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Water gifting

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[EW 2009 Nov] Olivier's Strange Confirmation  The airplane with the 'distended butt' (reminds you of a real; sewer rat?) was probably feeling around his new orgone dome for the limit.  When one makes the first orgonite in a sea of corporate-created decay energy it makes a distinct bubble of life force. The sewer rats can't seem to identify the good energy; they just get alarmed when a hole shows up in their death matrix, evidently Cool .  Carol and I used to see such craft a lot when we first started doing this work, ten years ago.

[EW June 28, 2006] We Call it 'Orgonite Cloudbuster,' Because... ---Don Croft

[April 20, 04] GIFTING  by Don Croft
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[April 2003 Idaho Observer] The Tower Buster: Using Reich's orgone energy to neutralize cell tower effects by Don Croft
[August 16, 2002] The Tower Buster--3 oz of orgonite with a single quartz xtal By Don Croft

Medicinebird's Instructions for Making Orgonite

Gifting stories

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Evidence of gifting effects
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Ice cube Stalagmite Aug. 15, 2004







Could you think the guy in the photo is digging metal shavings in resin into the ground? Just cut a hole in a bag you can use around your construction ground until it's done. Nice, smooth and invisible. Of course the etheric parasites are in full perception, but the average joe at least won't call the cops. Especially not in Russia.  Cool Blessings, Pekka