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Undercover CHP officer pulls gun at Oakland protest after outing

[2012 March]  FBI Linked to Yet Another Domestic Terrorism Plot

[2012 Feb] Gladio Mark Two is behind the Greek violence

[vid] Occupy Oakland: Beware of Police Infiltrators and Provocateurs

[2010] The Toronto G20 Riot Fraud: Undercover Police engaged in Purposeful Provocation At Tax Payers' Expense by Terry Burrows

[2010] The CIA and other agencies are present by Jim Stone

[2009] G20 police 'used undercover men to incite crowds'

[2008] Was 'friend' who yelled abuse at police on anti-war demo a stooge or a thug, asks writer   This chap wasn't really the sort you'd expect to see shouting abuse at police officers at an anti-war demo. He was, after all, a policeman himself - and a high-ranking one at that. I'd met the police inspector at a party around last Christmas. The local mayor was there, along with councillors from other parties and journalists. I'd been asked along by a friend. Later, we went to a local gay club, where I danced with him and a few others until 3.30am.

[2007] Canada: Police agent-provocateurs unmasked at Montebello summit protests  An amateur video posted on the internet shows cops disguised as anarchist protesters trying to provoke fights between riot police and demonstrators at last month’s Montebello, Quebec, summit meeting of the US and Mexican presidents and Canada’s prime minister.

[2003] Genoa police 'admit fabrication'  A senior officer, Pietro Troiani, reportedly admitted under questioning that two petrol bombs allegedly found at the school were planted by police to justify the raid.

[vid] RAW VIDEO-Greek police-agent provocateurs (29-06-11)   Shocking video showing Greek riot police whisking away some so-called anarchists, in reality agent provocateurs behind their lines. These agents dressed up as 'anarchists' provoked the police during a huge peaceful demonstration of Greek people against the implementation of a second series of harsh austerity measures. The police retaliated to the staged attacks and pelted many tear gas canisters against the real protesters managing to disperse them, only temporarily though.

[vid] EXPOSED! G20 Toronto Police Agent Provocateurs in Video and Photos - WATCH @ 2:35 for total proof

[vid] Police Admit Using Provocateurs To Stage Riots

[vid] Agent Provocateur - London Protests March 26th 2011

Attention Protesters: That Over-Zealous Agitator Might Be A Cop (VIDEO)

Undercover CHP officer pulls gun at Oakland protest after outing  During a protest in Oakland earlier today, two undercover police pulled their guns on peaceful protesters after they were outed for trying to get the crowd to start looting. Officers aimed their weapons at people's heads and made arrests while still wearing their masks. The corporate media won't air this story, please share and get the truth out. LIKE our page US Uncut!  Sources:



False Flag Operations

Illuminati card game

If I suspect someone is an undercover FBI agent, I just casually interject the fag thing into the conversation, then watch the reaction. For example, I attended an anti-Iraq War rally last September 24, 2005, and there were a bunch of guys screaming these terrible things about the United States Government in front of the White House. Basically, I agreed with a lot of what they were saying, but they spewed it with such venom, it was off-putting. So I decided to test one of them. I walked right up to this young guy and casually said, "You know, J. Edgar Hoover was faggot." He immediately avoided eye-contact. As he looked away, he timidly replied, "I had heard he was a cross-dresser, but I never knew he was homosexual." That was quite a passive response from someone who had just been shouting anti-government rhetoric. I thought to myself, "Bingo." John Lennon's murder - Discussion with Salvador Astucia

The flyer contained several bullet points like that. For example, one line read: "If you see someone with a bullhorn condemning the war and saying lots of sensible things, then tells you to join his group of Communists or Nazis, he's probably on the FBI's payroll." Another good one was "If you see someone making a speech or handing out flyers containing extremely divisive issues that have nothing to do with the Iraq war, like gay marriage for example, he's probably on the FBI's payroll." The flyer was really pretty funny, I thought. But obviously the FBI people didn't agree. John Lennon's murder - Discussion with Salvador Astucia

Here is another ‘black bloc’ operative stomping on the roof of a Toronto Police car. Where are the police? He is obviously being “allowed” to trash the vehicle to create what will become the signature media images of the event - burning police cars in Toronto. But stamping on shattered glass and plastic is pretty hard on your shoes.

Israeli Agent Provocateur dressed as a Palestinian woman.  What is an agent provocateur? in today's world, it is usually a police officer who dresses up as a protestor/"anarchist" and creates a disturbance by throwing rocks through windows or setting fire to police cars, etc. . . . so that the police state can be increased due to "fear of anarchy."  Screenshot of a New York Times (Middle East) photostory documenting an undercover, armed Israeli agent disguised as a Palestinian woman protester: "Gun-toting Israeli soldier disguised as Palestinian woman" Submitted by Maureen Clare Murphy on Mon, 05/16/2011 - 04:20