Zebra, Black & White

See: Butterfly Caged Cat/Kitten alter Doll imagery Mirror Porcelain Face Marilyn Monroe identity Chequered Red shoes

'Zebra symbolism represents duality/split mind and dehumanisation.  This triggers sex alters.' [vid] Cross-Generational Programming Part 2

Hey, in the scene in the "Manchurian Candidate" (1962) when the mind-controlled assassin kills his wife & her father, the kitchen was black & white chequered! At 3:42 http://www.davidicke.com


Spears, Britney

Barrymore, Drew  [vid] Cross-Generational Programming Part 2


Model Adriana Lima http://www.davidicke.com/

Adriana, now back on the runway (VS fashion show) - still wearing black and white and zebra though.

Christina Aguilera - Stepforded Marilyn Monroe-alter in black and white.

Lord Rothschild driving through London with his zebras.
The Rothschilds and their zebras/prisoners = the illuminati enslavement/Matrix prison of the people of the world.

Hugh Hefner