Mary Magdalene  Orgonite

The Harmonic Protector

a pendant by Carol Croft

Essential piece of kit I wear 24/7, if I haven't given it to someone--John


[2009] The Story of The Harmonic Protector by Carol Croft

Why you should wear a Carol Croft HP

[2009 June EW. HP and animal communication] An Unusual, Eye-Opening Report  I have experienced some very cool things while wearing your croft harmonic protector ... on the topic of inter-species communication.

[EW 2007] Harmonic Pendant--We don't generally toot our own horn, but this is instructive

Orgonite Empirical Research at a Private Military Academy 

My first pendant started out smooth but changed to this:
Patterns formed on back of Harmonic protectorSBB coil in Harmonic Protector