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Django Unchained


[2010] Close Encounters with Celebrities & Show Business by 'feliciag'  Cinematographers are also heavily into the dark stuff that is so pervasive in the film and TV industries. Through friends of friends I've had several conversations with a man who has been a main cinematographer on tons of mainstream hit films. He worked on Kill Bill with Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarrentino and David Carradine. He described working on that set and his whole gleeful description of the constant immersion in blood (fake, one would hope), body parts being tossed into scenes, and other celebration of carnage really made me sick. And he just loved it because he's a nasty piece of work. He described the weird affair between Uma and Quentin and how he would sort of program her to do her scenes. The real Uma seems very different, quiet, low-key, nerdish and bookish. So definitely lots of programming and handling went on. (I've never been able to watch the movie. Tarentino's work is such an openly Satanic celebration of bloodlust, I want to kill the bastard.) :)

Quentin Tarantino: 'I'm shutting your butt down!'

Cross of Lorraine (2 bars)  Django Unchained 

Katt Williams Checking Quentin Tarantino on Django



Satanic Hand sign  As above, so below

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