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Behemoth and Leviathan
City of London
Government logos

Civic Heraldry

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Reptilians   [vid] Aliens - 5 - The Draco Reptilian Horns  Wings  Eyes Reptilian (slits)

Behemoth and Leviathan Later Jewish sources describe Leviathan as a dragon who lives over the Sources of the Deep and who, along with the male land-dragon Behemoth, will be served up to the righteous at the end of time.

According to my esteemed friend Mr. Credo Mutwa, the Sanusi and official historian of the Zulu Nation, ancient races were forbidden by their overlords to depict dragons, hence the adoption of serpents in lieu. Israelites, Mind Control, Ms. Wilder by Brian Desborough

Convento de San Francisco museum in the old Spanish colonial city of Granada, Nicaragua. Statues were created by indigenous groups living on Zapatera Island

Behemoth and Leviathan

Leviathan the sea-monster, with Behemoth the land-monster and Ziz the air-monster. "And on that day were two monsters parted, a female monster named Leviathan, to dwell in the abysses of the ocean over the fountains of the waters. But the male is named Behemoth, who occupied with his breast a waste wilderness named Duidain." (1 Enoch 60:7-8)

Behemoth and Leviathan, watercolour by William Blake from his Illustrations of the Book of Job.

City of London  [City of London symbols]


This is a Jewish Kabbalistic solar diety in the form of a human-headed dragon. Can you see this tri-level tiara on it's head symbolizing cosmic rulership?  ZOOMED IN http://www.remnantofgod.org/images/IGC/pagan-rcc.htm


Religious Luciferian symbols Russian Orthodox Catholic Church. Phoenix on hat.

A dragon on a papal crest.

A dragon on a papal crest in the Vatican Museum. The word Vatican means "divining serpent."

Crozier ~ 1220/30, treasury of the former Premonstratensian Rüti Abbey in Switzerland

Daniel Killing the Dragon of Baal by Jakob Wet

Astaroth  [Astaroth]



Ishtar/Inanna Istanbul, Turkey: Museum of the Ancient Orient: Ishtar Gate, dragon 'Mushushu' panel (reconstructed, original was c 575 BC)


Baldwin, Alec  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rdg2necMBdE

Saturn  [Saturn Arm and Hammer]

Government [Military Snake]



National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)

“Procul Este Profani”: “Keep your distance, you who are uninitiated.”



Civic Heraldry

City of London  http://www.civicheraldry.co.uk/great_london.html

Brent, London


Ingolstadt town

Death of the Dragon 1914, a painting by Evelyn Pickering De Morgan

Bluewater Mall

Dragon, Town Hall, Munich, Germany