'Correlation doesn’t equal causation'
Medical Mind Control

[Favourite mantra of the vaccinators to hide vaccine Death and Disease.  Evil twin of Just a Coincidence]

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[2013] Revelations by Shawn Siegel  As an exclusive search in the database, there are over 5,000 reports of death following vaccination. The – correlation doesn’t equal causation – argument is often made, to convince parents that reports of serious vaccine injury can in essence be discounted. The argument is not only specious, but highly unethical when stated by public health officials and doctors, whose bully pulpit of societal standing gives them great influence – and even greater responsibility. The VAERS records reflect a correlation, which both by common sense and definition – a relationship not expected to exist on the basis of chance alone – demands sober consideration. The causal relationship is implied in the correlation, and cannot be discounted without proof of other cause, but never is any such proof offered. Yet, our public servants ask us to discount the substantial evidence that to vaccinate our kids is to subject them to the real possibility of diabetes, learning disorder, epilepsy – and death. We demand they be straightforward in their reportage, admit the historical record, admit the nature of the VAERS correlation and its implications, and remove themselves as virtual obstacles to our informed vaccine decisions.

Pharma example from Pharma zealots I fucking love science:

'Another great example demonstrating that correlation does not imply causation'.