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Letter: Swine Flu reaction

Vaccine Risk Awareness Network (VRAN) Newsletter Autumn 2010

Posted by Noreen on October 5, 2010 at 7:46 am

Hi Im a registered nurse and had the H1N1 flu shot a year ago in Oct., I have been feeling myself deteriating more and more as each day goes by. As a health care provider I felt a lot of pressure to take the vaccine and I work in Northern Manitoba. 

I was a healthy active person enjoyed outdoor activities ,fishing camping hiking, skidooing, ice fishing, going to the gym, and now I feel limited on what I'm able to do because of body aches , joint pain , pain at injection site, I keep getting flu like symptoms with fever. I never experience any of these symptoms until after I had shot,and now a year later feeling all this pain and aching has me concerned.

It all started shortly after I had the shot and now in my left tendon of heel and ankle I feel pain with a swelling at times ,my right elbow pains and burns with limited extention, lately my right knee became very swollen and painful,with the this at injection site i feel a sharp stabbing pain and at times causes swelling and soreness right to my wrist.

I have tried taking all kind of medication right from naproxen ,celebrex,arthrotec,motrin,ointments,tylenol3,to percocet with 30mg codine for breakthrough pain.I have a high pain tolerance but at a point where I need pain medication just to function normal on a daily basis and still have the pain just a little more withstand able.

I just want help from some one to reverse the H1N1 injection I am so sorry I took this needle and would sooner take my chances with the actual flu then to have my body slowly deteriating.It has been reported to health Canada as a adverse effect.So please if you know where I can go or who I can speak to for help it would be greatly appreciated.

I just dont know where to turn and now Im being sent to a rheumatologist but it should have never gotten to this stage and I feel health Canada needs to do more investigating in a vacine before panicking and pushing it out to such a large number of people.  I feel as a nurse I know this is a concern and for the innocent civilians who may feel much the same symptoms may not relate the their condition to the flu shot, but I know how well and healthy I felt prior to it. So please help if you can.