Marc Dutroux  Pedophilia

Paedophile Dossier
the Scandal of the Dutroux Affair

a book by Jean Nicolas and Fredric Lavachery


August 1996, the Dutroux affair broke. Suddenly faced with the ultimate horror, the whole of Belgium changes from stupor to revolt. The shock wave will circle the earth, but the earthquake shook the tiny kingdom, the view as its institutions. Four years later, justice trusts that Dutroux was an isolated predator, what the authors after a thorough investigation and documentation of rich challenge. Taking the case to zero, following in the footsteps of the monster of Marcinelle, from his birth to his current life in prison, the authors go further. Working on multiple secret files of unpublished testimonials, including victims of pedophile rings in Belgium, the authors ascended the thread of contemporary history to discover the importance of the drama and discomfort. Hidden money, networks spanning the whole of Europe, shamefully records not followed, they reveal, supporting testimony, the troubling below the scandal that will shake the conscience.

Press Frederic Lavachery, co-author of "Folder pedophilia scandal of the Dutroux affair"

According to the Belgian press, an international arrest warrant has been issued by the examining magistrate Jacques Pignolet Brussels to Luxembourg flight against the journalist Jean-Nicolas, author, with myself, the book "Folder pedophilia, the scandal of the Dutroux affair, "published last September by Flammarion. The flight in question relates to documents that were leaked legal, real pipeline, during the 97 years.

These are the minutes and summary minutes of hearings account established by the police in connection with the investigation Dutroux, Nihoul et al. These documents were released to the media first destination survey of some journalists and some elected, some activists and citizens' committees of several families of victims of Dutroux and others. Three Belgian journalists Douglas De Coninck, Annemie Bulté and Marie-Jeanne Van Heeswyck, published in EPO, under the title "The X Files: that Belgium should not know about the Dutroux affair," a book that peels, dissects and cuts across many information in this folder for which an international arrest warrant has been issued against Jean Nicolas. Several French journalists have also done a lot of work from the same documents.

Jean Nicolas and I wrote our book by relying on these documents also. Could it be that Nicolas has put this issue on sale on its website that the judge decided to award him Pignolet this arrest warrant? Should we see an element of the strategy of the Belgian government that is struggling with the final phase of its mission smoothly engage a partial reform of the regime to stem popular discontent against the conduct of justice. It should be remembered that, by the admission of a judge who was running for the leadership of the State Security, it would, according to the same safety, not three hundred fifty thousand people marched silently through the streets of the Belgian capital Oct. 20, 96 but more than six hundred miles, a population of ten million inhabitants.

Since then, all governments in Europe, especially Belgium and France, have included the management of child crime in the heart of their agenda to avoid autonomous popular expression might prove fatal to the business class. Belgium re-enters a potentially explosive situation: the Dutroux trial is announced for the second half of 2003 and general elections will take place by June 2003. Under these conditions, placing on the internet, pay course yet available, documents emerged from the survey is a famous banana peel slipped under the feet of the Belgian government. As it seems that Nicolas has taken the precaution to host their site in an area inaccessible to European judicial censorship, there would be that direct pressure on him.
Frederic Lavachery, February 26, 2002

"The Scandal of the Dutroux affair"

Both authors trace the history of critical inquiry that affects the criminal aspects of ultra-modern capitalism, in its current phase of the merger and the complicity of state-Mafia. Through this inquiry into the scandal of prostitution and killing sexual prey of young children, adults, in Belgium and Europe, both authors penetrate the interior behind the scenes in this market mafia; of the dealers that sponsors high places. In addition, both authors point exactly the development phase of this current criminogenic become world's ultra-modern capitalism in Europe and worldwide. This book of journalistic investigation reveals violently that the world is a commodity. And we better understand that it is hindered in high places and there was shelling from the editor ...

The Outreau case she would hide the "Dutroux affair" ? "The show is much more to hide than to show"

The strange protection of Marc Dutroux (pedophile mafia and other international affairs) to the Outreau case, the other side of the drama, denial of justice, denial of presumption of innocence. The innocent Outreau did they pay for other villainous business, or in other words: did they pay for the laxity and the protection of an international mafia?


Pedophilia has no nationality. All countries are concerned. France, the recent stories have shown, like the others. But who knows she has been involved in the worst scandals of this kind: the Dutroux affair ?
August 1996, Marc Dutroux was arrested. Suddenly faced with the ultimate horror, Belgium goes from stupor to revolt. The shock wave will circle the earth, but deep quake shakes the small kingdom.
Five years later, the Belgian court believed that Dutroux was an isolated predator, which the authors, after a thorough investigation and full of revelations, challenging. Taking the case to zero, following in the footsteps of the "monster of Marcinelle" from his birth to his current life in prison, they go further.
Working on multiple secret documents, the criminal case of Dutroux dossier like the famous Pinon, on new evidence and new pieces, they go back over the history of contemporary Belgian discover the importance of the drama and discomfort.
Hidden money, networks spanning the whole of Europe, people appointed to rightly or wrongly in many shady stories to the point that serious pressures are succumbing anyone who wants to lift the veil ... This survey reveals the terrifying below the scandal of pedophilia. A scandal that disrupts consciousness. And who knows no boundaries.

"The President of the Tribunal de Grande Instance de Paris, a Referee has ordered us to report on the protests of the King of the Belgians against damage to its reputation in this book. "



1 - Summary

The first chapter describes the childhood and youth of Marc Dutroux. It notes that the Belgian courts, the judge Lacroix, of Charleroi, Dutroux in 1983 to stop sexual crime and releases the "lack of evidence." This scenario will be repeated back regularly over the years, with the participation, in addition to Lacroix, the Court of Appeal of Mons, chaired by Justice Agneessens.
The second chapter presents the incredible bundle of judicial and police were all lead to the arrest of Dutroux before the disaster discovered by the population 96 and in August, all of which led to the fulfillment of this horror. The third chapter is devoted to the work of the parliamentary committee of inquiry into how the executive and the judiciary led the Dutroux case, Nihoul et al. The fourth chapter examines the case of Michel Nihoul . They included, that justice has deliberately ignored Brussels, in a process of procuring, a reliable network of child crime involving friends of Patrick Haemers and Nihoul, one of them with an alibi for Nihoul in the part of the Dutroux affair. Nihoul was a central figure in organizing orgies where criminals and drains people of high society entemélangeaient, under the control of the country's secret services. Recorded by a hidden microphone, Nihoul says, "Neither I nor survive the Dutroux trial." The fifth chapter discusses the Europe of pedophilia in terms of specific leads that Belgian justice has deliberately neglected in the investigation Dutoux et al.

The sixth chapter identifies the pressures on witnesses, investigators, journalists and active citizens, pressures ranging from discrediting manipulation of opinion by the tragic and unexpected, through various forms of intimidation, blackmail or purchase. Socialist MEP Claude Eerdekens, who has mellowed considerably since, declared on television "The judge gave Connerotte, during a closed session before this committee, the names of personalities, including politicians, who have made support to Marc Dutroux and Michel Nihoul, "adding" we are approaching a section of protections so important that I feel that some members of the apparatus of the state are organizing to stop us. "

The seventh chapter addresses the question the pink revealed to the public by the "Pinon dossier", opened in 1980. When he was not yet Secretary of State for Energy, Senator ecologist Olivier Deleuze said in an interview, "based on the four files in our possession, I can say this: yes, there were ballet Roses in the late 70s involving senior figures from the state. But records have disappeared or been stashed. "
The eighth chapter reviews the many clues, solid and consistent means that the royal house of Belgium as a lock of criminal records that have become as much of state affairs. The first sergeant Jean-Luc Decker has resulted in a note the tension within the team conducting the investigation Dutroux: "About the statement (the witness) X3 involving the royal family, be aware that to date this statement is not yet in procedure. I took the opportunity to clarify the advisor Marique no investigator of the antenna did Neufchâteau investigation from persons enjoying inviolability, immunities, privileges or other jurisdiction. "Another explosive issue and buried, that accounts pseudonym Kredietbank of Luxembourg, has connections with other affairs of state. There are some accounts of King pseudonyms and his children, including the account entitled Prothea, spoke in court of Cassation in the trial of corruption among high officials of the state in a market of military supplies, the Agusta-trial Dassault.
The ninth and tenth chapters offer up the thread of the institutional history of the country in light of the history of the crime of state, to explain the genesis of the cul-de-sac court in which Dutroux inconsiderate whole system country's institutions.

The eleventh chapter characterizes the particular form of crimes against children as crimes against humanity: the pédocide, raising the cultural and institutional dimensions of this creeping genocide.

The twelfth chapter discusses the case of the current president of the Socialist Party, former deputy prime minister, Elio Di Rupo. The thirteenth chapter illustrates the situation, in terms of child protection, in Mons, Elio Di Rupo city whose mayor is, the book's central thesis, namely the structural link that connects the country's institutions, the justice to the youth welfare, serious crime, including child crime. Nothing is more dangerous to the public that the perversion of the State, since the best laws become so many traps that close to those they are supposed to protect.
Chapter Fourteen reveals connections between the case of the pedophile network involving some nice covered by the magistrates and council of the Bar and the Judiciary and the Brussels Bar Association of the Bar of Brussels. "If lawyers do not fight to defend our principles, then they have the College Council that they deserve" is the diagnosis of Stephen Van Werveke, which intervened as a lawyer in the Belgian and French sections of this double affair of state. The conclusion analyzes the emergence and sterilization of the extraordinary social movement, known as "White movement", which has opposed the dignity to institutional policy. The scope of this social movement can be summarized by this sentence: "respect for the child is the key to the strength of the fittest."


2 - Where does the book?

The publisher Flammarion has ordered a book on the Dutroux case in Luxembourg journalist Jean Nicolas end of December 1999. It asked Frederic Lavachery activist within the network of committees white, if he would write the book with him. Prohibited expression throughout Belgium, including coordination committees white Lavachery accepted. The project editor was to publish a book on mass-market scandal in the strict sense, that of Jean Nicolas to achieve a successful book, that of Lavachery put into the public the results of three years of work in a social movement that had destabilized a state located in the heart of Europe called democratic, the simple requirement of dignity. The result is a compromise of these three different approaches, partly divergent.


3 - What the book and to whom he served?

The publisher has suffered from the Belgian authorities considerable pressure during the summer of 2001 so that the book does not so. Flammarion has probably given in late July, early August, to finally decide to publish the book in early September. The index of this jumping around is the fact that the corrections on proofs sent by Lavachery in July were not included in the book out of presses in September, probably because in the meantime the decision not to publish was considered. When the opposite decision was taken, the existence of these corrections had to escape from the publisher. Subject to an astounding critical acclaim, Belgian journalist who condemned the book without reading it, it has sold fairly well for three months because of the negative publicity. But never did Flammarion promotion for the book. Better, in 2003, Flammarion wrote an apology to the government to King Albert of Belgium and for publishing a book that the Belgian authorities announced will continue for its contents before the trial courts of Paris. That was for the gallery! Belgian authorities never would have dared confront the public with unpacking files on which the book is built. Our feeling is that part of the Belgian establishment has finally consented to the publication for use against the royal family and its supporters within the political and judicial Belgian. This manipulation of the proposed Flammarion and authors should be accompanied by a demolition rule in the book and its authors so that people can seize the facts and analyzes contained in the book. Flammarion has played in combination: the book out and boycott. Constrained by its contractual obligations, Flammarion suggested the authors to redeem the number of copies they want to ensure themselves a certain scattering before destruction of the stock.


4 - Why do we distribute

Because this book provides insights and a testimony that no one so far has brought to market the institutional dimensions of torture of the child revealed by the Dutroux-Nihoul.


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