Shadow government

[Completely suppressed in America, probably just after the successful control of cotton boll weevil by radionic devices (called U.K.A.C.O. Radionic Process). The Whale Editor received a letter from one man in jail for making a radionic device for rodent control. Still available in UK.]

[EW 2009 July] Unusual Radionics Considerations

Ruth Drown

Tower Busters and Radionics A Budding Success Story

Alaska Radionics with Orgonite Octahedron On Oct. 31, 2002

Pyramid Orgone Generator Matrix

Robert Dawn's Radionics Article - March 12, 2006 19:39

Interview with Duncan Cameron and Preston Nichols

We also believe that Stanley Kubrick, who died shortly after the release of his movie “Eyes wide shut” was also killed by radionics. We believe that his movie “2001 a space odyssey” indicated that he was in alignment with the secret powers that be. However, people change. He didn’t produce a movie for twenty years before he produced “Eyes wide shut”. This movie was kept in super secrecy until it came out. Even reviewers did not see it until the day it was released. Most people did not know what to make of it. They didn’t recognize it for what we believe it was, namely a documentary, of the kind of religious rituals that the powers that be are involved in. In the movie Tom Cruise is told towards the end something like “If you knew who those people were, you wouldn’t sleep at night”. We believe that Kubrick towards the end turned towards the good side, and wanted to get information out to the people. We believe that Kubrick was killed radionically by people who he was once aligned with. THE MARS RECORDS BOOK 2

Up until this time the attacks were mostly demonic in nature, with energy being drained, anger thrown in etc. The radionics thing was a new thing. We believe that this may be the mechanism behind the MANY researchers (especially UFO researchers) dying of cancer and heart attack. (I once read an article outlining how many UFO researchers had died, and it was an amazingly long list).Interview by Surfing The Apocalypse

Michael prayed for me (e.g. "In Jesus name I break every curse, spell and psychic prayer put upon Stephanie by any government group, MIB group, witches satanists or masonic group, NWO group, illuminati group, NRO group, NSA group, CIA group, military group, army group, navy group, air force group, marine corps group, Mars Defense Force Group, Mars Program group, reptilian group, draconian group, grey alien group, insect alien group. In the name of the lord Jesus Christ I break every soul tie, communication link, insertion point, communication line, surveillance line, hook, radionics attack, death signal hook and disease signal hook put upon Stephanie by (the names above). Interview by Surfing The Apocalypse

"Eleven years ago I discovered that inexpensive zappers routinely cure cancer and AIDS.  What’s taking so long for this news to spread?  The answer, of course, is subversion, ritual magic, DOR-based radionics and other high-tech magic and, not least, the studious avoidance in the What To Think Network of any mention of this phenomenally liberating, accessible technology."--Don Croft (July 2007)