The Decline of Tuberculosis despite "protective" Vaccination 

a book by Dr. G Buchwald MD

ISBN 3-88721-175-8

Author of the book "Vaccination - A Business based on Fear" he now presents his latest book "The Decline of Tuberculosis in spite of 'protective' vaccination".

It deals with the illness formerly known as "consumption", now better known as tuberculosis or TB. Here we learn about its history, its victims, the errors made by researchers, the failure of tuberculin and the BCG-vaccine and also about the Legislation for the Protection against Infections of 1.1.2001 and the scare tactics aimed at pupils and parents to promote vaccinations.

We experience medical history: We learn about the belief in the healing power of the "King's touch" and the kissing of sacred objects, about the efforts and the mistakes of men like Koch, Pasteur, Ehrlich, Dettweiler, Rontgen, Brehmer. We relive the era of sanatoriums, Rontgen's discovery of X-rays and the implementation of various treatment methods such as restcure, surgical operations and chemotherapy. The famous "Koch's lymph" (later known as tuberculin) which was touted as a miracle cure for tuberculosis brought Koch international fame and the Great Cross of the "Rothe Adler Orden" (Order of the Red Eagle); speculators anticipating great financial returns invested their money in the construction of sanatoriums which sprung up everywhere. But already in 1893 the pendulum swung the other way: Koch's magic remedy caused any tuberculous infections to flare up and many of the patients died following treatment with tuberculin. Many of the hastily erected sanatoriums were closed and the speculators lost their money.

Dr. Buchwald also describes the largest vaccine trial ever carried out: from 1968-1971 the World Health Organisation carried out a large field trial to test the BCG-vaccine. It was a test model to eradicate tuberculosis on this planet (while reaping a few companies multi-billion dollar profits). In one area comprising 309 villages about 364,000 people were vaccinated against TB while another area of roughly the same size was left unvaccinated. The results however caused great consternation among vaccination experts: in the vaccinated area there were more cases of TB than in unvaccinated area. In Germany it took the STIKO (Permanent Vaccination Commission) 27 years to acknowledge the field trial and to remove the BCG-vaccine from the list of "recommended" vaccines.

In Germany deaths from tuberculosis declined from 117,596 deaths in 1901 to 630 in 1999. The findings of the field trial show that the decline cannot have been the result of vaccination. What was the real cause of the decline? The answer to this question is presented by Dr. Buchwald in this book.

[BCG vaccine Germany] Summary of the delaying tactic by the Robert-Koch-Institute in Berlin

"The reason vaccinations are promoted with such intensity is to prevent people from realising that vaccines do not protect and also in the event of an outbreak or an epidemic the vaccinated are as much at risk of becoming infected as the unvaccinated.  The truth can be kept hidden if people's vaccination status remains unknown and if everyone is vaccinated, making a comparison with unvaccinated people impossible.  This is also the real reason for the relentless push to vaccinate as many children as possible."-- Dr Buchwald (The Decline of Tuberculosis despite "Protective" Vaccination by Dr. Gerhard Buchwald M.D. p101)

"Vaccinations are now carried out for purely commercial reasons because they fetch huge profits for the pharmaceutical industry......There is no scientific evidence that vaccinations are of any benefit, but it is clear that they cause a great deal of harm...Today there are 800,000 children and youngsters under the age of 15 years (Germany) with asthma. 800,000!  Neurodermitis, once a rare complaint, has become so common that there are several support networks with many thousands of members.  The 'Frankenpost' of April 2004 reported an estimated 27 million people now suffer from hayfever, neurodermitis and allergic asthma in Germany."---Dr Buchwald (The Decline of Tuberculosis despite "Protective" Vaccination by Dr. Gerhard Buchwald M.D. p130, 132, 134.)

"In the publications of the pharmaceutical industry the blessings of vaccinations in general are being praised with prayer-like repetition....to instil the belief in the benefit and the necessity of vaccinations....Evidence which disproves such claims is conveniently ignored."--Dr Buchwald (The Decline of Tuberculosis despite "Protective" Vaccination by Dr. Gerhard Buchwald M.D. p134.

"When in Germany, vaccinations against whooping cough were suspended between 1975 and 1991, the declining trend in the number of deaths from the disease continued as before."--Dr Buchwald (The Decline of Tuberculosis despite "Protective" Vaccination by Dr. Gerhard Buchwald M.D. p135)

"During 10 outbreaks of smallpox between 1947 and 1974 nearly 100 people became ill with smallpox---even though they had been vaccinated."----Dr Buchwald (The Decline of Tuberculosis despite "Protective" Vaccination by Dr. Gerhard Buchwald M.D. p134)

"Clear and certain medical knowledge, namely that the BCG-vaccine is not only ineffective but also harmful, was kept quiet for 27 years (in Germany) while the vaccine continued to be used and children were being harmed by it....almost 500 (estimated) cases of vaccine damage per year."--The Decline of Tuberculosis despite "Protective" Vaccination by Dr. Gerhard Buchwald M.D. p119/117.

"In view of the epidemiological situation in Germany, the lack of evidence for the effectiveness of the BCG-vaccine and the not uncommen severe, undesired side-effects of the BCG vaccine, the STIKO can no longer support the recommendation for this vaccination."--Robert-Koch-Institute, March 1998 The Decline of Tuberculosis despite "protective" Vaccination by Dr. G Buchwald MD p.115