Tony Blair quotes

"Any fool can tell the truth, but it requires a man of some sense to know how to lie well."--Samuel Butler (1835-1902 Notebooks)
"It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets." ---Voltaire

"Claims to have a special relationship with God or fakes being religious."---[2010] Psychopathic Traits by Thomas Sheridan

If you take the view that the President of the United States is actually a pirate Captain then all of it's history fits into place, it's the destruction of the Health system, it's taking over other countries and stealing their assets and bombing the snot out of them and it is depopulating the planet, these guys are Pirate Captains, we should stop calling them Presidents and Prime Ministers.  They are Pirate Captains of the British plantation which is controlled by Israel Greg Hallett Begins 11/12: Interview with Dr. James Fetzer, PhD - NATO drug runs from Afghanistan

Religion....Most dominators only go to church for marrying and burying. This would be "Three strikes and ye're out" as far as the religiously ethnocentric high RWAs are concerned except for one thing. Dominators can easily pretend to be religious, saying the right words and claiming a deep personal belief and....gullible right-wing authoritarians will go out on almost any limb, walk almost any plank to believe them.  So some non-religious dominators. as part of the act. do go to church regularly, for manipulative reasons. [2006] The Authoritarians” by Bob Altemeyer

Quotes from the Medical Cartel via Blair:
[This is a classic Authority ploy, lying with the truth.]
"I should say that the recommendations on measles mumps and rubella that the Government are following are supported by the World Health Organisation, the British Medical Association, the Royal College of General Practitioners, the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health, the Royal College of Nursing, and the Community Practitioners’ and Health Visitors’ Association."--Tony Blair,  Dec 18 2001

[This is the The 'Pseudoscience' & 'anti-science' lie.] "The anti-science brigade threatens our progress and our prosperity. We need political and science leadership to stand up to them.  The anti-GM lobby does not campaign against GM human insulin because the benefits to people with diabetes is obvious.  We need to take on and defeat the vestiges of anti-science. This won't be done by lofty superiority but by engagement with the street, with science out there talking, debating, listening and educating.   In many instances, a powerful and vocal lobby, with access to all the media channels and an interest in polarising the argument, frames the debate.   The misconceptions, often borne of the most outrageous distortion of fact by campaigners, who in accusing others of a lack of scruple show precious little of it themselves, can be so pervasive.   They so easily take hold. Standing up to this is harder than it sounds. But it is a classic example of the struggle between short-term politics and long-term public good."--Tony Blair

Blair lies
'After 9/11 Blair made a speech in New York and said that during the Blitz there was only one country that stood by us - and that country was America. That is an appalling piece of history,' she exclaims, waving her arms in emphasis.   'Many other countries in Europe and the forces fighting from India, Australia and New Zealand were on our side, too. In fact, the only country that wasn't on our side at the time of the Blitz was America -which was very profitably enjoying staying out of the war at the point. So it's a piece of sophistry and it was being used for a purpose.'--Suzanna Lipscome (Mail on Sunday June 2, 2013)

Quotes about Blair:
IN THE wake of the Hutton fiasco, one truth remains unassailed: Tony Blair ordered an unprovoked invasion of another country on a totally false pretext, and that lies and deceptions manufactured in London and Washington caused the deaths of up to 55,000 Iraqis, including 9,600 civilians. John Pilger

The many people I spoke to during my research for Blair's wars spoke of his supreme confidence, his almost chilling serenity, at this moment of utmost serenity.  They spoke of him at the time with awe.--John Kampfner (Independent 23 Jan 2010)

Blair has the smooth charm that is remarked upon so frequently by psychologists researching the question of psychopathy. They are, as far as I am concerned, pathological figures. But what is important is the system, the pathocratic system. Individuals perform different roles in the system according to type. The Trick of the Psychopath's Trade: Make Us Believe that Evil Comes from Others

"In order to get countries to support America in the Iraq war, Bush had the FBI pull out all the smut files on every political leader. Tony Blair, it was found, was covering for and promoting those involved in a paedophile ring involving knights and at least one prominent royal, a second cousin to the queen (the Dunblane massacre). "Britain's Tony Blair is now a fully-fledged puppet for the American military industrial complex, which is why he has been in power for so long. The media is the propaganda machine for the war machine. It's just as Winston Churchill said:
'The first casualty of war is the truth'.
All the war media are embedded
and the media is bound to tell the lies
the military industrial complex want told." Hitler was a British Agent by Greg Hallett

"They have ruined the lives of just under 300,000 people during the last decade - and numbers will increase. The reason is simple. Two hundred tonnes of radioactive material were fired by invading US forces into buildings, homes, streets and gardens all over Baghdad. "American forces admit to using over 300 tonnes of depleted uranium weapons in 1991. The actual figure is closer to 800. "This has caused a health crisis that has affected almost a third of a million people. As if that was not enough, America went on and used 200 tonnes more in Baghdad alone (last) April. I don't know about other parts of Iraq, it will take me years to document that." [Media March 2004] Iraq's real WMD crime

Beween 1990 and 2002 over half a million Iraqi children have died as a result of UN-imposed economic sanctions (source: UNICEF). Nobody wants to know WHO killed half a million Iraqi children! by Elias Davidsson

"Many, many people are under mind control and have been working for them for years - men and women who are dentists, attorneys, stockbrokers, doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, politicians, bankers, corporate heads, engineers, newspaper editors or owners, nurses, teachers, principals, etc. etc. etc. And all these programmed people are used to further "the cause," each placed in strategic positions for use by the Council.  The technology available is so advanced that most people couldn't even dream of it. It far surpasses anything yet seen on sci-fi movies or read about in books -- total automation, even of people."---Thanks for the Memories by Brice Taylor [See: Offit Orac]

Reference to Blair and the Demon of lying, one of his only real talents:
At least one System of the Mothers (and we can assume others do too) uses the Bilair, Bilar, Bilid cabalistic names for Satan, rather than Satan. The Illuminati Formula 7. Engineering & Structuring Of An MPD System  

The name Saturn, and Belair are well-known as occult names for Satan The Illuminati Formula 12. External Controls

Belial. One of Satan's most venerable demons. According to the Dead Sea Scrolls, Belial was the original leader of the forces of evil until the New Testament firmly established Satan as the leader of the dark side. Belial was also known as the unofficial demon of lies.  He is known as Beliar in Greek. Among certain sections of the Jews, this demon was considered the chief of all the devils.



"Ten years of Gordon Brown at the Treasury have added £6,000 per year to the taxes paid by the average British household; an increase in taxes of 45% compared to 1997."