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[Psychics are similar to Sensitives in that they can see & feel energy also spiritual beings, ghosts, Elementals.  Some can also mind read (Telepathy), project their consciousness out of their body (astral projection/Remote Viewing (RV)) to see/feel people's chakras (and heal them), or places, and much more.  Read The Croft Adventures to get some idea.]

[EW Jan 2013] Morgellons 'Disease' --profiling the targets  When Carol and I were just getting started with the internet stuff in 2001 we were introduced to a very skilled psychic in Phoenix, named Carole, who told us that she occasionally did contract work for the CIA.  She believed it was patriotic to do so and she even had an American flag decal in a side window of her car.  By then, most of the psychics in the US were also working for the CIA, though they had no memory of it because it was through Monarch programming  Carol and I had the impression that Carole was not one of these and when we attended one of her channeling sessions Carol watched her energy and later told me it was clean. Her impression was that the info/energy was actually coming from benevolent aliens, as Carole claimed.  It felt very good to me to be there during the session. Most other channelers I'd encountered in 3D just creeped me out Cool  Carole got fast cancer shortly after that and was dead in a month.  She refused to wear her zapper after she got sick because (she told us) she felt that she got sick in order to 'reach the nurses who were working on her.'  In those days the CIA/NSA were systematically murdering all the skilled psychics who were not Monarch programmed, according to what we were seeing.

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ll psychics, including psychic children, are heavily targetted by the World Order for either recruitment or neutralization these days. No psychic is untouched by this and many thousands, who simply wouldn't work for the World Order, have been killed in recent years. Most bend over, of course; psychics are not automatically blessed with discernment, courage or integrity, after all.----Don Croft

The Pentagon and the CIA spent many millions of dollars on ESP, at least $6 million per year. According to the information that has leaked, there are psychic humans, but the ability is not a consistent ability available for all. In the early 1980s it came out that the Navy had 34 psychics, who they paid $400 a month, to track Soviet subs. The CIA claimed during the cold war that 200 Russian experts were working on telepathy. Many of the Illuminatiís Monarch slaves will speak about learning on the astral plane. The Illuminati Formula 10. Spiritual Control Techniques, Possession, Trances, Etc. A. Using spiritual principles against a person

Is death by heart attack, burst aneurysm, of cerebral hemorrhage a "natural cause"?  Not if NSA psychics influence your heart rate, blood pressure, or vascular dilatation... National Security Agency (NSA) - Part 1. Citadel of evil by Steven J. Smith

What if you could turn almost anyone into a pedophile?  The NSA has psychics that can do just that in a remarkably short period of time.  And of course you'll need trained children (both male and female) ready to satisfy the newly created pedophile's every desire (another NSA specialty).  Can you imagine the possibilities for blackmail? This is precisely how many politicians and high ranking corporate officers are controlled. National Security Agency (NSA) - Part 1. Citadel of evil by Steven J. Smith

Oh...regards angelic contact. You don't need an intermediary. At all. Any messages say, from anyone from the angels to you, IS A FRAUD, A FICTION, A LIE, A HOAX, A SCAM, AND SO ON. They do their communications with humanity DIRECTLY to the individual. Cbswork - June 2004 Blogs 1

"She (head teacher at the Berkeley Psychic Institute) confirmed that the CIA had long been interested in psychics....She said two graduates from her training programme had been hired "the government".... (She said) 'About 60% use their skill unethically, and 15% create problems for their clients because they have so little self knowledge of their own programming that they unconsciously pass on their own baggage.' ---Secret, Don't Tell: The Encyclopedia of Hypnotism by Carla Emery p.178

I think its important to note that the great majority of psychics are pretty gullible and take most of what the see at face value. I've seen in the EW chats that the psychics routinely have to pierce through various levels of veils and misdirects to get to the real juicy info and targets. Being the parasites they are, the sewer rats are masters in hiding, after all. Much of what newage psychics see that is of any importance is probably veiled in bullshit and not the real info at all, and they are unable or unwilling to see past this.
    I go to a university filled with newagers and there are a couple of pretty skilled psychics there. There is this one very nice lady, not a heavy duty newager, who once peeked at my aura and told me "I see a hooded priest (jesuit) there, I think you were a tormented priest in one of your past lives, and that is bringing you trouble." She  suggested to embrace this freak as part of myself, as she could feel I was resisting him, to "further my spiritual healing" yikes!  I thought that was pretty funny and explained to her that the jesuit she saw was no past life, but a scumbag jesuit trying to mess with me. It was a good cue to start boosting him and expel him from my space. This is a good example of how newage dogma (brainwashing) will skew the interpretation of what psychics see. This is the reason why newage psychics will not be of any help fighting the world odor. The world odor really figured out a very effective method of neutering the possible treat from psychics with theosophy and of killing the rest who wouldn't take the bait, only a few slipped through the cracks.
    What Don has said about most resisting psychics being murdered by fast cancer in the 90's is something that I can confirm. I once had an Australian girlfriend who was a bit psychic and who's mom was very skilled witch (one of the good ones). Her mom died of cancer in a very, very short time period (in a matter of weeks since getting the first symptoms) inexplicably, and the doctors were perplexed because she showed all the symptoms of testicular cancer (?!?) but being a woman this was impossible of course. The serial killers also had never seen such a fast acting cancer. This old girlfriend of mine was the first person I met who had a burning hate towards the world odor which she got from her mom, so I'm sure her mother was quite a threat to these freaks. She was quite tramatized by her mom's death and thought MDs were the lowest of the scum on earth, I guess she never met a jesuit Cool ----Alejandro

The era immediately following WWII saw a veritable explosion of new drugs and bio-active chemicals.  Many resulting from war related R&D efforts instigated in the late 1930s and early 1940s.  Insecticides such as DDT, and antibiotics such as penicillin revolutionized human civilization, resulting in changed expectations that are still influencing society today.  In this environment of sweeping societal transformations, it was a relatively simple matter for the NSA to covertly promote new and novel uses for drugs and other chemicals that would result in creation of children with the required cluster of teratogen induced birth defects.  One of the most widely prescribed and thoroughly documented (teratogenic) synthetic hormone analogs of that period was DES (diethylstilbestrol).  First synthesized in 1938 at the university of Oxford, and approved by the FDA for prevention of miscarriages in 1947, DES was manufactured and sold by pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly until 1997.  Even though the teratogenic properties of DES were (publicly) documented in 1971.  It is estimated that between 1941 to 1971, five to ten million pregnant (American) women had taken DES, thereby exposing their unborn children to this teratogenic drug.  All of this, in spite of the fact that a 1953 (double blind) study found pregnant women who were given DES had just as many miscarriages and premature deliveries as the control group.  Are we to believe the FDA allowed the continued use of an ineffective drug (on pregnant woman) for eighteen years?  Or was there a hidden agenda behind their apparent lapse of oversight?
    If we assume that only one in every hundred of these (DES exposed) children developed enhanced psychic abilities, and of those, only one in ten were of sufficient strength to be useful in psychic warfare, then this single teratogenic drug added five to ten thousand potential soldiers to the NSA psychic slave army.  All without any public awareness of the real motivation behind introduction and aggressive DES promotion.  Truly, subterfuge and collateral damage on a massive scale.
    DES is typical of first generation teratogenic inducers of psychic abilities.  Besides wide spread (covert) promotion of drugs like DES, the NSA exploited other avenues in their quest to create children with enhanced psychic capabilities.  For instance, medical staff at facilities for unwed teen mothers were infiltrated (subverted), thereby enabling the covert use of experimental teratogenic drugs on naive underage girls.  It is a safe assumption that in the intervening decades since WWII, NSA funded pharmaceutical research has developed a number of more potent (and narrowly targeted) teratogenic drugs for use on an unsuspecting population.
    Along with synthetic hormone analogs (such as DES), certain organic chemicals used in the production of plastics, also exhibit a similar ability to disrupt normal gender specific fetal development.  A good example is BPA (bisphenol A).  Known to mimic natural hormones since the 1930s, it remains in wide spread use today (including the manufacture of baby bottles and other food containers).  NSA Part 3 - Collateral damage