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Summary of the delaying tactic by the Robert-Koch-Institute in Berlin

Begin 1968
End of WHO field trial in the province of Madras in India             1968

Publication of the results of this field trial:
a)      Indian Journal of Medical Research
b)      WHO Bulletin                                                                    1979

First report about it in Germany:
Director and Professor Dr. med Brehmer Robert-Koch-
Institute of the Federal Ministry of Health, Berlin: "Zur
Bestimmung der Wirksamkeit von BCG-Impfstoffen
anhand von randomisierten Feldstudien" (On the deter-
mination of the effectiveness of BCG-vaccines via ran­
domised field studies), Bundesgesundheitsblatt 26, Nr.5,
May 1983, page
145.                                                                                          1983

Suspension of the recommendation for vaccination with
the BCG-vaccine by the STIKO: Kinderarzt 29, edition
year Nr.9 (1998), page 966                                                      1998

Time elapsed between 1968 and 1998                            30 years


Source: The Decline of Tuberculosis despite "protective" Vaccination by Dr. G Buchwald MD