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[The Reptilians are energy/emotion parasites (See: Matrix Matthew Delooze Celebrity idols), possibly what Don Juan called the 'Flyers'.  That is the reason for all the crime, Wars, Porn, Pedophilia, emotional TV programmes, and Animal slaughter.  All the obsession with Symbols may just help the harvesting, along with physical objects such as Obelisks, Ferris Wheels, & Pyramid design stages.  Orgonite will put a stop to any harvesting.]

See: Pedophilia  Sodomic mind control  Matthew Delooze  Symbols  Celebrity idols

Jupiter Ascending (Film)

FAR JOURNEYS: THE MYSTERY OF LOOSH  "There is a special "energy" called "loosh" which is precious and wanted by some somewhere. One of them who collect this energy created a place to grow this energy: The earth. The evolution that has taken place on earth is just modifications this creator did to get more and higher quality of loosh. This was provided by animals who are fighting, during a fight for life, and when ending a life span, loosh can be harvested. But the most loosh can be gotten from the humans; the creator had implanted a part of his own into these humans. When they have feelings like loneliness, desire, parent's love, grief etc., the highest quality distillated Loosh can be harvested, which is by far better than any other raw Loosh." Loosh-rote ("Far Journeys", part 2, chapter 6)

Conan the Barbarian

[2008] Spitting Out the Feathers of the Benu Bird: The Illuminati Monuments of Paris Exposed!  By Matthew Delooze 

[2009 Nov] Swinging on the Gates of Hades - Remembrance Day Exposed By Matthew Delooze

[2009 Aug] Clipping Claws of UTU - Have You Still Not Found What You Are Looking For? by Matthew Delooze 

[2009 Feb] Diana: Can You See The Real Me?: The Greatest Spiritual Energy Extraction Scam of the 20th Century By Matthew Delooze  Marilyn was another Serpent Cult symbolic Goddess. Same Scam, different time and different location

[2009 Feb.] Treading on the Grapes of Bacchus - The Mardi Gras Exposed By Matthew Deloozemadonna_h.html

[2007] The Answer My Friend - Is Blowing in the Wind By Matthew Delooze 

Conan the Barbarian


Maria Fellix Deluxe Diva

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Around 2:06 of the video She states" All these people out here I make their energy mine. I steal their energy and give it to me. The reporter states like rechargin your batteries. She says exactly.
Around 3:17 The reporter tells her I will give you some of my energy. She states no. You dont give it to me! I steal it from you.
Oh by the way notice the snake around her neck. In other videos she talks the same about stealing energy and even gets the president of Mexico at the time to bow to her over and over.

Montalk, Tom


 These things are going on all around the world on various scales. I have explained previously that Ferris wheels are notoriously uneconomical. So why are they appearing all over the bloody place? Who is funding it all? The London Eye alone is losing 25 million pounds a year. Why is this happening you might ask? Well simply put my friends, and again I tell you the truth, placing a Ferris wheel in these locations basically turns the area in to a 'Sun Temple' and whatever monuments or buildings that are in the same area also become part of that temple....  
I had a task in 2004 to try and start to put this 'Ferris Wheel' type information out to the public. Initially the thought of a Ferris wheel being an illuminati created symbolic monument is a tad weird and hard to explain and obviously open to ridicule. To claim that a Ferris wheel is also used as a portable 'spiritual energy extractor' that can literally turn an area into a Sun Temple and is purposely placed on energy lines around the world for use in Sun rebirth rituals is even harder. [2008] Spitting Out the Feathers of the Benu Bird  By Matthew Delooze

Other extinct astral beings found different ways to adapt to new modes of existence through the use of so-called “energetic vampirism.” How does this come about? Let us recall that all living things have a protective psi-field around them that ensures optimal conditions for sustaining multicellular life forms and protecting them from the influence of other psi-fields. In addition, the psi-field holds a large supply of energy derived from the primary matters released from disintegrating food ingested by the organism. When energy vampires find a creature with little or no psi-field protection, they penetrate the shield, invade its spiritual structure and steal a portion of its life energy, the energetic potential generated by the victim’s physical body. This hastens the exhaustion and deterioration of the victim’s physical body and leads to premature death either violently or from natural causes. Energetic invasion of this kind can be either intermittent or continuous. To effect such penetration, astral beings must break through the qualitative barrier between the physical and etheric levels of the planet, and, in some cases rupture an additional barrier — that between the etheric and astral levels. Only some astral beings have the energetic potential required to acomplish this.
    Another factor is the thickness of the barrier, which varies according to the time of day. It is maximum during the day and minimum at night, especially between midnight and 4:00 a.m. Thus most energy vampires are night predators. (This phenomenon will be explained in a later volume.) The density of the barrier also depends upon variations in the energetic structure of different places on the planet’s surface. In planetary regions of positive geomagnetic influence the barrier between the planetary spheres is most dense and strong, while in regions of negative geomagnetic zones the barriers may be very weak or completely absent, even during the day. [word] The Final Appeal to Mankind by Nicolai Levashov   Nicolai Levashov

The Greys are almost entirely devoid of  emotions but can obtain a high by telepathically tuning in the different kinds of intense human emotions, such as ecstasy or agony.  [pdf] Blue Planet Project

Interview of Eve Lorgen for German Website by Corinna Bloess  From the abduction reports, I believe the Greys ( at least the ones performing genetic, medical and emotional experiments) and many Reptilians are seeking from us a delicacy that amounts to human prana and “kundalini sexual energy”. If we look deeply into the energetics and spiritual aspects of the abduction activities, we can see that there is something deeper going on. This is what the love bite” dramas led me to hypothesize. Primal creative energy can be generated from a human emotional and physical body through amplicfication of the sexual and kundalini energy pathways......In general the “negative aliens” will try to steal from us what they cannot produce on their own: primal creative love energy via kundalini arousal, and a deep emotional connection to the divine source.

The Agenda: To create as much chaos and conflict as possible to generate negativity amongst our society. They attempt to make us as they are. They feed off our negative emotions whether it’s passion, lust, greed, hate, envy or wrath. They wish to weaken our spirit to make it easier for them to take over. That is where they get their lifeblood on our planet. We do not know the full spectrum of their agenda. It may be an old long term goal to destroy our species and colonize our earth with genetically engineered hominid creatures that are a mixture of human, Reptilian and foreign DNA material. It could possibly not be that elaborate of a plan. We just do not know. All we know is they are not looking out for our best interests. The Birth of a Host By Cassie

I met people who have fled from the early Masaki in Rwanda, from years ago, and these people were horrified by what was happening in their country.  They said that the slaughter of the Hutus by the Watusi, and the Watusi by the Hutus, is actually feeding the Imanujela, monsters.  Because the Imanujela like to inhale the energy that is generated by masses of people being terrified or being killed by other people.  CREDO MUTWA On Alien Abduction & Reptilians

"Sexual vampirism goes on and this explains why there is an epidemic of child sexual abuse among Masons, as they believe (also commonly held among Illuminists) that if you have sex with a child you steal some of their youth and that in turn makes you live longer, and if you have sex with lots of children and the younger the better, you can live virtually forever and this is the promise held out by Masons."--Bill Schnoebelen  (Interview with an Ex-Vampire).

"Agents for dark forces use hyped and talented artists to do this for them but this action is not enough on its own because all the emotional respect (spiritual energy) created at the event would simply go to the artist and not to the dark forces promoting the artists.  Yes? So the Serpent has very crafty displayed its own symbolism on stage and/or the festival locations are very symbolic in themselves (or both!). This enables them to attract the spiritual energy towards the symbolism itself and not just the performing artists. The use of symbolism is very important because if the audience at a festival are made to feel emotional about the performer on stage then they also feel emotion, subconsciously, for the symbolism being displayed at the same time. I suppose the situation is on a par with a surge of electricity being sent through the stage, not only would the performers get a shock so would all the other items that conduct electricity. In other words ‘spiritual energy’ can feed the creators of the symbolism on show. The real creators of the symbolism on show are entities in other dimensions; hence ‘they’ receive the spiritual energy created at festivals that bear their symbolism.
    The Serpent also uses ambiguous symbolic lyrics hidden in the songs that were allegedly penned and created by celebrity bands to get the crowd to collectively sing ambiguous words (Praise to the Gods), this also creates spiritual energy. (As mentioned in the beside the seaside article) For example Glastonbury uses a Pyramid Stage, so when the crowd feel emotion for artists at Glastonbury they will also give spiritual energy to symbolism (Pyramid etc) being displayed, simply because ‘emotional respect’ for the artist will also create ‘spiritual energy’ for the symbolism and this energy empowers things in a totally different way than you may imagine.
    Emotional respect = Spiritual energy.
    When you show emotional respect to something you are literally giving your spiritual powers to it. All those attending a rock concert are innocently giving their spiritual energies, not only to their idols on stage, but to the symbolism being displayed too."  [2009 Aug] Clipping Claws of UTU - Have You Still Not Found What You Are Looking For? by Matthew Delooze

''In the tradition of the sorcerers to which don Juan belongs, it is maintained that the universe is predatorial in nature. For sorcerers, this is not a matter of speculation or of metaphorical predilection - they know for a fact that it is predatorial. Throughout the ages they have described the condition of man, which is about the bleakest description we know. As time goes by, this description gains more and more ground. Sorcerers say that just as we keep chickens, or gallinas in Spanish, in a coop, or a gallinero, some entities that come from a universe of awareness keep us in human coops. Sorcerers make a joke and say that those entities, which they call flyers, or voladores, keep us human beings, or seres humanos, cooped up in humaneros.
    The flyers of the sorcerers' tradition are black shadows that we sometimes detect and explain away as floaters in the retina. Sorcerers know for a fact, by means of their capacity to see energy directly, that those shadows are predatorial and that they keep us alive in order to devour our awareness. Sorcerers say that our awareness is like a sheen around our total field of energy that looks to them like a luminous ball. To them, this sheen of awareness is like a plastic cover that would make the luminous ball shine even more if it were not for the fact that it has been eaten away down to the level of our heels. 
    Here is where the sorcerers description gets very disturbing to us; sorcerers say that the only sheen of awareness left in us by our eaters is the awareness of self-reflection. Therefore, all we are left with is the concern with me, myself and I. In our personal lives we have corroborated that the only force left in the immediate world around us is the force of self-importance, which comes disguised in the form of humility, compassion, altruism, kindness, you name it.
    This sorcerer's description is of course our ultimate nemesis; we don't want to believe that we are being raised for food. In this sense, naturally, the sorcerers' tradition is at total variance with any other kind of spiritual tradition. Sorcerers say, and believe me, not out of cynicism, that every ideal we deal with in terms of spiritual traditions, religions, etc, is a device concocted by the flyers to keep us in a lull. Imagine our disquietude upon examining, weighing and pondering this proposition.
    Through recapitulating we can acquire a hard discipline which is the only means by which we can make ourselves unpalatable to the flyers. Sorcerers assert that the only awareness which cannot be eaten is the awareness produced by iron-handed discipline. The recapitulation seems to create a condition of fluidity and determination which is the discipline that sorcerers talk about, not the discipline of compulsive, routinary behavior.''  Don Juan  Journey To Ixtlan

emotional respect creates spiritual energy. Never forget that emotional respect creates spiritual energy. Get it to sink in for I tell you the truth, and my words are trustworthy, that certain monuments are used 'as vessels for spiritual energy' and the creators of the monuments actually receive the spiritual energy that is created. Remember thoughts about artifacts and monuments create respect for them therefore thoughts of respect give energy to their creators. Get it?
.....Can you begin see that ancient monuments carry massive amounts of 'sentimental value' that they have received for hundreds or thousands of years through the emotional respect or even direct worship from human beings? I hope so. The ancient common people were ordered to worship images and idols in the Temples and Palaces of their masters.
......I am here to tell you that if you bow to a monument or any other form of symbolism you will surrender your spiritual energy to it, especially if you utter symbolic prayer to it.
.....Remember all these artifacts in the Louvre are actually on or surrounding ‘an energy line' we have this 'energy line' in Paris and we have pondered on the thought that monuments and relics on this line are actually energy vessels and these vessels can actually extract, harness and then deliver our spiritual energy for and to their creators respectfully.
....Anyway. 'Our stolen spiritual energy goes to what is known as the underworld my friends'. So now you know. The underworld has to announce and declare themselves in some way to gain your free will and acceptance. Just like Morpheus announces himself (the underworld) through the Poppy on Remembrance Day to gain your acceptance and free will to honour him  (spiritually accept)
....A group of multidimensional beings alien to this world have created a labyrinth of occult symbolism in your mind and it is used to get you to worship them indirectly through mythological deities. Basically you worship Reptilian Alien Beings through subconscious proxy voting.
    You and I create our reality through our subconscious thoughts so it serves the Serpent Cult to control our subconscious thoughts and place themselves, as our gods, in our subconscious thoughts and therefore gain our respect for their symbolic monuments through manipulation of our subconscious. [2008] Spitting Out the Feathers of the Benu Bird  By Matthew Delooze

[vid] PizzaGate - DNC Pedophile Ring exposed by Podesta's Emails - Obama, Clintons, Andrew Kline Podesta, John  PEDOPHILE SYMBOLS AND CODES