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"Man, proud man, wrapped up in little brief authority, plays such fantastic tricks before High Heaven, as make the Angels weep."Shakespeare

Honest medical reports rejected
    A doctors answer to a serum death
    Health board accused
    Reluctant admission by doctor
    Doctors ordered to falsify smallpox records
    Can medical statistics be relied on?
    The medically manipulated figures
    Falsifying death certificates--a prison offense
    Punishment for felony

Vaccination, which is entirely lacking in value to the human race, has been sustained by falsity. Records of the enormous number of deaths from vaccination have either been completely concealed or twisted to appear favorable to the people. The medical records, unfortunately, have been in the hands of the doctors who profit from the sale of vaccines and drugs and who, (by their own admission,) are more interested in their own financial gains than in the well-being of the public.

Lawsuits and government investigations have been made from time to time, which brought some of the medical confessions into public view, just enough to show us that there is a great deal yet to be uncovered in this sordid game of murder for money.

Dr. Henry May, a medical officer of health, wrote in the Birmingham Medical Review (Vol. 3. pp. 34 & 35,) the following statement which was obviously intended for doctors only:

"In death certificates given by us voluntarily, and to which the public have access, it is scarcely to be expected that a medical man will give opinions which may tell against or reflect upon himself in anyway.. . . In such cases he will most likely tell the truth, but not the whole truth, and assign some prominent symptom of disease as the cause of death. As instances of cases which may tell against the medical man himself, I will mention erysipelas from vaccination, and puerperal fever. A death from the first cause (vaccination) occured not long ago in my practice, and although I had not vaccinated the child, yet, in my desire to preserve vaccination from reproach, I omitted all mention of it from my certificate of death."

As Dr. May was one of the medical heads, he set the pattern for other doctors to follow. If their bungling practices and poisons were deadly enough to kill the patients, it was made clear to them that they must not tell the truth on the death certificates. A number of convenient names of other diseases were suggested by Dr. May to cover their guilt.

Dr. Maclean stated that "very few deaths from cowpox (vaccination) appear in the Bills of Mortality, (death records,) owing to the means which have been used to suppress a knowledge of them. . . . not because they did not happen, but because some practitioners were interested in not seeing them, and others who did see them were afraid of announcing what they knew."

In the report of the Royal Commission (England) Vol. IV, pages 194 to 478, we find a number of cases of vaccinal deaths that were not reported as such. For example: Mr. Payne gave evidence that he had a child who died of vaccination. The doctor told him that he had not the slightest doubt that the illness was the result of vaccination, but that he dared not put it on the certificate of death.

In the same section we read: "Local Government Board inquiry into six deaths at Misterton, Linconshire, found all to have resulted from vaccination; and in all the cases, vaccination was not mentioned on the certificate of death. Local Government Board inquiry into four deaths from vaccination at Norwich, found that in three of these cases vaccination was not mentioned."

Although these few findings are from England, England is by no means the only country to conceal and falsify death certificates. The same type of lawlessness exists in all countries that use vaccination as a source of revenue for the doctors, the government or the serum factories, or all three. The United States is one of the worst offenders in this respect. For instance:

Dr. R.A. Gunn, surgeon and medical editor, had the courage to uncover and expose some of the underhanded practices of the Board of Health in New York. Among other things he stated:

"I personally investigated over 70 cases of smallpox in this city, that had been reported by the Board of Health as unvaccinated, and found 64 of the number had been vaccinated, and many of them re-vaccinated."

"I challenge the health officials of New York and Brooklyn, to publish a full list of smallpox cases with addresses. and I will undertake to prove that 80% of them have been vaccinated."

The city officials and the Board of Health refused to supply the names. Many requests for an investigation have been made, but these tax-supported servants of the people dodge the issue from year to year, not only in New York, but in all American cities, thus suppressing critical information on life and death issues that the people have a right to know.


"Charles W. Smith, of Woodbine St., Brooklyn, N.Y. died from the results of vaccination. Dr. Costello, who attended him, gave the cause as vaccination followed by acute rheumatism, and secondary cause hemorrhages."

The City Health Commissioner (strong arm of the medical trust) said he would not let that certificate pass. Dr. Costello, who knew the patient died of vaccination, refused to change the certificate to suit the commissioner. The commissioner then dismissed Dr. Costello and called in another physician, Dr. E.H. Wilson, who knew nothing about the case, and had him assign the cause of death as nephritis (degeneration of the kidneys.) The story of the case in the New York Times was headed: "Death of Charles W. Smith not due to Vaccination."

James Connor, age seven, of Evanston, Illinois, died three minutes after being given anti-scarlet fever serum. The doctor who killed the boy told the coroner’s jury that the serum couldn’t possibly have killed him. Therefore the jury officially decided the boy had died of shock What shocked him — deadly poison injection?



Dr. John Tilden in his Health Review (p. 570) wrote:

"John Begasiren, a child of four years, helpless and taken by his father to the Bellview hospital for treatment for infantile paralysis, is dead. Unofficially his death is recorded as due to a ‘serum accident.’

"The staff physician at the institution passed off the tragedy casually saying, ‘It wasn’t the serum that killed the boy; it was the child’s susceptibility that made him unable to stand the shock of the poison virus that was injected into his veins.’

"Digest this gem of logic, if you can. Tap yourself over the head with a hammer; and if it hurts, blame your head for not being more resistant to shock. The blow with the hammer could not possibly be to blame — now could it? Just ask your doctor."

In the May 1931 issue of Health Review (p. 257) Dr. Tilden again comments on vaccination by saying: "The vaccine and serum business insinuates a little poison in the body. If the victim is not too vulnerable from other poisoning and infection, the effects may pass and not show up for several years. But should the victim be unduly susceptible, the vaccine may precipitate a case of tuberculosis, rheumatism, heart trouble or some other type of symptom-complex which may end life prematurely."

Willit Nagengast developed lockjaw soon after vaccination with the so-called, pure glycerinated calf lymph, but the Cleveland Leader reported the case as "Not due to Vaccination."

Julia Burggruff of New York (address witheld by request) died as a result of vaccination, but the New York World reported the cause as lockjaw. Lockjaw is a common after-effect of vaccination.


Thomas Morgan, in his MEDICAL DELUSIONS, page 54, comments on this situation by saying:

"These conditions exist more or less all over the country, and the so-called boards of health are in reality boards for propogating disease, mutilating human bodies, and destroying human life. They stand accused by medical men in the very highest ranks of the profession. Thousands of instances might be given of willful and deliberate lying in compiling statistics to favor vaccination and thereby save it from its deserved reproach."


Dr. Lund admits: "As I myself contracted smallpox after being vaccinated three times, I took the trouble to go into all statistics, which I found very few medical men have

Against vaccination there is, of course, to be weighed the fact that it occasionally causes death."

This death element in regard to vaccination is glossed over, slighted or lied about all through medical literature. In

VACCINATION AND THE MEDICAL PROFESSION (p.35,) W.L. Furnival asked Dr. Lund these pointed questions:

Why do medical men use such extraordinary endeavors to keep the word vaccination off their death certificates? And why has the column of ‘Other Effects of Vaccination’ been deleted from the Registrar General’s Returns? Is there any other word in the English language they are so feverishly concerned about on such occasions?" The questions remained unanswered.

There were 923 medically-reported deaths due to vaccination in a period of only 19 years, and yet Dr. Lund said "vaccination occasionally causes death."

Alfred Milns, statistician, stated that if the officially admitted deaths were multiplied by 12, it would come much nearer representing the actual number of deaths resulting from vaccination. If we multiplied the above 923 official vaccinal deaths by 12 we would see that there were 11,176 deaths from vaccination which is considerably more than the smallpox deaths.

"Dr. Charles Fox, of Cardiff, published 56 personally investigated cases of vaccinal casualties with 17 deaths, and in only two of these, where he himself gave the certificate, was vaccination mentioned." From the Royal Commission Report we read:

"Dr. Buchanan reported six deaths from smallpox, stating them to be unvaccinated. An inquiry was organized, under the orders of the Local Government Board and. - . - it was found that all had been vaccinated but one. One of the death cases had been vaccinated by Dr. Buchanan himself. Dr. Buchanan acknowledged his error and said that the cases were of confluent smallpox (so bad that the vessicles were run together) and he couldn’t see the vaccination marks." (Report of the Royal Commission, England, Vol. II, p.219.)

Professor Alfred Russel Wallace, after doing some extensive research on vaccination, gave a list of 785 deaths traceable to vaccination, yet which were officially reported as deaths from erysipelas. He states:

"I am acquainted with a physician in a northern town, one who holds a government position. I have a letter from him in which he says, ‘while in practice in London I frequently filled out death certificates of children naming the disease as marasmus (wasting away,) debility, etc., when I felt perfectly certain that such cases of wasting and debility had been induced by vaccination.’


The following notarized, eyewitnessed accounts of deliberate falsification and misuse of the law give us an idea of the corruption that exists in this country which allows an unscrupulous medical dictatorship to wield power over the people. The following statements are from the private files of V.E. Rowton, Investigator:


Denver, Colorado

January 4, 1923

To whom it may concern:

This is to certify that the undersigned was at one time a patient at the Sand Creek Hospital for smallpox under the regime of Dr. Sharpley.

That while there I was present at the questioning of a group of smallpox patients who had just arrived and that I saw the answers made by said patients, written down, by the Superintendent in charge, upon the blanks provided for this purpose.

That two of the five patients answered "yes" to the question whether they had been successfully vaccinated within the preceding three years.

That I saw the Superintendent write down the word "no" instead of "yes" that the patient answered to this question.

That afterwards, immediately I called the attention of the Superintendent to this mistake.

That the Superintendent told me that he had done this deliberately and that he had orders to write "no" in this space regardless of what answer the patient made to the question and that such orders came from the office of the City Physician.

Signed Ernest B. Safford


Denver, Colorado

March 14, 1923

I the undersigned, Alice G. Vincent, being duly sworn on oath to make this statement:

In December, 1921, I went to the office of Dr. Sharpley and asked to see the records of the smallpox deaths (which should be open to the public) and he refused to allow me to see them. I went to the Mayor’s office, and the Mayor’s secretary asked if Dr. Sharpley had refused me and I said he had. Then she said I could not see them, that Dr. Sharpley was supreme. I went to the City Attorney’s office and asked him by what authority Dr. Sharpley refused to show me the records. I was told that they did not know, but if he had refused I would have to bring suit in order to see them, and if I did it would be the business of the City Attorney to defend Dr. Sharpley.

Signed AliceG. Vincent

Subscribed and sworn to before me

this 14th day of March, A.D. 1923

Signed Jean Raber

Notary Public

Not only are doctors given verbal instructions to disregard the truth, but the written instructions in medical journals and texts also make it clear that lies are preferred and expected in order to protect the fianancial "racket" of vaccination. For instance, an article titled "Smallpox — Its Differential Diagnosis," by Archibald L. Hoyne, M.D., which was read before the Chicago Medical Society and published in the Illinois Medical Journal, June 1923, states:

"In examining a case of suspected smallpox, close observation is of the utmost importance. If the patient shows evidence of a typical vaccination scar of comparatively recent date, váriola (smallpox) may be almost absolutely ruled out."

From the Journal of the Michigan State Medical Society (March, 1927) we read: "The following points are important aids m the diagnosis of smallpox

"The absence of any history of having had smallpox or a successful vaccination within the past five years."

Even in "Modern Medicine" by the famous Dr. William Osler (Vol. 1, p.853) instructions are given the physicians to report cases of smallpox as chickenpox if there is a vaccination mark. The first differential point in the diagnosis of chickenpox and smallpox is pointed out as "the vaccinal condition of the patient."

It does not matter how serious and certain the smallpox may be, the vaccinated cases are diagnosed as chickenpox, syphilis or something else, and when the records are compiled, the Health (?) Departments announce to the people that there is no smallpox among the persons successfully vaccinated.


W.R. Hadwin, M.D., one of the most prominent vaccination authorities in England, was asked the following question in a public lecture:

"Can you give the death-rate of smallpox under ten years of age, in the recent London outbreak of smallpox, differentiating between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated?"

To this he answered: "Unfortunately, the authorities won’t give us the particulars. We have sent for them three times. We have quoted the act of 1898, which states that every Sanitary Authority shall supply the names and addresses of those who are attacked by smallpox, on payment of a certain fee. We have offered them the fee but they have refused to supply the names. - . . They won’t allow us to test their figures; they apparently are afraid we might trace them down and learn the truth. Moreover, the Medical Officer said in writing to our secretary that his figures were not the same as those of the registrar, they don’t tally. And the consequence is that we are not even to take what the registrar says for granted. He says: ‘I don’t fill in my statistics until the cases are complete.’

"When we consider the cases, as at Middlesborough (where, after a canvas of smallpox deaths, we found that out of something like 200 so-called ‘unvaccinated’ cases, 98 of them had been vaccinated and revaccinated, and some had been re-vaccinated three or four times, and they died of smallpox, it will give us an idea how much official statistics are to be relied upon. In the same town, the Medical Officer tabulated his cases of children under ten years in much the same style as the authorities of the Metropolitan Asylums Board are doing now, as follows:


Vaccinated cases 45 Deaths 0

Unvaccinated cases 62 Deaths 29

Unvaccinated fatality 47%

"When the names and addresses of these patients were obtained from the Town Council and a careful, independent investigation was made, this is how the facts turned out:

Vaccinated cases 61 Deaths 16

Unvaccinated cases 46 Deaths 13

Fatality 28%

"In the epidemic of 1870-72 the Metropolitan Asylum Board records 195 cases of smallpox in vaccinated children under five years of age, with 38 deaths; a fatality of 19.5% and 786 cases from five to ten years with 60 deaths, a fatality of 6.6%. This shows that the nearer they were to the date of the vaccination, the worse they suffered. In the same pandemic in Berlin, 2,240 successfully vaccinated children under ten developed small-pox, of whom 736 died; that is a fatality of nearly 33%." (from THE VACCINATION DELUSION by Dr. W.R. Hadwin, p. 30.)

Professor Alfred Russel Wallace commented on this situatioh in his WONDERFUL CENTURY (p. 232) as follows:

"The facts and figures of the medical profession and of government officials, in regard to the question of vaccination, must never be accepted without verification. And when we consider that these misstatements and concealments and denials of injury, have been going on throughout the whole of the century, that penal legilation has been founded on them, that homes have been broken up, that thousands have been barred by police and have been imprisoned and treated as felons, and that at the rate now officially admitted, a thousand children have been certainly killed by vaccination during the past 20 years, and an unknown but probably much larger number injured for life, we are driven to the conclusion that those responsible for these reckless misstatements and their terrible results have, thoughtlessly and ignorantly, but nonetheless certainly, been guilty of a crime — a terrible crime —against liberty, against health, and against humanity, which before many years have passed, must be universally held to be of the foulest blots on the civiliation of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries."


Since falsifying death certificates is associated with murder and deliberate concealment of guilt, there was at one time a uniform law making it a prison offense, but the pressure of the medical trust on the various state legislatures has reduced or eliminated the penalty from many of the statute books, leaving the physicians free to kill and cover their guilt without any questions being asked. Most states have a law against destroying evidence such as the following one from the PENAL CODE OF CALIFORNIA (1949, p. 33-135.)



"Every person who knowing that any paper, record, book, instrument in writing, or other matter or thing, is about to be produced in evidence upon any trial inquiry, or investigation whatever, authorized by law, willfully destroys or conceals the same, with the intent thereby to prevent it from being produced, is guilty of a misdemeanor."


A felony is a crime which is punishable by death or by imprisonment in the state prison. Every other crime is a misdemeanor and is punishable by law, according to the decision of court.

Is there any other reason for falsifying death certificates except for covering up guilt? Falsification to protect a lucrative killer racket such as vaccination, is part of the guilty offense and the doctors involved should be held accountable. Whether a person is killed by a shot in the arm by a doctor, or a shot in the back by a gangster, the result is the same; the victim is just as dead, and the "punishment should fit the crime."

Pickering, in his "SANITATION AND VACCINATION" (p. 165) sums up the situation tersely when he says:

"When I know that the deaths from atrophy and debility, diarrhea, and convulsions, a total of 54,344 deaths annually, are wrongly certified; that they are symptomatic, not causative, I am justified in saying that the whole system of registration and certification requires to be remodelled and reformed. Medicine will never reform itself. Certification should be in the hands of an independent authority."

This statement is not only true but critically urgent, providing that independent authority is accurate, honest and dependable.

Mr. Baxter, an editor of an independent newspaper is to be commended for these fearless words:

"I am reminded of the statement, ‘no evil is ever corrected by those who profit from it.’ As long as the powerful monopolistic Rockefeller-dominated drug trust, through its political influence and mutual understanding with the union that controls medical practice, makes billions of dollars each year from drugs, including sales to the armed forces, we can expect to see laws continually on the books forcing people to be vaccinated. We can expect to see the drug trust’s watchdogs in our public schools seeing to it that not one child escapes indoctrination with the vaccination hoax.

"Perhaps some good union man or apologist for compulsory vaccination will give me a statement that vaccines positively will prevent the diseases which they are supposed to prevent. If any doctor will give me such a statement I’ll be glad to publish it. Thus far I have not found one doctor in the entire United States who will make such a statement or will stake his reputation that vaccines and serums will prevent disease.

"Undoubtedly, there are many instances which justify the use of certain drugs and surgery, and the need for the training and skill of the physician should not be underestimated. When the body is torn and maimed by unnatural forces, as on the battlefield or in serious accidents, the use of unnatural methods (anesthetics, surgery, etc.) in the emergency is not only justified but entirely sensible."

The purpose of this chapter is not to condemn doctors as a whole; it is only their harmful practices that we object to and their continuance and justification of their crimes by false certification to conceal the truth.