Religious Chuch Allopathic Church  
True God Mammon (dishonest gain) Mammon  
Shepherds Priests MDs, Nurses, researchers, Experts  
Baptism water ritual vaccination  
Fear sin, hell, stake burning diseases, viruses  
Carrot eternal life, salvation, group safety safety from disease, financial security (MDs)  
Sacrament bread and wine pills  
Tithes donations to the church donations to cancer research  
  Catholic Church medical power  
Power base Temples, Cathedrals, Churches, State institutions Hospitals, Drug Industry. State institutions: CDC  FDA  WHO.....  
Temptation absence of spiritual  responsibility absence of disease responsibility  
Mind control Alienated  from their souls, Suppress sexuality, suppress Meditation Alienated from their bodies (and souls), Suppress sexuality, suppress  
Police Jesuits, Inquisitions, persecuted of heretics, excommunication Experts, 'HealthFraud', 'Quackhunters', 'Skeptics', Murder Inc, burn Whistleblowers,  
Give away personal knowledge confession health records, personal knowledge  

[1991] Confessions of a Medical Heretic by Dr Robert Mendelsohn
physicians = priests
 research = prayer
 medical jargon = sacred language
 patient and family histories = confessions
 drugs = communion wafers
 hospitals = temples
 operating rooms = tabernacles
 operations = ritual mutilations
 institutional care = holy war on the family
 non-drug healers = infidels
 medical failure = the devil
 death = the god