Fake news events  Maurice Strong

How Actors Are Used by Media to Fake News Events 


[vid] Israel and the NWO EXPOSED!  Israel and the NWO EXPOSED!

(Sep. 11, 2011) This video exposes the actors behind bogus news events used by the Illuminati to further their agendas, including the families of World-Class Fraudsters Maurice Greenberg and Maurice Strong.

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The objective of WellAware1 is to present the facts about current events that are used to manipulate the perception of the general public.

Throughout history, we the people have been lied to by our leaders. This is fact. Lives have been lost due to these lies. That is also fact.

When we see events unfold on TV, that are immediately used to further political agenda, unanswered questions about things that don't make sense must be answered before we can move forward as a nation.

The Arizona Rep Giffords' event in January, 2011 is one of these events.

Our investigation has proven, without a doubt, that what happened that day does not match the officials' lone gunman fabrication. This event is much different than, for example, the JFK assassination, where we are left putting the pieces of the past together to get the full picture.

With the Giffords' event, they were caught before they had a chance to end the lie, therefore we have them on the run with a chance of cornering them to make them answer for their actions. This can only be done with your help.

We have uncovered a massive cover up, that for years has been considered speculation, but is now confirmed as fact. Our mainstream media is complacent with covering up the facts, and has been caught creating fake news events using actors, then presenting it to the public as if it were real.

These fake events are using actors to try to instigate the public into acting out in anger towards our officials. This is fact. The common underlying theme, in almost all the fake news stories, is some type of outrageous violation of the public's civil liberties, and is used to persuade the people into becoming violent.

We must not resort to this. The moment we riot, they will clamp down on the people like never before. Peaceful non-compliance is the only way.

To do that, we must educate ourselves with the facts that the mainstream media refuses to address. This is where WellAware1 steps in. We are not backed by any corporation, nor have any political agenda. We subscribe to no group, and will not allow our integrity to become compromised. We are fully funded by gifts from our generous followers.

We present the facts, although sometimes they weigh heavy on our hearts. It is not for us to decide that we shouldn't tell you certain facts. We wish to provide all the known facts, and let you make educated decisions for yourselves and your families.

Unlike other sites, we make ourselves available to try to answer all questions personally, without formed responses. Please be patient, if sometimes it takes a while to get back to you, as we try to answer all e-mail.

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Ed Chiarini
Founder of WellAware1.com
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