Reptilian symbols
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Asclepius staff
Dragon slaying

Snake/reptilian eyes (slits) 
Snake legs 
Snake eyes (poker)
Snake swallowing human
Snake swallowing tail (Oroboros) 
All seeing eye (people)
All seeing eye symbol
All seeing eye with hand (people)

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We have two major symbols representing our species. One (the more ancient) symbol is a blue serpent with four white wings on a black background (the colors have religious meanings for us). This symbol was used from certain parts of my society, but it is today very seldom—you humans have copied it very often in your old writings. The other symbol is a mystic being you would call a "Dragon" in the shape of a circle with seven white stars in the middle. This symbol is much more common today. If you see one of that symbols on a cylindrical craft I've described in my previous answer or on some underground installation, this thing or place belongs definetely to us (and I would advise you to go away from there as soon as possible). [2004] The Lacerta Files Interview with a Reptilian


Melyssa Ford alter-ego shoot  Blanks, Derek

Rosslyn Chapel