MAFF pressure & intimidation to cull
Here is a link to the letter we have just received from MAFF which demands the slaughter of our sheep.  We are currently seeking legal advice and have yet to speak to our vet regarding the practicalities of what their alternative is.
Duncan Taylor

MAFF pressure

Intimidation using false information:
That they will come in and kill healthy stock regardless.  This is meant to be illegal and is said, we assume, to get you to cave in.

1. That if you refuse to cull your healthy animals you will be refused compensation in the event they get FMD and are eventually culled.  Not true according to MAFF office (recorded) as of 12 April

2. That they are going to bring in a COMPULSORY cull next week so why wait, as told to Arnold Snowball on 13 April.

3. MAFF have rung up and threatened to come in, value with their own valuers, and kill whatever, using army and police.  This is meant to be illegal with healthy stock.  Phone calls by MAFF vet was at 10pm on saturday night on two occasions, when you are tired, and unable to call professional help.  Refuse to take calls after 5 or 6pm.  Or weekends.

4. "Someone else turned up with the police and said they had a warrant to kill them - he didn't see any paperwork but they read something out to him, he can't really remember everything - he still said NO.  A policeman did say they couldn't force him - they left."

Internet connection:
Being able to connect to ISP but not receive mail or access Internet.   Intermittent.  On one phone line this was regular but the other line worked perfectly until MAFF found out we had two lines, then BOTH had same problem, but works PERFECTLY on a friends line.  Now a solicitor friend has the same problem--never had this problem before and nor have we in 4 years on internet.  Very strange to be able to connect to ISP but not internet.  Of course you are always told "its your ISP" but complete RUBBISH if you can connect using a line in another house.

Now (22 April) when we dial internet it rings our phone!

My communication anomalies by Dr Richard Lawson, Green Party F&MD Campaign Co-ordinator

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