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On September 11, 1974, which could be called BLACK WEDNESDAY, ten of our 15 Los Angeles city councilmen voted to poison the city water supply with sodium fluoride (Hydrofluosilicic acid is the form of fluoride which is usually dumped into the water systems. It is highly poisonous) the well known rat and roach killer.

I sat in on the hearings and was shocked to see how the majority of our elected officers allowed themselves to be swayed, conned, brainwashed, hoodwinked and steam-rollered into voting for mass poisoning. They were sold a "bill of goods" by professional con men who were hired by the aluminum companies to go from city to city pressuring the sale of their sodium fluoride, which is a dangerous and almost worthless by-product of aluminum, steel and fertilizer manufacture.

These poison factories were having problems disposing of their deadly by-product (fluoride.) If they dumped it in the streams, it killed the fish; and if they dumped it on the ground, the wind blew it around and killed the livestock and destroyed vegetation, and brought on lawsuits.

So they shopped around and found a tricky man who said, for a price, he could work out a scheme to get rid of the poison at a profit. His name was G.J. Cox, a chemist from the Melon institute of Pittsburgh. His plan was to launch a massive world-wide sales campaign to sell it to cities to dump into their public drinking water, and get them to believe it was good for them. They probably learned from psychologists that the average person has the mentality of a 12-year-old and "can be taken."

The plan was to "tell them anything to sell the stuff. Tell them it will prevent cavities, and save them millions in dental bills, and will do no harm, etc." Cox had no medical background and made no clinical studies as to the effect of fluoride poisons on living tissue — body and brain. But that was of no concern to him or the aluminum companies. They started their propaganda wheels rolling for the largest, most deceptive and dangerous racket ever foisted on this country. They even took it to other countries, but most of them were too alert to be fooled, and turned it down.

In order to put over a fraud of such proportions, they figured they would need government support. This was done in the usual way with big corporations and the government. (A high percent of our government officials are corporation lawyers.) The Aluminum Company of America had a sharp lawyer named Oscar Ewing who was promptly manipulated into a high position in the government, which was no less than that of director of the Federal Security Administration. From there he proceeded to influence Surgeon General Scheele and other big names who would help promote the fluoridation scheme.

With his new influence and power he asked for and got $2,000,000 of the taxpayers’ money just for fluoride propaganda. He also had at his disposal millions of dollars to buy support from dental and medical associations by way of grants to their schools, with strings attached, of course. These associations have become so involved with this shady business that "the good" doctors and dentists who are opposed to fluoridation are restrained from speaking out against it because of these "under-the-table" deals by their associations.

Ewing was later head of the U.S. Public Health Service. With all this power and money and a battery of trained con men he was able to influence state and local governments across the country and sell millions of dollars worth of fluoride, and masspoison multitudes of innocent, unsuspecting people who trust their public officials and depend on their water departments to provide safe drinking water.

The purveyors of poison have boasted openly that they have foisted other poisons on the public, so the promoters could make profit, so why should the public resist this new poison. They have more planned if they can get away with it.

One of the poison programs they have made fortunes from is chlorine for the public water supply. They said it would purify the water. Many water companies and communities rejected it, so I guess it is not necessary, or they have something safer like charcoal or lime to do the job. Another dangerous poison they popularized for profit is penicillin. They concealed the sudden deaths from it and the allergies and side effects. Then there is the tubercular testing of cows. This disease-producing injection has wiped out whole herds and does harm to all cows. They try to control the damage with penicillin, but the cows cannot be normal again and the milk is contaminated. They get away with it because it is profitable. Lawsuits have been fought and won by the cattle men, but the practice goes on, and the news of the suits is suppressed. Another poison program is vaccination and immunization. The injection of poison pus and drugs into the bloodstream cannot prevent or cure disease, but they get away with it because it is big business for the doctors and drug houses. Only recently have the people begun to wake up and protest. Because of the protests the smallpox vaccine is now obsolete; it was proved to be causing more deaths than the disease itself. Only false promises and flagrant lies have kept the polio vaccine and other shots in use. It is to be hoped that the whole vaccine racket will soon be investigated and stopped before too much damage is done.


The fluoride promoters gamble on the proposition that there are enough politicians running the local governments who are dishonest enough to be bribed, or stupid enough to believe their false propaganda, and vote for their poison program. In the training class for the fluoride salesmen (mostly dentists lacking integrity,) they are told to make their sales pitch behind closed doors in the city council chambers without the public, without debate, without contest by anti-flouridationists because the latter’s cold facts cannot be refuted. They are told to promise what the council wants to hear " and it doesn’t necessarily have to be true," they said. They are told to keep it from going to a public vote, because too many people know it is rat poison and would vote against it. "If the people come into the council hail and demand a voice, intimidate them, ridicule and insult them; use all the dirty tricks you know to get the vote of the council and make the sale." One of the days I sat in on the hearings in Los Angeles, there was a dentist there who had some patients suffering with fluoride poisoning, but he was not given a chance to speak. A researcher was there also, with some important findings but she was not allowed to give it, as it was against fluoridation. However, the proponents had all the time they wanted to spread their false propaganda. If it came to an issue, the council would claim that both sides had equal advantage, but it just was not so.

The fluoride salesmen and our ten less astute councilmen made many false claims for fluoridation, but the following are the most questionable and they will be refuted briefly in the next few pages:


(1) that children up to 12 years would have 65% less cavities;
(2) that fluoride is not poison and is perfectly harmless in .8 ppm concentration.
(3) that fluoride is a nutrient and is beneficial to the health;
(4) that because certain medical groups endorse it, it has to be good for all;
(5)that the cost to the people "is too cheap."
(6)that fluoride does not damage water pipes;
(7) that public fluoridation would equalize the dosage, especially to blacks;
(8) that the doctors, dentists, PTA and people want it;
(9) that the people should not be allowed to vote on the issue;
(10) that because some cities have accepted it, all must do likewise;
(11) that fluoride makes beautiful teeth.

The above claims are unproved and without foundation in fact. Our five better councilmen were able to see through the fraud, and we wonder why the other ten could not muster enough integrity and clear thinking to see what millions of others can see — that it is a multi-million dollar con game which robs the people of money and health.

In the early days of this country, if a man was caught poisoning the water hole of a rival rancher he was shot on the spot or hanged at sunrise. Today, the water poisoners are protected by the government and applauded by certain dental and medical groups — even the PTA, whose children are being exploited. All this is done in the name of "profit making," the so-called, American Way. Let’s change it!


No pretense is made here to give all the proof against fluoridation, as that would take volumes, but a few scientific findings will be presented for each false claim.

(1) The Fluoride Proponents Claim That Dental Caries Would be Reduced 65% in Children Under 12 years.


A report in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (June 1969,) stated:

"....Fifteen years of fluoridation discloses that dental caries are rampant and increasingly frequent with age.. . . pregnant and lactating (nursing) woman showing the highest prevalence of decay.. . . Dental fluorosis (fluoride poisoning) was particularly prevalent in school children. Sixty-four percent of the cases observed belonging to the ten to 14 year age group."

Other symptoms in this 15-year-study were dental malocclusions (buck teeth) from fluoride poisoning, permanent brown spots on teeth, goiter, bow legs, (fluoride leeches calcium out of bones and weakens them,) kidney disease, enlarged parotid gland, inflammation of the tongue, 39% anemia among infants, 50% anemia among expectant mothers, and up to 10% of this blood disease among children from one to nine years.

A report published in the Yearbook of Agriculture (1939, p. 212 & 213,) deals with a survey of a number of fluoridated cities in which it was found that:

"……Fluoride interferes with the normal calcification of the teeth during the process of their formation, so that affected teeth, in addition to being usually discolored and ugly in appearance, are structurally weak and deteriorate early in life. For this reason, it is especially important that fluoride be avoided during the period of tooth formation, that is from birth to the age of 14 years. - . ." (emphasis supplied)

So here we have the truth of the matter. Careful, scientific research proves that fluorides are especially damaging to the teeth and health of children up to 14 years of age, and even worse to the mothers and the unborn.

No one, not even the fluoride sellers claimed that fluoride was good for adults. Their main selling point is that it reduces cavities in teeth of children. They were willing to wreck the health of the entire adult population on the flimsy promise that it would be good for children. They had no proof for these claims — just baseless promises.

So here we have sound and substantial evidence that fluoride will not prevent cavities in anyone, but will actually increase them and cause many serious diseases at the same time. And the children will be the hardest hit.

Any poison that is potent enough to damage teeth (which are the hardest tissue of the body) will do even greater harm to the rest of the body all along the way, such as the soft tissues of the eyes, nerves, glands, organs, cells, and hair.


The fluoride promoters and our ten water-poisoning councilmen have been asked if they will back up their claim and promises of safety and benefit (of fluoridation) with a money guarantee. But not one of them believes in fluoridation enough to back it with even a dime. So they can expect numerous lawsuits for damage done if fluoridation is enforced. I read of a woman in New Haven who has already filed a $100,000 damage suit for sodium fluoride poisoning. She is filing against a health commissioner, a doctor, a supervisor and the city water department which is committed by law to furnish safe, pure drinking water for the people. Instead, they poisoned it.

There are thousands of people in Los Angeles County who are now suffering from kidney disease, diabetes, and other ailments especially sensitive to fluoride poisons. They would be immediately hurt or killed by the addition of fluoride to the drinking water. Others would be broken down later on, after years of slow poisoning.

(2) They Said That Fluoride is Not Poison and is Harmless at .8 ppm. Eight tenths parts per million is the amount they prescribed for Los Angeles water.


Accurate and scientific tests in many laboratories and public water works show that .8ppm is a dangerous dose Even much smaller amounts have been found to cause cancer in test animals The University of Texas found that it took only .4 1/2ppm of sodium fluoride to cause cancer in their laboratory expenments It also shortened the lifespan considerably

The University of Arizona has been experimenting with powdered bones to get the fluoride out of their water They said, "We have plenty of evidence that 1 ppm is too much for universal acceptance " Doctors Clark and Mann of the University of New Mexico have made similar adverse discoveries about 1. ppm fluoride.

Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California have higher than average natural calcium fluoride; Texas and New Mexico are doing something about it and trying to get rid of it. But in Los Angeles our bungling, inept ten fluoride-promoting councilmen are busy trying to increase the amount in our already over—poisoned water. The main part of Los Angeles had .6ppm while the east part of town (Negro and Mexican section) have .2 and .3ppm, which is a safer amount; but they are complaining that they are deprived and want more. (I have learned from researchers that these percentages are not correct, but are made up and used by the fluoride promoters to influence the thinking.)


Some people are of the opinion that what is already in the water is safe and non-poisonous because it is calcium fluoride. This is not true. All fluorine compounds are poison. However, sodium fluoride is 65 times more poisonous than calcium fluoride. It is this highly toxic sodium fluoride that our public enemies have voted to put in our water. And they have agreed to take from $5,000,000 to $12,000,000 or whatever the fluoride salesmen ask, to pay for it, that is, take it out of the taxpayers’ pockets, without our consent.

According to researcher G.F. Knight, "Sodium fluoride in a solution 15 times weaker than 1.ppm reduces some enzyme activity by 50%." Bakers and brewers know this because their yeast will not rise in fluoridated water.

FLUORIDATION IS ILLEGAL in Norway and Denmark and has been rejected in Italy, France, Holland, West Germany and Sweden*(Fluoridation has also, been rejected by 23 other countries not named.) Over 2,500 communities in the U.S. have rejected fluoridation. England rejected it after seeing the American Experiment. They said they don’t want "Texas teeth" with dingy brown spots from fluoridation. These dark spots can never be removed.


"Thanks to the damning information on cancer deaths resulting from fluoridation of public drinking water, further fluoridation has been effectively and probably permanently ended in two countries abroad.

Dr. Dean Burk, former chief of the cytology section at the National Cancer Institute, has received word from England that the Water Authority has advised each Area Water Authority that the water supply may not be fluoridated without specific legislation by Parliament....

"The decision to halt further fluoridation there was precipitated, says Dr. Burk, by information contained in a report showing that between 25,000 and 30,000 cancer deaths per year in the United States are attributable to fluoridation of drinking water.

"The same information, televised in a seven-minute program in Holland, February 8, 1976, and viewed by hundreds of thousands of citizens as well as government officials, was responsible for the Parliamentary vote to defer fluoridation there for ten years. In that case, the Minister of Health, as well as the nation’s dentists, had fully expected Parliament to order nation wide fluoridation — inevitable until the nation became aware the cancer-fluoridation correlation."


The first massive water poisoning experiment started in 1945 when Alcoa, the aluminum company, used people of Newburgh, New York, as human guinea pigs and poisoned their water system with sodium fluoride, just to see what would happen, and to sell a ten-year-supply of fluoride plus the expensive equipment. The city of Kingston near-by was left unfluoridated, to serve as a comparison control city.

After this ten-year stretch of public poisoning the Bureau of Health Services of New York reported,".... ... 50% more dental defects in fluoridated Newburgh than in unfluoridated Kingston."

K.K. Paleuv, an electrical engineer, had carefully studied the figures of this experiment and pointed out that "fluoride only postponed tooth decay for about two years then at the end of ten years it was destroying the kids’ teeth wholesale. This is the greatest con game of all time."

This two-year delay in decay gave the fluoride men a chance to jump to conclusions and advertise that fluoride was preventing decay, when it was actually slowly undermining the dental structure and causing widespread damage later on.

The fluoride pushers get so "grabby" to make a million dollar sale that they sometimes trip over their propaganda. For example:

In Mason City, Iowa, the fluoridationists were pushing for the kill, (we saw how they did it in Los Angeles,) with a lineup of warped doctors, dentists, PTA, radio, newspaper and a public officials endorsing it. "Local doctors and dentists (bought or pre-conditioned) testified that the tooth decay rate was something terrible and that all they needed to do was to vote fluoridation and dental decay would be reduced 65% and millions of dollars would be saved in dental bills. All they needed was l.ppm fluoride," they said.

But Mason City had one alert councilman who was not satisfied with merely listening to promises and propaganda; he went out and did some checking and found that the city already had water than contained 1.24ppm. That was more than the magic amount that was promised to do the miracle. All that fluoride was probably the cause of much of the terrible tooth decay, not the cure.

In Los Angeles, we already have .6ppm and that has not helped the problem of decay, so how can we expect a miracle with two more parts? The fluoride proponents promise that .8ppm is the "magic amount." Ridiculous!

(3) They Said That Fluoride is a Nutrient and is Beneficial to Health.


The Food and Drug Administration says, "Fluoride is a drug and not a mineral nutrient."

The National Institute of Dental Research, Bethesda, Maryland, quotes Dr. F.J. McClure as saying, "fluorine has not been proved to be an essential for the proper functioning of either osseous (bones) or dental tissue, or for any other body tissue or body function."

At the 1954 Congressional hearing, the word from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was: "Fluoride is not necessary for healthy tooth formation. Many healthy teeth do not contain fluoride."

From the Forsythe Dental Infirmary for children at Boston, is the report: "There is no disagreement about the fact that fluoride is a protoplasmic and enzymatic poison."

The U.S. Dispensatory (24th Edition) states: "Fluorides are violent poisons to all living tissue because of their precipitation of calcium (leech calcium from bones) and make them porous and brittle…..The fluorides cause respiratory failure and general paralysis…."

Research in Italy and India indicates that fluoride hardens arteries.

(4) They Said That Because Certain Medical and Dental Groups Endorse it, we should accept it.


The proponents of fluoridation use a smattering of impressive big names to pressure the city councils into thinking that it is the only right thing to do. They gave the AMA end endorsement, but when we trace it down we find that the American Medical Association never did give their endorsement. A letter from the AMA Law Department (Sept 7, 1961) states: ". . . . The A.M.A. does not engage in the approval, endorsement, guarantee, or acceptance of fluoridated water or of unfluoridated water." The letter was signed by their director, Bernard D. Hirsh.

A previous statement from the AMA had said that they were of the opinion that fluoride was safe." An opinion is not an endorsement. But the fluoride pushers used it in such a way as to sell many people on the idea that it was safe. The AMA admits it has never made any scientific tests that prove fluoride is safe.

Another big name the fluoridationists use is that of the U.S. Public Health Service. We have a letter from them dated May 10, 1966 which states: "The U.S. Public Health Service does not say that sodium fluoride is an essential mineral nutrient."

There have been no factual, scientific studies which have ever proved that fluorides are safe or effective in drinking water.

Dr. Miller studied 3,000 of these reports and states,

"All clinical tests that have been completed show the fluoride to be unsafe and dangerous."

    1. They Said That the Cost to the People is "Too Cheap."


The fluoride sellers are in the business for profit and that’s all. While they were wooing the council for their vote they pretended it would not cost much — only a few thousand, while they promised the cities they would save millions of dollars in dental bills. After they got the "yes" vote from enough of the confused councilmen, then it came out that it would cost between $5,000,000 and $12,000,000 to fluoridate Los Angeles. The fluoride producers will sell the worthless poison at a high price and the machinery at a higher price. Los Angeles will have to buy new land and build new buildings for the 13 treatment locations, and the taxpayers who have not been consulted and who do not want it, will be forced to pay for it, and be poisoned besides.

In the private meeting behind closed doors, where they give their con men their instructions (I have a written transcript of the meeting) they said the cost would be $1.00 to $1.50 per head. We have about 8,000,000 people in Los Angeles County, so that would be either $8,000,000 or $12,000,000 for the taxpayers to give them for this mass poisoning caper. Even Al Capone didn’t try to get away with such a gigantic crime.

Our ten councilmen who voted for this shocking people-poisoning scheme were asked by a reporter why they voted for it, and they said they thought it would help the children’s teeth. If they really thought this poison would help the teeth they could have bought fluoride at 8 cents a year for each person who wanted it. We wonder what kind of weak-minded thinking was behind this $8,000,000 outlay of taxpayers’ money when they could get all the fluoride they wanted for about $50.00 for the few who wanted it. It’s doubtful that anyone would want fluoride when they learned the truth about it.

Council members of such questionable ability do not belong in the government of such a large and important city as Los Angeles. They should resign before they are ousted.


Here are the names of those ten council members who voted to poison the people with sodium fluoride:

Edmund Edleman Dave Cunningham Emani Bernardi

John Ferraro Joel Wachs Pat Russell

John Gibson Marvin Braude Robert Wilkinson

Robert Farrell

They should be investigated —or bow out before it is necessary to probe.

Mayor Tom Bradley voted for fluoridation in 1966 when he was a councilman. This time (September, 1974) he was mayor and couldn’t vote but he could have vetoed the measure if he had the interest of the people at heart. He did not veto it. He arranged to be out of town on a vacation when the fluoridation vote was taken, so he would have an excuse not to veto it. He left Gibson in charge knowing that Gibson would vote for fluoridation and would not veto the measure. So Bradley is just as guilty as the other guilty ten who cast their vote to poison the water supply.

We had five good men on the council who stood their ground against the onslaught of the con men who used every underhanded trick in the book to sell fluoride. These five men could see through the fraud, as could millions of others who made any effort to be informed. There is plenty of factual evidence which condemns fluoride poisoning of the public water. These five reliable councilmen deserve a vote of thanks.

They are: Arthur K. Snyder
Gilbert W. Lindsey
Robert J. Stevenson
Donald D. Lorenzen
Louis R. Nowell

These men knew it would be wasteful and senseless to pay $12,000,000 to dope all the water when only .1% would be used by children, even if it was good, which it isn’t. The rest of the $12,000,000 doctored water would be wasted for washing cars, laundry, squirting on forest fires, flushing toilets, taking showers watering the garden (fluoride is bad for plants) etc. We wonder why those ten men voted for such an obviously crooked deal. Were they bribed or just lacking normal intelligence? Either of these things would disqualify them for the important work of the city council.

(6) They Said Fluoride Does Not Damage Water Pipes.


Fluorine is known as one of the most dangerous and corrosive substances. Chemists have difficulty in getting any metal to contain it without destruction. Sodium fluoride is a fluorine compound and also is corrosive and poisonous. It ranks along with cyanide and arsenic in toxicity. Many fluoridated cities have had frequent breakdowns in their water systems. Three large water pumps were almost destroyed by fluoride corrosion in North Hampton, Massachusetts. In Newburgh, people reported that their water heaters squirted water like "rotten rubber hoses." Concord, New Hampshire had to pay over $200,000 to replace their fluoride-damaged city water system. Other cities, including San Francisco, reported similar difficulties.

If fluoride will do that to the hardest steel fixtures and pipes, what will it do to the delicate internal organs and soft tissues? No wonder there are so many diseases traced to fluoride poisoning. Fluoride is not eliminated like waste food, it accumulates in the body and causes deterioration.

Dr. Charles Dillon, researcher on fluoride wrote in THE CHEMISTRY OF FLUORIDES, "In severe and crippling fluorosis no toxic effects at all may be observed. . . . before the crippling effects become obvious."

Dr. C.A. Brusch, director of Brusch Medical Center, Cambridge, Massachusetts states: "Fluorides are protoplasmic poisons and have never been medically approved."

Dr. C.I. Betts of Toledo, Ohio investigated fluoridation for ten years and found that Bright’s disease (fatal kidney disease) increased 50% in fluoridated areas. There was also a 50% increase in brain damage and much mongoloidism. Diabetes more than doubled where fluoridated water was used regularly.

(7) They Said That Fluoridation Would Equalize the Dosage.


Even the fluoride sellers admit it is an impossibility to so mix the fluoride at the water works in such a way as to get a uniform, (exact amount planned on,) coming out of the kitchen faucet.

It has been established by experts that we do not need any poison in the drinking water. But we already have .6 ppm. The poisoners say we should have .8 ppm. So, they are going to try to get .2 ppm mixed into a reservoir holding millions of gallons. They are not going to test it at every faucet every day to see that it does not exceed the deadly amount. Fluoride is an unpredictable chemical which accumulates and lodges in many places in pipes and fixtures. Researchers have found as high as 500. ppm in some pipes where there was supposed to be only 1. ppm No one can control it, or keep track of what is happening. Fluoride is a colorless, odorless, tasteless poison, so people would not be able to detect a deadly dose in the water. The government should throw these reckless poisøners in prison for life.

In order to get only .8 ppm per day, people would be restricted to only 4 glasses of water a day. If they drank diluted juices, soft drinks, coffee, tea (tea is extra high in fluoride) etc. they would get extra poison. If they cooked soups, vegetables, meats etc. in water, the water would boil down and double the fluoride, because fluoride does not evaporate with the water. People would be getting a dangerous dose every day. Those who drink more than 4 glasses of water a day, especially in hot weather, would be getting dangerous doses of poison.

In the council meeting when people complained about having to drink the poisoned water, the fluoride promoters merely said, "then buy bottled water." We wonder if the aluminum companies which sell the fluorides also own the bottled water companies. We should not have to be forced to buy bottled water when we are already paying high taxes for our public water system.

(8) They Said That the People and the Doctors, Dentists and PTA Want it.


The people don’t want it. A straw vote was taken which showed that the people are overwhelmingly against it. The Herald —Examiner poll showed 40 to 1 against fluoridation.

Many dentists and doctors want fluoridation because it increases their business. Some reports show as high as 50% increase in cavities in fluoridated areas. The doctors find an increase in kidney trouble, diabetes, fractures, goiter, paralysis, mental diseases and several other diseases in fluoridated areas.

Why the PTA approves fluoridation I don’t know. They have everything to lose and nothing to gain. Poisoned water is 100% harmful, and the damage done costs them money. They should know better. The children suffer the most, and the PTA is partly to blame.

(9) The Fluoride Promoters Told the City Council Not to Let it go to a Public Vote.

This was because they knew the people have too much sense to want to be taxed millions of dollars just to be poisoned and then pay for the doctor bill besides. The fluoridationists figure that they can control the city councils because they are only politicians and sometimes not very bright. But there are too many intelligent people among the voters, and they cannot control their minds. The fluoridationists lose when it comes to a vote.

(10) They Said That Because Other Cities Accepted Fluoride, We Should. They also said that Los Angeles was the only large city left that wasn’t fluoridated, and that we were backward because of it.


More than 2,500 communities across the country have rejected fluoridation and many more are discontinuing it after wasting thousands of dollars trying to make it work, only to find it caused more tooth decay and illness and expense than they could handle. Over 100 cities have rejected it after the bitter experience of paying for it and trying to live with it.

Just because some cities succumb to the high pressured sales pitch of the poison-squad does not prove that fluoride is good.

(11) They Said That Fluoride Makes Beautiful Teeth.


Fluoride makes ugly, mottled, decayed teeth. Even the fluoride toothpaste causes ulcers of the mouth, gums and lips in many people. Fluoride is poison no matter how it is used. Rat and roach poison and flux is all it is good for.

In a class where fluoride salesmen (mostly dentists) were being trained, the question was asked what to do when the matter of fluoride damaged teeth came up when they were giving their sales speech in the council chambers. The instructor said to "use all the tricks necessary to make the sale, ignore the question, insult the questioner, ridicule him, change the subject or just hold up a picture of beautiful teeth (not fluoridated ol course) and say that fluoride is harmless and makes the mosi beautiful teeth you can imagine; some will believe it."


Medical doctrine states that "It is unlawful for a doctor or anyone else to prescribe or treat another person who is in full possession of his mental faculties, who objects to and refuses such treatment."

Sodium fluoride is a prescription drug.

The ten city council members who voted to add fluoride to the city water supply have illegally prescribed, and intend to force dangerous medication (a proved poison) on all 3,000,000 citizens in this city. (8,000,000 in Los Angeles County.) This long-term drug program has been initiated without diagnosis and without consideration for the individual differences and weaknesses, allergies or inability to handle this dangerous, even deadly poison, they have prescribed. They have not asked permission of the people to prescribe and treat them, and they do not have a medical license to prescribe and treat. I know of many qualified drugless doctors who were sent to prison for helping people recover, with health diets and with no drugs or harmful substances. They did not have a medical license to treat, so they were sent to jail. These ten councilmen are dealing with a dangerous drug. When will they be sentenced, fined and imprisoned?

They have violated our constitutional rights which guarantees protection of person and property; and they have violated the medical statues of prescribing, treating and practicing medicine without a license. They are lawbreakers subject to the penalty fitting a crime of such enormity.

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Extensive research has been done showing the link between the increased cancer death rate in cities where the water has been fluoridated over a period of years. This data may be obtained in more detail from THE NATIONAL HEALTH FEDERATION — P.O. Box 688 — Monrovia, Calif. 91016.

The same information was published in a WHEN MAGAZINE dealing with world health and ecology, Vol. 6:7— page 8— (35c), P.O. Box #1, Palm Springs, Calif. 92262.

The article is titled DEFINITE LINK BETWEEN FLUORIDE AND CANCER DEATHS, by Dr. Yiamouyiannis. It contains five charts of official data similar to the chart reproduced on the preceding page. After studying these charts and the other information in the article, we can readily see that there should be no doubt whatsoever, that fluoride is a drastic poison and those who poison the public water supplies with it are killers and must be dealt with the same as any other willful murderers.