Lance Jennings
Experts  Clinical Virologist, Microbiology Department, Canterbury Health Laboratories
Director, WHO National Measles Laboratory

[2010] Flu expert linked to drug firms

[2011 June] Influenza vaccines, KOPS, and the truth by Hilary Butler  So why are we hearing about Lance Jenning's crystal ball predictions, and the ramp up to go have your vaccines?   It's all part of the industry-created, agreed-upon yearly implementation of the Nowak Plan, which is all about continually feeding fear, expanding the sales of  annual money-for-jam flu vaccine market, and driving vaccine uptake as far and high as possible, so that manufacturers make as much money as possible.
    To do that, you need to have in place in every country, what is known as a "Key Opinion Leader" who can brain-wash the gullible.  These are people who have a long association with regular pharmaceutical funding, are held in "high esteem" in their country, and who can be relied upon to give only the manufacturers' messages at all times. 
    In New Zealand, that person is...., Lance Jennings.  He's also the international chair of a very important sounding assortment of similarly highly paid people, but the organisation itself, is merely a front for the flu vaccine manufacturers.  Furthermore, did you see the mention of the school campaign for safe sneezing?   As has been disclosed to Sunday Star Times last year, this man doesn't do this for nothing. As far as Dr Jennings is concerned, all this is quite normal. He is the "figurehead" behind Safe Sneezing, and gets paid for it.  Why does he not go the whole hog and talk about the effectiveness of physical barriers?   
What disappoints me about Dr Jennings though, is that he never talks about any of the really important stuff - about what people can do for themselves, or the information above.  But that's understandable, because as a well-courted "Key Opinion Leader", he isn't going to bite the hand that so diligently supports him.