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[Tylenol (Acetaminophen ) depletes Glutathione, necessary for removal of mercury.]

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50% of the psyche drugs need 2D6 to metabolize, those who are found to be poor metabolizers,  missing 2D6 should not be vaccinated  The interesting thing I found was that the glutathione pathway implicated in vaccine injury/ Autism Spectrum is found on the same cytochrome 450.  Vaccines are so toxic that if someone is a poor metabolizer they will sustain a vaccine injury; then get misdiagosed as ADHD, ADD, etc and then given harmful life debilitating drugs. 

[2011 Aug] Why do we get sick after vaccination or medication? By Cynthia A. Janak

[2009] Naomi Schneid-Kofman et al. Labor Augmentation with Oxytocin Decreases Glutathione Level. Obstetrics and Gynecology International  The implications of this is enormous, yet another glutathione bomb destroyer, routinely done, and correlates with incidence and rise in autism...along with HEP B vaccines...which contain mercury!----Kathy Blanco

Tylenol depletes Glutathione (necessary for removal of mercury)

[July 2007] NZ: 'Don't give kids painkillers before shots'

[1991] Weber GF et al. Glutathione peroxidase deficiency and childhood seizures  4 children with intractable seizures, repeated infections, and intolerance to anticonvulsants had evidence of glutathione peroxidase deficiency. 2 had low intracellular enzyme activity but normal blood selenium and high plasma glutathione peroxidase concentrations. The other 2 had low intracellular glutathione peroxidase activity with low circulating glutathione peroxidase and selenium concentrations. The clinical state of the children improved after discontinuation of anticonvulsant medication and selenium substitution.

Conference Presentations: Bryan Jepson, MD

Conference Presentations: Elizabeth Mumper, M.D. - Glutathione: A Master Detoxifier of Heavy Metals and Mercury

 free glutamic acid which is found in EVERY VACCINE in the US, affects the formation of glutathione - which one of the genes for ASD codes for. Glutathione gets rid of mercury from any source. The mercury doesn't have to be in the vaccine for vaccines to cause heavy metal injury. That is why you all have to get off your thimerosol high horse to get at the truth. The vaccines cause heavy metal injury even when the vaccines DON'T have mercury in them...The vaccines cause heavy metal injury even when the vaccines DON'T have mercury in them.  [2008] IACC meeting by Carol Hoernlein, P.E. 

This is a child who was born healthy, had colic, lots of fever and swelling after his vaccines, and hives after he got his immunizations. He went on to regress into autism. The thing that really kicked him over the edge seemed to be his pre-kindergarten booster vaccinations. He had started doing better developmentally and then he was "never the same again" after he received MMR, DPT, and IPV on the same day. Physicians, please do not give the second MMR at kindergarten to children in the autism spectrum. In this country it is given to every child because five percent of the kids do not develop enough antibodies after one dose. This shows the challenge/re-challenge phenomenon, where if you give autistic patients the second MMR, there's an increase in acute inflammation and epithelial changes in a significant number of patients versus controls. I recommend that you consider preloading prior to vaccines with certain things like vitamin A and other antioxidants. Please do not give live viral vaccines when the children are sick or on antibiotics or have diarrhea. Conference Presentations: Elizabeth Mumper, M.D.

"Can low glutathione create problems with environmental toxicity? Most of the time ER doctors leave biochemistry to the internists, but glutathione is important in the emergency room because of Tylenol overdoses. Tylenol is a very safe molecule unless you take too much. It is metabolized in your body by glutathione. Our body renders the Tylenol metabolite nontoxic and then we excrete it. If you have taken too much Tylenol and it overcomes the store of glutathione in your body, you can no longer metabolize the Tylenol, it becomes toxic, kills your liver, and then you die. The treatment for a Tylenol overdose in the ER is to administer a precursor to glutathione called N Acetyl Cysteine. Tylenol is just one example, but if you are already low in glutathione itís going to take a lot less of any toxin to cause trouble. This makes sense. It explains why our children are particularly vulnerable to environmental toxicity, even with toxins that are relatively safe for other people." [July 2007] NZ: 'Don't give kids painkillers before shots'

The worst of the things they're doing are the soy extracts. Soybeans, naturally, have one of the highest glutamate levels of any of the plant products. When you hydrolyze it, you release the glutamate, such as with the soy protein isolates. The glutamate levels are higher than a lot of what you'll find in other MSG-contaning products, yet the vegetarians are just eating it like it's the healthiest thing in the world. There was a 25-year study done, which looked at people who consumed the most soy products, and they followed them for 25 years and did serial CT scans of their brain. They found out that the people who consumed the most soybean products had the greatest incidence of dementia and brain atrophy. These people are destroying their nervous system, and I talked to a lot of them who complained of severe migraine headaches. I said, "Get off the soy," and they do, and that migraine headache goes away. In addition, you have very high manganese levels, which is toxic to the very same part of the brain that produces Parkinson's. You've got a mixture of toxins with soy products, and the people think they are eating a healthy, nutritious product. It's destroying their nervous system, as well as other organs.....I think people ought to avoid soy products as if they were poison. [pdf] An interview with Dr. Russell Blaylock