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According to author Greg Hallett, in a mutual interview with Dr Jim Fetzer Ph.D. in London on 6 July 2010, Bill Clinton is the son of Winston Churchill.  The mother is Winston Churchill's daughter-in-law Pamela Harriman, whom Bill Clinton made US Ambassador to France (Paris).  Pamela and Winston lived together at 10 Downing Street from 1942-45.  William Clinton Churchill was born in August 1946. . . . and Winston Churchill is the Illegitimate son of King Edward VII.  This makes Bill Clinton the Illegitimate Grandson of King Edward VII. . . . and by the Illegitimate siring of Princess Elizabeth,  Queen Elizabeth II and Bill Clinton are half-brother and half-sister. . . which is why Bill Clinton got off his impeachment. Windows on the World James H Fetzer and Greg Hallett part 1 of 2

Among these top spies were three Vladimir Putins. They all looked like Vladimir Putin and went by the names 'Valenti Putin', Alexia Putin' and Alexander Putin'. Vladimir Putin was 'Alexia Putin'. When I contacted the Russian Embassy via the Auckland Public Library on 7 May 2003 and asked them if Vladimir Putin had ever been in New Zealand, they replied "No, but we get asked that question a lot. The only time he had been in New Zealand was during the 1999 APEC conference" ... so here's the photo of Putin in Wellington in 1986.  p.213 How To Take Over the World. A Right Royal Con by Greg Hallett & Spymaster

"Wars are in drug or oil countries."---Greg Hallett

Feminism was invented in Russia as a method of war, and during the Cold War feminists in Russia were deported to the west.  Feminists break down the family, reduce breeding and create infighting. p.153

"In wartime the truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies."----Churchill
In wartime we provide truth with a bodyguard of lies because it is so precious."--Hitler
"In wartime, the truth is so precious we surround it with a bodyguard of lies."----
Tavistock Military Psych-ops War School. [note the similarity.]

Stalin was also a Zionist.  He was the son of Baron Edmond de Rothchild and the brother of Chairman Mao."---New Zealand A Blackmailer's Guide by Greg Hallett

If you take the view that the President of the United States is actually a pirate Captain then all of it's history fits into place, it's the destruction of the Health system, it's taking over other countries and stealing their assets and bombing the snot out of them and it is depopulating the planet, these guys are Pirate Captains, we should stop calling them Presidents and Prime Ministers.  They are Pirate Captains of the British plantation which is controlled by Israel Greg Hallett Begins 11/12: Interview with Dr. James Fetzer, PhD - NATO drug runs from Afghanistan

The thing about Pedophilia is it holds the most shame therefore it has the most control over judges and lawyers, and Queen's councils and politicians and ministers.  If you take Gerald Ford, he was actually Lynch King who was a porn king, so he was under a completely false name, false history and identity, through porn he managed to become the President of the United States. Greg Hallett Begins 11/12: Interview with Dr. James Fetzer, PhD - NATO drug runs from Afghanistan

The Family Court is basically a crime creation movement because 90% of crime in New Zealand is created by fatherless kids, so the Judiciary is a crime creation movement and the District Court used to fund the Family Court and 90% of the criminals who go through the District Court don't have a father, so the Courts are a crime creation movement, as well as doing murders. Greg Hallett Begins 2/12: Interview with Dr. James Fetzer PhD

When he died his nose was broken and his cyanide capsule was still intact.  Churchill did not want Himmler interviewed by the Americans and refused to allow him to reveal what he knew at trial.  This removed one of the most troublesome witnesses to Hitler's survival and Churchill's part in it. Hitler was a British Agent by Greg Hallett

The 14th Duke of Hamilton, Douglas Douglas-Hamilton was a homosexual and a lover of the transvestite, cocaine and morphine addict, the Duke of Kent. He was also the occultist 'Brandon' and used the surviving Duke of Kent as the Holy Ghost in all Golden Dawn coven occult rituals. Hitler was a British Agent by Greg Hallett

    Early on in the war, it was evident that Goering and Hitler were both British agents, although they may not have known each other were. Doentiz, Raeder, Milch, Canaris and Oster were also British agents, as was Rosenbaud who was codenamed 'The Griffen'. Most of them were accessed after WWI when they were POWs in British hands. Canaris had many heart-to-hearts with British Interrogating Officers as did Doenitz, who was under psychiatric care in Manchester (October 1918-July 1919).
    Rosenbaud was an Austrian Army Officer captured by the British. He was turned around by a lowly British Regimental I.O. in Italy at the end of WWI. Rosenbaud went on to report to British Control Officers right through the 20s, 30s and 40s and was ultimately taken over by the Americans. At the end of WWII Rosenbaud was awarded the American Medal of Freedom, while his ex-wife became the chief of the Stasi. Whoever said spying wasn't in the family.
    A huge number of other German officers would rewrite reports, fudge documents and not work in Germany's interests. Defeatism was rampant right through the entire German Armed Forces and played a part in nearly all battlefield loses, including Dunkirk. The loss of the four German battleships is a case in point.
Hitler was a British Agent by Greg Hallett

Whenever you have a high-ranking homosexual fronting as a married heterosexual, you have a malleable spy who will go to any treasonous lengths and use all their resources just to maintain one or all of their positions.  Many homosexual Freemasons use Freemasonry and marriage as a form of cover. Freemasons have a high rate of child-sex abuse, paedophilia and incest, with accounts suggesting that Freemasons sexually abuse a third of their daughters and granddaughters.
    Paedophiles control Freemasons, because Freemasons consider paedophiles to be close to royals. Royals use their illegitimate children for supply and control for paedophiles. Police are a Freemasonry organisation and serve the British Crown. Thus Police cover for paedophiles and expect promotions when they do so. Freemasons admire paedophiles and a Freemason will do anything a paedophile asks them to do. This does not exclude dropping the Berlin Wall.
    Because the Freemasons control the police and judiciary, Freemasons are rarely charged for their incest, child-sex abuse and paedophilia. When they are discovered, the first step is to cover up. When it becomes too obvious they are often murdered. Sometimes these murders are real and other times they are fake with new identities established elsewhere. p.205 Hitler was a British Agent by Greg Hallett

''Any Faux False Fake BBC stories directly Affirm Queen Elizabeth II's Abdication . . . . The BBC was privately created in 1922. When George, Duke of York (George VI) and Elizabeth Bowes Lyon's Maid gave birth to an epileptic son in 1924, they let it die on the hospital gurney. When they tried again by Artificial Insemination with George VI replaced by illegitimate royal Winston Churchill as sperm donor, daughter Elizabeth was born in 1926, above the Coach & Horses pub in Mayfair. Her status was somewhat undecided. That was when the BBC went public, in 1926, to support the illegitimate commoner Elizabeth as Princess and then Queen. The Monarch is 'Acclaimed' in the UK, so one needs control of the media, which is the BBC. As Queen, Elizabeth appoints all the Trustees to the BBC, so she hires anyone that supports her, and fires anyone that exposes her or her family - who are all known to be Flat Lie Royal, and NOT THE ROYAL FAMILY. Since Queen Elizabeth II was Struck with a Black Wand on 17 August 2015, she has been dethroned. The way the BBC acknowledges that Elizabeth II has been dethroned is with any overtly Faux False Fake Media reporting. This occurred with the Faux False Flag Gullibility Shock Test Dupe Assault in Paris on 11.13.15.
    (13 November 2015). It was done on a 'Friday' which is 'Exilarchs Day', another indication Elizabeth is due to be removed. This is all acting out 'The Hidden King of England' which is currently the UK's most suppressed book - Due to the Privy Council Oath, which is rampant in London and UK, amongst Literary Agents, Books Chains, the 3 Independent Book Stores in the UK, and even the List of Banned Books won't touch it. What they're really scared of is that Queen Victoria passed the Throne and Crown to her secret firstborn Family, by letter, and then from "The Prize" onto the "Predicted One" - and we are in the times of Predictions. So whenever you see a Faux False Fake event reported by the BBC or in any way associated with the BBC - it is a Mark of the faux entity 'Queen Elizabeth II' struck with a Black Wand on her way to being Exiled.''  Greg Hallett

Leslie Howard was also a homosexual who had a flat in Chelsea, London. He was caught in a sexually compromising act in a public toilet in London and arrested for homosexual behaviour. Instead of charged he was taken to a military base where he spent the next three months learning to imitate Winston Churchill. He was not told it was for a canned meat operation, but then again, they never told their flight crews either.  The military then dressed Leslie Howard as Winston Churchill and leaked it out through known double agents that Churchill was going to fly to Cyprus. The plane was then shot down by the Germans 40 km off the English coast on 1 June 1943 and Leslie Howard was killed. Meanwhile Churchill went by another route to the Middle East and for the next 10 days the Germans thought Churchill was dead (1-11 June 1943). Officially Leslie Howard was killed on a special mission flight from Lisbon to London. Winston Churchill had doppelgangers for voice and transport and probably went through them with alarming regularity. Hitler was a British Agent by Greg Hallett

Thomas Edward Lawrence (1888-1935) was George Bernard Shaw's illegitimate with one of Renoir's models. Turks interrogated him by sodomy with no new information forthcoming. The Colonel of MI-5 took him to a disused post office, iced him on the large mailing table, jumped on his head till his neck broke, then iced the body beside his motorcycle - officially an accident to this day. Hitler was a British Agent by Greg Hallett

Hitler was a sexual deviant who would do anything to hide his sexual proclivities from the public. This made him a puppet to any foreign country or ideology with the knowledge on him. This is known as "the wood" on a person and anyone with 'the wood' has control over that person. ......Hans Mend: "In 1915 we were billeted in a brewery and slept in the hay. Hitler was bedded down at night with Schmidtl, his male whore. We heard a rustling in the hay. Then someone switched on his electric flashlight and growled 'look at those two faggots'.....Many of the highest-placed leaders in the Nazi party, including Hitler, Roehm, Forster, von Schirach and almost all of his bodyguards were gay. Hitler surrounded himself with homosexuals and even retrieved Roehm from Bolivia, making him Deputy Fuhrer. This knowledge enabled outside countries like Britain and ideologies like the Freemasons to control Hitler, his high command and his bodyguards. Hitler and his band of merry bandits became puppets with wooden strings.  In this way, any foreign society can be destroyed with a leader hiding their sexuality. Hitler, Roehm, Forster and von Schirach took part in destroying their own societies while enjoying the power it gave them. Hitler was a double agent prime minister. He worked for a foreign country (Britain) and a foreign ideology (the Freemasons). The formula proved so effective it is still used today, in politics and the media, especially with TV personalities, radio announcers, prime ministers and presidents, both male and female. Hitler was a British Agent by Greg Hallett

"In order to get countries to support America in the Iraq war, Bush had the FBI pull out all the smut files on every political leader. Tony Blair, it was found, was covering for and promoting those involved in a paedophile ring involving knights and at least one prominent royal, a second cousin to the queen. (the Dunblane massacre) "Britain's Tony Blair is now a fully-fledged puppet for the American military industrial complex, which is why he has been in power for so long. The media is the propaganda machine for the war machine. It's just as Winston Churchill said:
'The first casualty of war is the truth'.
All the war media are embedded
and the media is bound to tell the lies
the military industrial complex want told."  Hitler was a British Agent by Greg Hallett

Osama Bin Laden has been an American agent  for the last 30 years and his CIA copde name is Tim Osman.  He was educated in Britain and is described by a former school buddy as 'Harry bin Laden'.  ASIO officer: "I have seen Bin Laden in a safe house in London."  James Bond III: "Bin Laden is in on the oil scam.  The 007, 7 July 2005 London Tube bombing was arranged by the Americans and Israelis."  Hitler was a British Agent by Greg Hallett

Lord Kitchener and Stalin were both trained by Gurdjieff as Martinist Freemasons. Stalin went on to rule a third of the world and Kitchener colonised the world through his special brand of Freemasonry – incestuous paedophilia and sadistic “order out of chaos”.  Britain was the training ground for immigrant revolutionaries to destroy their own foreign countries. This saved the colonising British army from doing it. Misinformation was always on the breakfast menu for the City of London and Metropolitan Police who regularly sabotaged each other’s interrogations giving foreign terrorists any and every advantage. Stalin's British Training by Greg Hallett

Baden-Powell (22 Feb. 1857–8 Jan. 1941) joined the army in 1876 (21). Despite doing badly at school he came second in the army exams, bypassed the officer training, soon became an Honorary Colonel in India and eventually become a Major-General (43).  In 1896 Baden-Powell was returning from the Ashanti expedition on West Africa’s Gold Coast (later Ghana) with the Ashanti Star (1895–96) under his belt. He located two 16-year-old Irish soldiers, accused them of cowardice, tied their hands behind their backs, told everyone he was going to interrogate them, cleared the carriage, sodomised the two bound 16-year-old Irish soldiers, then shot them both in the back of the head, dead. Robert Baden-Powell was 39.  At first Robert Baden-Powell was awarded the Matabele Campaign Medal (1896–97) but was then banished from England. He clawed his way back into society, was promoted to the highest ranking secular position in England, then elevated to Sir in 1909, Baronet in 1922, Baron in 1929 and then Lord the same year. Stalin's British Training by Greg Hallett

Among these top spies were three Vladimir Putins. They all looked like Vladimir Putin and went by the names 'Valenti Putin', Alexia Putin' and Alexander Putin'. Vladimir Putin was 'Alexia Putin'. When I contacted the Russian Embassy via the Auckland Public Library on 7 May 2003 and asked them if Vladimir Putin had ever been in New Zealand, they replied "No, but we get asked that question a lot. The only time he had been in New Zealand was during the 1999 APEC conference" ... so here's the photo of Putin in Wellington in 1986.  p.213

Robert Murdoch, the owner of Fox News and News Corporation is an old Australian Intelligence officer who worked for the CIA. He was gifted large amounts of money to dominate the world's news, and others, like Robert Maxwell, were killed as a warning to the other media moguls to tow the line.  p.175

One American bomber foggy on a combination of benzedrine and alcohol got lost and dropped his bombs over Darwin on 19 February 1942. This resulted in at least 243 civilian and military deaths. Australian troops and RAAF squadrons were then sent home to defend Australia against a Japanese attack that never eventuated. Australia then bought US-built P-40 Kittyhawks and manufactured the CAC Boomerang fighter. Darwin reacted by building a memorial representing Darwinians special hatred for the Japanese to this day, not to mention a special liking for the Americans who sold them the Kittyhawks. The Americans were silent as it resulted in more war planes sold, while Japan loudly denies bombing Darwin to this day.   p.174

Q: "What do you give a paedophile who's got everything?" A: "Another parish."
    It is common practice for Popes to be paedophiles (The current Pope is not a paedophile. He is ex-Hitler Youth which happened to be led by a paedophile. This is an important distinction and the Spymaster wants it made). One has to be manipulated into a top position, and to do that there has to be a huge amount of dirt on that person, known only by a select group of power brokers. Paedophilia is the preferred dirt as it is easily photographed, easily presented in a range of media, immensely shameful, the public demands your resignation, and it is easily arranged amongst Catholics, making them power brokers in some very influential, financial, and dubious deals, unlimited in scope.
......"Pope John Paul I [26 August-29 September 1978] had nothing to hide [no paedophilia] and ordered the Vatican Books to be opened. When the chief of the IRA heard this, he jumped up like he'd been stung, saying, 'Oh my God, the Pope's just committed suicide'. He rang the Vatican straight away and demanded passports for his men go to the top of the pile.  "The IRA routinely travel on Vatican passports which are diplomatic documents describing the priest's urgent mission. They are written on vellum [calfskin or goatskin pelts] and say, 'Whoever impedes or obstructs this priest in his urgent mission work shall be consigned to the fires of hell and burn there for ever and ever'."  This holds a lot of power in Catholic countries like France, Belgium and Italy. Authorities will turn a blind eye to a stack of heat-seeking missiles if you are travelling under Papal Bulls - after all, many of those who carry them are killers on a mission for the Catholic Church.
    "The IRA got their paperwork back and the following day I went down to the dairy to get the paper and the headline read, 'The Pope Dies, Great Shock'. He was in office only 33 days. p.178
How To Take Over the World. A Right Royal Con by Greg Hallett & Spymaster

Iraq's president Saddam Hussein was also George Herbert Walker Bush's agent in Iraq from the 1950s. Saddam Hussein also became a fully protected CIA agent and was safely removed from Iraq for a meeting with Vice-President Dick Cheney on 20 April 2003 and then safely reinserted into Iraq with a body double found on 13 December 2003, and another body double put through his trial, one with legal knowledge and an underbite, as opposed to an overbite.
    The true history is never published by embedded American historians. American histories merely add their brand to a war. America may have appeared to be good, but that is all PR and bad history writing. Like a naval tonnage ratio, America has an evil to humanitarian ratio of 50:1, with its main problem being the media and International Bar Association dominance. This has resulted in every country's judicial Bar Association supporting American conflict.  p.215 How To Take Over the World. A Right Royal Con by Greg Hallett & Spymaster

During the Lebanese Civil War (1975-90) the Druze organised one of the strongest militias of the war in opposition to the Christians, which the Druze won. The Druze and Maronite leaders then signed a peace treaty and now live amongst each other. John Le Carre's The Little Drummer Girl (book 1983/movie 1984) explains how the Druze run both sides for Israel.
.....The Druze did all the recruiting for the 11 March 2004 train bombings in Spain. The Mossad found out where the trains were stored overnight and planted the bombs. Ten explosions occurred during the rush hour the following day, between 7.37 am and 7.40 am. When the trains blew up, the carriage floors turned into schrapnel. The Israelis had already placed demolition charges in the Arab-occupied Leganes apartment building and these were blown up three weeks later at 9.10 pm on 3 April 2004 while the police were raiding the building. One policeman was killed and 11 were injured.
    The Spanish train job (208 dead) was a Mossad job, with the Druze as their agents. In the occult Golden Dawn coven language, "11.03.2004" reads as 'from nothing, master of them with ongoing deaths' (M-11).
You can always tell a Mossad job because they occur on certain dates. The Spanish train bombings occurred exactly 2x/2 years after the Israeli/ Druze 9-11 Twin Towers controlled demolition. This was followed by 'killing the help', the 'Arabs are always framed' and the 'case is never solved'. The Israelis also 'suppress or confuse any warnings', whereas groups who wish to be politically noted give clear warnings. At M-ll there were no warnings and ETA denied being involved.
    C3 and C4 explosives were used, not titadine (compressed dynamite) or Goma-2 (as used by ETA since 1980). A white van was found outside the Alcala de Henares station containing detonators, audio tapes with Arabic verses, and cell phones. This was another rather obvious Israeli plant utilizing Arabs as the primary distraction. The Druze only need to give the bought judge a credible line of excuse and they're free.
    Three days after the train bombings, the national election resulted in the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE) unexpectedly winning 43.3% of seats in the Congress of Deputies (163 of 350 seats). This suited the Israelis, who want socialist governments everywhere in the world.  p. 256/257
How To Take Over the World. A Right Royal Con by Greg Hallett & Spymaster

Israel is in a continual state of war and has been on a continual war footing since WWII. Israel is the front for the American Military Industrial Complex. When you hear "Israel defended itself, read "America attacked and supplied the weapons". America has not stopped being at war since WWII.
"Israel's nuclear facility has been bought out by Halliburton. Halliburton is controlled by Dick Cheney. Dick Cheney was Halliburton's CEO (1995-2000 and still on the payroll) and is now America's Vice-President (20 Jan. 2001-). This means that the US Government is in control of Israel's nuclear strikes. What makes this more disturbing is the homosexual Jew Henry Kissinger is calling the shots in the US Government. That Americans still listen to a homosexual Jew, known for raping sailors in the 1970s, and who is quite obviously the highest-ranking Mossad agent in America, is beyond reason. This can only come about when the media is war's greatest ally."
    Many reluctantly acknowledge Dick Cheney as the real president of America and George W. Bush as a series of mental breakdowns controlled by cover of his homosexuality, child sex abuse, cocaine use, alcoholism, ritalin addiction (for attention deficit disorder and narcolepsy - falling asleep on the job) and terrorism in the form of self-sabotage.
    America controls Israel's nuclear weapons use. The Weizmann Institute sends public statements to the American press stating America should launch a nuclear strike on Iran by August 2007 and the American press dutifully publishes it.
    Halliburton, using its front as an oil service company, sold nuclear detonator devices to Libya in 1991 and was fined US$3 million for their trade embargo violation. Halliburton then did business with Iran's Cyrus Nasseri, vice chairman of Oriental Oil Kish and a key member of Iran's nuclear development team. This was the Halliburton/Iran cover for selling key components for a nuclear reactor to Iran.
    Halliburton made a 284% increase in profits in its 4th quarter (2005) due to the Iraq contracts. For Halliburton, the preparation for war and reconstruction are hugely profitable, so much so that a US$3 million fine barely makes the books. And just what has Halliburton achieved in Iraq? Zip.  p.210 How To Take Over the World. A Right Royal Con by Greg Hallett & Spymaster

When Israel ran out of heavy water supplied by Norway (1947-61) it was New Zealand that produced it at the British-owned Wairakei Geothermal Power Station in Taupo in the centre of New Zealand's North Island.
    New Zealand was the principal supplier of heavy water to Western nations from 1961 until demand ceased (c. 1972). The international demand was so heavy, portions of the Napier wharf collapsed during delivery and these deliveries were always surrounded by Americans in military vehicles, including female CIA 'jockeys', who were 6'3", and weighed in at 17 stone - only good for Clydesdale races.
    The CIA were based at the Poronui Stud, supposedly training horses, complete with "no deer hunting" and "no-fly over zone", a high barbed wire fence, armed guards, and an airstrip capable of landing planes which flew heavy water direct to Fiji.
....When heavy water was no longer required, New Zealand was once again brought into the nuclear programme. George Herbert Bush, as part of the Shadow World Government and the United States Government, helped to negotiate the expansion of the Cold War by increasing the parameters by which the Cold War was a joint venture between the US and the USSR.  p.211 How To Take Over the World. A Right Royal Con by Greg Hallett & Spymaster