Snoop Dog (Cordozar Calvin Broadus. born October 20, 1971)

Possession   Exposing the works of Satan: Popular Music   In his autobiography "The Doggfather", Snoop Dogg says the devil came to him to make a deal that he would be rich and famous in exchange for his soul. Snoop accepted the devil's offer (by his own words) and identifies that the point at which Calvin Broadus dies Snoop Dog was born.

Selling Soul

Reptile eyes (slits)

Satanic Hand sign


Skull and Bones (Death's Head)



'Sensual Seduction'

By Craig Oxley

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We soon see Lucy showing her head in an instant with this video from Snoop Dogg. This single is about sex and is called 'Sensual Seduction.' First thing other than Lucifer's light we see is the Boaz and Jachin phallic pillars. The two main pillars holding up the universe of El. Boaz is eager and strong for the Generative Principle of sex, whilst Jachin makes a good firm erection. Note how Snoop slowly arises as light on the top of a pyramid level type staircase. Now check out the colours he's wearing. We see white and black symbolising Isis (Moon) the mother of Lucifer (Venus) and of course El (Saturn), the God of Chaos. These two being two of the biggest cults ever known, linked to Egypt and Canaan respectively. Black and white is symbolism of male/female, good/bad, duelism, chaos/order also linked to the 8 pointed star or double square. See Snoops, phallic keyboard? Well theres the black & white symbolism of the keys. Snoop throws a hell of a lot of fives around with his phallic fingers in most scenes. Note his full five fingers shown here and the other pictures. Remember Lucifer is the root of 5, the circle. It's interesting to see ten spotlights in the first picture. Do we think this may be linked to the Solar worship tied in with Lucifer coming from Hyksos bloodline, Akhenaton? Look at the pillar of Jachin and see how the Circle of Lucifer, the root of 5 is coming from the Square of El, the root of two. Remind you of a delivered Dominos Pizza anyone? We see much smoke in the video which is white. I would say this is linked somewhat as symbolism of the air which is linked to Lucifer. Note how the female symbolism of Venus for instance always highlights the females hair. Remember air is linked to intelligence which comes from light, the light of Lucy herself. Your raising your conscious to another level with communication. Once again all tied into the rai or air. Lucifer controls so much of this realm. we should note how the symbol for both Air and Earth is a pyramid with a highlighted capstone. Just ones more in shape than another. So we have Air and remember what the 'A' is close to! Note how we know when a Pope has been chosen by the Cardinals. It's white smoke. What was funny is that Vatican gave the smoke signal at 17:50 on April 19 the start of the Luciferian 13 day Sacrifical ritual. Now 17:50 is 5:50pm which shows the most obvious Lucifer symbolism. Seems we find the Ari high class as Tsarion speaks about linked with this high knowledge/commmunication.

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Here we see the Luciferian five symbolism in your face. Seems Snoop is representing a female wether he realises it or not. He's the fifth female in reality as evident by yet again the known symbolism but his colours like before. This time he also adds Isis's colour of Silver, a metal close to acting as a mirror which again links to Isis as the soul and reflection as above is below. Note how the girls are undressed when in between the phallic pillars but dressed somewhat when not. I believe in the first picture we're seeing some kind of occultic code in the positions of these people. One thing which pops straight out is the triangle stances with both legs and arms. I see Snoop via his arms throw what I see as the female triangle which hits his legs/groin male triangle, getting ready for the Generative Principle of sex. Check the female within the male triangle on the floor whilst a little highlighted capstone is formed with the light of the background. Now if the female triangle starts from above and enters the male then when finished carrys on through to the other side which is the norm then I see a regenerative diamond forming and we know how these are a girls best friend whilst very sparkly with Lucy's light. Snoop is not only wearing Isis's silver but he's also trimmed with El's Black once again. Look closer and notice his black hat representing Saturn (El) and it's rings. Note the Generative Principle of his phallic head entering the hat haha. Why do I think of that Mortar board all of sudden? That capping off of the mind into a belief of someone elses whilst your giving the illusion of knowledge.

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Circles here, circles there whilst bloody everywhere. Remember the circle is the root of 5 linked to the Goddess Circe. Yes the very same Circe where the word Church originates from at the core. Herself a siren and witch luring sheople in and poisoning/hypnotises them. Why does the Catholic Church and it's controller, the 'cup of Borja' Jesuits pop into my head? Remember the Church is the Worship of Isis. Again sexual worship at the core as sex was the first religion before anything else. When you enter a church your entering as sperm/phallus into the vagina of the female, listening to the mind controller in his dress. So we see the shiny light balls/spheres/circles coming at you whilst in one stage we get the impression of a subliminal eye of Lucifer/Akhenaton, as in picture two here. Snoops at it again with his clothing, notice his big gold circular medallion of Venus/Light/Sun around his neck on a chain. Itself a sexual union of his neck inside the ring. Chains symbolise when Venus was coppelled to Saturn with no where to go. This is what chains around females legs really symbolise. Whilst talking about Saturn we see God of Chaos, El pop up there in the background along with Osiris the Sun. We see Snoop yet again with clothing symbolising this time Saturn alone whilst lying on the bed with the female. What shape is the bed? Circular, oh what a shock! We see the golden colour of the bed linking to the Sun/Light/Lucifer as it's all tied together. Remember the Sun's sacred animal is the Lion but so is Lucifer's second sacred animal after the Dragon. With a combination of the Sun and Lucifer we get Life as you see even in the spelling LI-FE. To understand that more then learn the Venusian coding sytem.

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We now see jumping out at us the reflection of Isis. Remember Alice and the Looking Glass? It's all symbolism of the soul and astral travel as in death/re-incarnation. We know that re-incarnation is symbolised as the Egyptian Ankh and how this is linked to the number twenty eight. Now this figure is divisible by the number seven which itself is purification of the spirit from the trapping of Earth which gave a four. Now add those two together folks and we get the eleven of course haha. All very hidden and very deep occultic knowledge and teachings all around us. We see the two bottom pictures that they seem to like their shades a lot also known as glasses, which you look through (looking glass). This is obviously a reference to the light which is blinding. Now remember how I talked about obvious hand positions? Note how Snoop has his fives most definately flying and in this case making the ten of Akhenaton from the looks of things twice.

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Here we have the famous Luciferian/Venusian five pointed star. Its interesting to note how the first picture has a star giving off 5 rays of light. Now look at Snoop and he's within the underside down negative Pentagram. Note the third picture for reference of the Satanists as some would call them. This is merely negative due to Venus heading towards Earth just prior to the great flood arriving from Tiamet. You see Saturn, Venus and Mars were all as one as an eye in the sky. When Mars crushed Tiamet this is when Venus gained her freedom, remember a dome is round. Note the position of the Dome in a mosque and how the circle is within the square or between the two phallic pillars of four in total haha. Now you understand why they circle their star. Note the two stars with the females, is this another Akhenaton ten maybe? Note how one star is the negative and the other the positive, once again duelism. In the final picture but within the footage we see the circle of the female in this case a ufo coming from and out the 5 pointed star. Whos on board, why a female with Snoop. We should note the blazing fire underneath, is this a reference to Osiris I wonder? Well remember that Osiris is the Sun but remember we have within that name Sirius. No one should forget how a blazing five pointed star is infact symbolism for the star constellation of Sirius. Whats funny is that Osiris is supposedly symbolism for Orion constellation.

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What do I make of this? Well we see the wings of course. What do we do with wings? We fly within what? The Air which is under Lucifer's control as explained previous. The female is coloured in Saturnalian black of chaos and death. We know that Lucifer is the Goddess of death, Chaos and Creation. We know she's a fallen angel (wings?) You'll know this more from teachings on Queen Semarisis of Babylon. Note how the eleven is linked also to the God El of Chaos and death. Now when we understand that Isis is fifty six which itself added together is eleven. Now water is sixty five a reflection of Isis and controlled by Lucifer once again an eleven. See how it all ties. On the subject of Air we see this is a thirty six giving us a completion nine whilst being the Sun phallic LIFE energy 666 3x6=18.