Stepford wives
Clones & Doubles  Eyes

Gingrich  Sanpaku eye

Simpson, Jessica

Kidman  Sanpaku eye

Laura Bush  Sanpaku eye

O'Day, Aubrey

Richards, Denise

Brinkley, Christy

Roberts, Julia


Diaz, Cameron

Jackson, Kate

Paltrow, Gwyneth

Minogue, Kylie









I love art so I do a lot of research often and I find sometimes also very interesting pictures. I found this picture and thought it shows exactly this type of woman that we call "Stepford Wives". The typical look of a doll, not able to think because no inner self exists because they are a clone or a organic robotoid. People who get created artificial have no chakra system, no aura and no higher mind in their self. They are just a body without a mind. The mind has a organic activity (brain) and a inorganic invisible activity (mind / soul / higher self). Clones and organic synthetics just have a low vibrating and very simple working neuronal activity. They can feel and they can think about simple things, mostly the inner self of a clone or synthetic is equal to the inner self of a person who suffers from BPD (borderline personality disorder), because they are full of questions about their existence and at the same time dis-connected from the things they never can have as a synthetic and clone and these things they never can have are a chakra system and a higher self. They just are moving from one point to another. Without understanding who and what they are and how they got here. We as real humans got born from a woman, natural, and we were already connected to the higher dimensions before we got born into this reality, but synthetics are a biological body without an connection to the own soul. Its sad, because they are aware that something is very wrong about their existence. Its not funny or that these lifeforms are robots. They got created like cyborgs and the little life they got inside gets heavy traumatized. They never are on their own. Always there are real humans who are around them to control their day and night. Its very sad, but its true.

The human doubles are often zombie-like yet still appear to have a soul. The clones are another story and don't seem to have a soul behind the eyes. The Mask