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Mind Control

[Symbol for mind control alters.]

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Avril Lavigne: Living Porcelain Doll

[2011 Nov] Donatella Versace: Mind Control Handler in H&M Ad

A marionette is a puppet that is attached to strings and is controlled by the puppet master, hence Monarch programming is also referred to as the "Marionette Syndrome." "Imperial Conditioning" is another term used, while some mental health therapists know it as "Conditioned Stimulus Response Sequences." Project Monarch: Nazi Mind Control by Ron Patton

Porcelian Doll Programming is a form of Mind Control Programming that seeks to destroy the self image and create alters in the brain. Perfected by CIA/NSA MK programs(MKU.L.T.R.A., MKN.A.O.M.I., AND NOW MKP.A.T.R.I.O.T) tHIS PROGRAM FEEDS ON SELF LOATHING AND self hatred. excessive plastic surgery, skin bleaching, skin peeling, botox, plastic implants, percings, excessive tatooing, hair perming, implants, cutting, anorexia, bulemia, morbid obesity etc. All these and more are all symptoms of Porcelian Face Programming. Aseer the Duke of Tiers goes into the history of this diabolical design that effects 2.5 million people eveyday. Lil Kim, Donetella Versace, Nicki Minaj, Micheal Jackson, Vybz Kartel, Kim Kardashian Janet Jackson, Gucci Mane and many others are all victims of this form of Government control protocol. This dvd is for those of us concerned about our people's self image, and how they effect our feelings of self worth. It's time to stop cutting our noses to spite our face.

photoshoot from ELLE Italia


Jack Off Jill


Versace Caged MK Ultra  [vid] THE VERY BEST OF VERSACE for H&M Winter 2011 (Spot)

Aguilera, Christina

Rocha, Coco   [2008] The Fashion Mind-F*ck


Megan's Mannequin  Fox, Megan

Minaj, Nicki


Lavigne, Avril   Avril Lavigne: Living Porcelain Doll

Hilton, Paris