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[UCB (underground CB) and the pipe-downward version 'Peacemaker,' invented by Laozu and Manfred.  Laozu and Cesco now use mini TBs (c. 3/4 fl oz) on top of 12/13 inch 15mm pipes.  He also uses these small TBs to open vortices.   A great device for the trees.  Below are 2 Peacemakers, one with 3 oz TBs and 22 mm pipe (should last longer, and also if you don't have any small crystals), and one 3/4 oz TB with 15mm pipe.  TBs stuck on with sealant to make it easier and quicker to do, especially at night in cities.  Hole in middle to put soil back in.  At the bottom is a 15mm Peacemaker with pipes stuck into orgonite.]

For mini TBs

[2009] Inverted Six Pipe (ISP) by laozu  The hill and the surrounding area was suffused with DOR before the interment. Several hours later we drove back to have a look, and by that time I observed that he ground of the hill, from just below the summit about a third of the way down, was now filled with POR. The next day about 7:30PM, on the way to the airport, I observed that the entire hill, plus the area around the hill within a radius of a mile and a half, had become positive.

[EW Jan 2008] Invisible CBs And Their Inversions.--Laozu

22mm Peacemaker with 3 fl oz muffins, and 15mm Peacemaker with 3/4 fl oz muffins:

Underground CB (points up):

Manfred's original Peacemaker:

[This method is used for smaller sized swarf that you have to mix up with resin first.  With larger swarf you can place crystal in swarf and then just pour in resin.]

Making 15mm (c. 13inch length) Peacemaker with copper in orgonite (not necessary but will last longer and is less hassle to bury in a hurry):

First make some small 3/4 oz muffins with crystal sticking out (drier mix the better to stop crystal tipping over):

Then put small muffin in glass, and put 15 mm pipe over crystal

Put more orgonite in, enough to hold it firmly when hard. 
Cut hole in piece of wood (bigger than 15mm) to hold pipe upright:

Finished, with pipe firmly in orgonite:

Peacemaker ready for posting:

The glass (Champaign?) used here was bought originally to make a long lasting small 108 .  Any glass the right size will do, or a bigger muffin (eg 2.5 fl oz plastic moulded).

Original method, dig out hole and remove stones, then bang pipes into ground using template and put TBs on top.  OK if you have plenty of undisturbed time (22mm pipe here):

Drill used for

Best spade for digging holes (you can cut handle down to 3-4ft):

Bulldog (UK) 
Rabbiting Spade (Long Handle)  Code 5391006580