and the safety of the human race?

   I figure that for every hundred powerwands and Shivas out in the market there will be about fifteen or twenty of them in the hands of people who will use them as I propose, and that’s probably enough to finish off this corporate beast that’s posing as legitimate police agencies around the world.

   If you’re one of the remaining majority who hasn’t the inclination or courage to take this monster on, you can at least be sure that just turning the thing on and staying within its sphere of protection will at least keep them at bay in your case and you’ll probably be physically safe from them as long as they don’t get their wish and establish martial law. If you only have one of Mark Hooten’s Shivas you should know that this protection will only be available when you consciously make it happen because that device is strictly interactive.

   Fairlanes & Ferraries

   The analogy I use to describe the difference between a gifted, disciplined psychic and one trained by the world order’s masters is that the former is like a Ford Fairlane and the latter is like a Ferrari. While the former may not win any races on the track, it also won’t likely break down and it will be reliable for the distance. The latter gets more impressive track results but needs extra, constant attention to the mechanical workings and you wouldn’t consider taking it very far from the repair shop.

   That analogy works loosely with the PW and Shiva. The PW will work for anyone just by turning it on, at least in terms of protection and some marginal healing and consciousness-raising. If you don’t work consciously with the Shiva you’ve just bought an expensive doorstop for all the good it will do for you.

   I’d say that the same non-instructions work for the Shiva as for the Powerwand and I agree with my wife that optimally one would want to have both around if one is serious about tackling the world order. As a demonstration, I just spent three weeks in the face of the regime with only a Powerwand and I never felt like I was in any danger, though what I did and where I went during that three weeks would be considered quite risky.

   It’s in vogue now to talk about reptilians and ET predators but in fact Carol and I believe that the human ones are far more dangerous right now and if we ignore the non-human ones we’ll still win the game if we focus on these more immediate, fake-government physical threats. Only humans can do the real dirty work and the real healing in the world right now. If you have the inclination and talent to deal with the reptilians, draconians, B-Sirians, etc., that are in league with this fake world government the Powerwand and Shiva generally work on them the same way they work on astral human peekers, so have some fun with them. Most of them are a lot more clever than their human cohorts and can manipulate time and events better, which I think is their calling card.

   Chaco Canyon

   For example, on my way to gift Chaco Canyon this week a car plunged onto the westbound highway from the overpass about a mile ahead of me, blocking traffic. Then, as I exited a half hour later onto the same overpass (my tank was just about empty and I couldn’t have made it to another gas station) the computers at the truck stop nearby stopped working and I lost another hour just getting my gas. That was in Alubquerque. I made it to the vicinity of Chaco Canyon that night, regardless, and I didn’t even bother looking into what non-human agency may have tried to interfere with me that way, earlier. Humans simply aren’t clever or resourceful enough to do that kind of interference work, in my opinion.

   Undermining the world order by neutralizing the secret police agencies will also effectively disable any alien or reptilian intentions for us, we believe.


   We feel certain that the two bodies taken on stretchers from the NSA house up the street that day in early February, a couple of hours after I aimed my Powerwand at it (the house I was visiting was getting beamed really heavily from that house a half block up the other side of the street) were reptilians (part human or at least using human forms). I already knew the PW kicks predator butt, but the targetted fellow whom I was visiting apparently needed some convincing ;-)

   When I went with Gale Stark and her kids to gift downtown Beaumont, Texas, last week a fedmobile (it was a new, expensive, silver-bronze pickup that looks like a silly imitation of a HUMMV, so he was probably the cowardly Special Agent In Charge of terrorizing Gale and her family lately) pulled up behind us while we were waiting for a freight train to pass. We ‘made’ him and he then pulled into the police parking lot next door and parked.

   I nailed him with Gale’s Powerwand, then drove over to look at him—well, okay, I wanted to gloat--through the window. He turned to face me and had a look of abject terror on his face, which told me that he’s just a peeker, not a killer. If he was a killer, he’d have been killed, I’m quite sure, though technically he would have committed suicide by unlawfully interfering with somebody, innocent, who has a powerwand.

   As I see it, these chump level secret police that most of us have, by now, recognized in our areas may be rather benign and non-threatening but their appearance indicates that the higher ups, who are searching for ways to secretly kill not only us, but millions of other innocents, are relentlessly inventing ways to interfere with us, so when these chumps show up it’s an open invitation to imagine the Powerwand’s energy disabling the killers in the higher ranks, which I did in this case and which you can certainly do, too.

   As I see it, what we’re doing is Whittaker Chambers’ dream come true. He was the betrayed chief prosecutor at the Nuremburg trials after WWII. I think we all know that those nazi murderers were soon working in our own already-nazified federal government and also became Interpol and the national secret police agencies in the newly-formed countries, both communist and ‘democratic.’

   If Wilhelm Reich had had these tools, he would likely have lived a very long, fruitful life, having done to the human fake-government predators with these tools what he did to those nasty ETs’ ships with his cloudbusters.

   Have you noticed that nobody’s ridiculing ‘conspiracy theories’ these days? If anyone I talk to expresses doubt about the power of conspiracy, I hold up the physical evidence of the vast network of new military transmitters as stark testimony to what the world regime has in store for us if we don’t stop them. By now I think everyone is willing to consider that these things are certainly not for cellphones. I’d point out chemtrails to the Pajama People but most of the places I visit are no longer plagued by these poisonous spewplanes, thanks to our extensive CB network.

   Notice that all of the media attention directed against us paints us as dangerous, not as deranged or paranoid ;-) I keep meaning to send those guys some money for all that free advertising they’re providing. I already know they don’t want any of our devices.

   ~Don Croft

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