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Swine Flu Expose

a book by Eleanora I. McBean, Ph.D., N.D.

(Book in one document)

Chapter 1  Swine Flu--Another Medically-made Epidemic
     $5,000,000 law suit filed against flu promoters for causing paralysis
     Swine flu vaccine tests prove unsafe
     No swine flu epidemic
     All vaccines are poison
     Ford the puppet
     Vaccines can trigger heart attack
     80% of all medical doctors are unfit
     Drugs cannot cure
     Vaccine promoters try to dodge the blame
     A few congressmen blast the swine flu hoax
     How to punish the culprits
     Law suits against the vaccine promoters
     American medical Association has been outlawed
     New Anti-trust suit against the chiropractors
     2,000,000 doses of defective swine flu vaccine condemned
     Many fake findings by scientists seen
     Swine flu promoters tried to con the swine raisers
     President Coolidge unswayed by medical pressure
     God give us men
     What our leaders should have checked on before throwing us to the killer (vaccine) sharks
     Question that should have been answered before considering any vaccination drive
     Death count may never be known
     Who pockets the money?
     Compulsory army vaccinations are unconstitutional
     How will our new President Carter handle the swine flu swindle?
     Fluoridated tooth paste dangerous
     A better campaign
Chapter 2  The Spanish Influenza Epidemic of 1918 was caused by vaccinations

Chapter 3  Anti-Typhoid vaccine causes a worse disease which the doctors name paratyphoid
    Typhoid is not contagious
     The soldiers were killed by the treatment
     "Typhoid Mary" was never a carrier

Chapter 4  Medically-made epidemics--court cases
    Court cases of smallpx epidemics declared when there was no smallpox
     Another medically-made epidemic in Pittsburgh in 1924
     Polio vaccine expose blocked by AMA

Chapter 5  Falsified death certificates and medical records
    Honest medical reports rejected
     A doctors answer to a serum death
     Health board accused
     Reluctant admission by doctor
     Doctors ordered to falsify smallpox records
     Can medical statistics be relied on?
     The medically manipulated figures
     Falsifying death certificates--a prison offense
     Punishment for felony
Chapter 6  Let's stop the fluoride water poisoners
   False claims of the fluoridationists
    False claims refuted
    The challenge
    Is natural fluoride safe?
    Findings linking cancer to fluoridation create impact in Great Britain
    The experiment
    The water poisoners of Los Angeles
    Should our politicians prescribe medicine for the public?
    Higher cancer rate in fluoridated cities