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Inverted Six Pipe (ISP)

Postby laozu Wed Sep 16, 2009 8:48 pm

An "earth pipe" is a length of pipe combined with some form of simple orgonite, such as a TB core poured in one end, or placed in or on one end. The pipe is placed or driven into the ground with the TB end above. The ones that I have built have the positive end of the quartz crystal of the TB pointing down, but from experiments I would say that this likely is not necessary.

The first one that I know of, built at the suggestion of a poster with forum name "Gale Wildrider" on Stuart Jackson's old cloudbuster forum, was actually poured on site, in a secluded spot, across the river from the Almota grain elevator on the Snake River. Its purpose was to change to transform DOR into POR, which DOR emanated from a vortex under the river and which had been thitherto resistent to attempts of burying TBs and HHGs on the riverbank near the elevator. The upside was that the "earthpipe" was successful, and remains successful to the date of the present post. The downside was that when my friend Mike and I drove home that late December day of 2003, we experienced a freak accident after crossing the Snake River Bridge between Clarkston and Lewiston, flipping and totalling my Toyota pickup.

In December of 2007 Manfred wrote to me of an idea he had had of taking six of these earthpipes and placing them equidistantly in a circle of diameter about a foot or so. He wrote me that the device seemed to be rather powerful, and asked me to add my perceptions to his. In January of 2008, my friends Ale and Javi and I buried an "inverted six pipe" or "ISP" in some woods just outside of the world's southernmost city Punta Arenas in Chile. We left the city for the north about four hours after planting it, but we retuned to the site in the woods just before leaving, and I observed that the area about the site felt positive within a radius of about a mile.

The first opportunity I had of observing an ISP for longer than a few hours was when we returned to Santiago. Ale and I placed one on the hill of Cerro San Cristobal, about 2PM. The hill and the surrounding area was suffused with DOR before the interment. Several hours later we drove back to have a look, and by that time I observed that he ground of the hill, from just below the summit about a third of the way down, was now filled with POR. The next day about 7:30PM, on the way to the airport, I observed that the entire hill, plus the area around the hill within a radius of a mile and a half, had become positive.

Last week (2nd week of September 2009) I visited Manfred in Austria, and we decided to bury an ISP in a more or less "virgin" spot, and to observe what occured in more detail...
(to be continued)