'Experts' deny (liability)
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[Allopath Inc 'Experts' deny their drug or vaccine damage, it's Just a coincidence or due to Underlying conditions. All of them agreeing is Lying with the Truth, and comes usually as 'committee' or 'panel of experts', or better still a  'team of international experts.'  To paraphrase Mandy Rice Taylor: "They would say that wouldn't they?"]

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[Note use of Euphemism] [2009 April] Experts say cervical cancer vaccine did not cause Valencia illnesses Experts say the two girls .....were not taken ill because of an adverse reaction to the vaccine...They did say however that the fact that the girls were taken ill shortly after being given the vaccine could indicate that it may have precipitated their illnesses.

Experts deny/rule out/could not be determined etc
[2010 Jan] Fewer swine flu jabs as doc falls ill  But an expert group said it could not be determined if the doctor's disorder was directly caused by the vaccine.

[2010 Jan] Swine flu jab takes hit as man, 91, falls ill  Experts have yet to find a link between the human swine flu vaccine and Guillain-Barre syndrome, the health chief says.

[Media May 24, 2006] Health experts downplay risk, warn against vaccine ban

[True classic] Israeli Health Ministry OKs flu vaccine  "All of the experts, all of the doctors, all of the pathologists, all of the people who are experts in the profession, ruled out completely the possibility of a connection between the unfortunate incidents...and the vaccination," he told reporters" 

Just a coincidence
Baby didn't die of vaccination Dr Al Jalahma said it was tragic coincidence that Syed Ali died few hours after he received the Penta vaccine (Combined Diphtheria-Tetanus-Acellular Pertussis (DTPa), Hepatitis B and Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccine), one for the pneumococcal disease and the oral polio vaccine.

[March 2007 MMR] Mumís horror as tot Ďdiesí twice after jab "They insist the timing of his collapse and the MMR jab was a coincidence. But his mother, Suzanne, 38, told the ECHO: ďI canít believe the jab had nothing to do with it. He was fine before that injection, but nearly died straight afterwards.Ē

[Media India, November 23 2004] Infants die; reaction to polio drops feared  "When contacted, district medical and health officer Dr R Krisha Bramham maintained that the deaths were unrelated to polio drops. ``It is a coincidence that the deaths happened just a day after polio drops weregiven,'' he said."---

HIDDEN IN PLAIN SIGHT: The Role of Vaccines in Chronic Disease By Richard Moskowitz, M. D.  "This time I was convinced that his condition was related to the vaccine, but still the doctors didnít take me seriously and told me it was a coincidence."--

[Book] Swine Flu Expose by Eleanora I. McBean, Ph.D., N.D.  Dr. Edwin Kilbourne, head of the Microbiology Department at Mount Sinai Medical School (L.A. Calif.) said he thought "the cases of paralysis were only coincidence."--