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[2016 March] The Lies About Andrew Wakefield By John Stone

[2010] Peer Reviewed Papers Support Findings. The following peer-reviewed papers support the findings of the original work by Wakefield and colleagues at the Royal Free Hospital in the UK:

Co-Author of Lancet MMR-Autism Study Exonerated on All Charges of Professional Misconduct   Dr. John Walker-Smith, considered the father of pediatric gastroenterology, has today been restored to his much-deserved reputation of high esteem. His appeal of the U.K. General Medical Council’s 2010 decision to remove his license for serious professional misconduct has been quashed in its entirety. This decision raises questions about the validity of the 2010 GMC proceeding in general. 
Dr. Walker-Smith’s professional insurance coverage paid for his appeal; Dr. Wakefield’s insurance carrier would not.

According to Dr. Lewis, "There was no fraud committed by Dr. Wakefield.  The crux of the matter in Wakefield's case, so far as research fraud is concerned, is whether Wakefield fabricated the diagnosis of non-specific colitis for 11 of the 12 Lancet children as claimed in Table 1. Drs. Paul Dhillon's and Andrew Anthony's grading sheets clearly show that Wakefield did not fabricate the diagnoses of non-specific colitis reported in the Lancet article." In addition to his work as a scientist, Dr. Lewis directs the Research Misconduct Project of the National Whistleblower Center inWashington, D.C.

[2011] Re: How the case against the MMR vaccine was fixed  "As a research microbiologist involved with the collection and examination of colonic biopsy samples, I do not believe that Dr. Wakefield intentionally misinterpreted the grading sheets as evidence of "non-specific colitis." Dhillon indicated "non-specific" in a box associated, in some cases, with other forms of colitis. In addition, if Anthony's grading sheets are similar to ones he completed for the Lancet article, they suggest that he diagnosed "colitis" in a number of the children."

Leadership & Longevity 2015 - Dr. Andrew Wakefield  "There will be over 100,000 children diagnosed with autism in this year alone in this country and the average cost estimated to raise one of those children, to look after them for their natural life, is $3.2 million [from a conservative figure by Harvard researcher Michael Ganz a decade ago.] By 2025, autism will cost this country a trillion dollars a year.  This is going to bankrupt the country. ...Most of the country is still asleep. They don't know and they don't care.  Autism is everyone's problem."...During the Q and A Wakefield was asked about the schedule, and he talked about delaying and spacing out vaccines.  He also made the personal admission that if he had young children today, "I would not vaccinate them.  And that's the only honest answer I can give you.  That is not advice to anyone else, it's simply from my own experience and the more I look into this, the more concerned I become. ..."

[2015] The Mythical ‘Debunking’ of Andrew Wakefield

[2015 May] Moms In Charge Presents Dr. Andrew Wakefield on CDC Whistleblower

[2015 Jan] The Washington Post Whips Up Fear And Blames Andrew Wakefield By John Stone

[2013 April] Dr Andrew Wakefield, The Lancet Study and My Two Boys - Isabella Thomas

[2012 Dec] The Consequences of Dr Wakefield’s Trials by Martin Walker

[2013 Feb] Banned Wakefield Films From British TV Emerge on Youtube After Nearly a Decade

[2012 March] Dr. Wakefield Comments After the GMC Recants; Will Dr. Andrew Wakefield Be Next?  a study performed by a team of doctors at Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, involved 275 children that confirmed Dr. Wakefield’s findings regarding bowel disease and the measles virus.  Here are the results: 70 out of 82 children tested positive for the measles virus, but just not any ordinary measles virus.

[2011 Oct] Astounding Wakefield Lecture to Association of American Physicians & Surgeons Implicates BMJ Editor in Research Fraud  This lecture [see full video below] tells you exactly how the British Medical Journal Editor Dr Fiona Godlee is responsible for the most extraordinary research fraud in recent medical history in trying to cover up the association between vaccines and autistic conditions in children.

[2012 Feb] The Walker-Smith Appeal, the British Media and the Boseley Problem By John Stone  The almost unavoidable conclusion is that large sections of the British media have always known that the “Wakefield” prosecution was based on an imposture, and have been holding their silence in contempt of fair reporting and of the public at large, and that these people are much more concerned about their own backs than they are about our children.

[2011 April] Brilliant Wakefield Lecture – Shows BMJ Editor’s & Deer’s Fraud Allegations Were Fraud Themselves  This is an excellent recent lecture by Andrew Wakefield in Austin Texas in which he shows how Deer and BMJ Editor Dr Fiona Godlee perpetrated their own fraudulent allegations that Andrew Wakefield committed fraud when that was not true and in fact impossible.  The fraud is entirely by journalist Brian Deer and the British Medical Journal.
    What Andrew Wakefield also shows is how the work at The Royal Free Hospital with his colleagues not only found a new bowel disease in autistic children but also how the results of that work have been and are today helping autistic children recover some normality in their lives.
    You can also read in detail how it was impossible for anyone to have committed fraud.  Neither Dr Godlee nor Brian Deer have been able to answer these points.  So who are the fraudsters?

[2011 Jan] Documents emerge proving Dr Andrew Wakefield innocent; BMJ and Brian Deer caught misrepresenting the facts


[2011 Jan] Big Pharma Vilified Researcher for Threatening Vaccine Program By Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.

[2011 Jan] Autism, Vaccination and Immigrants - Yet Another Clear Correlation by F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP

[2011 Jan] Wakefield Has Company by Judy Converse, MPH RD LD

[2011 Jan] Measles in the United Kingdom. The “Wakefield Factor” By F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP

[2010 April] Dr. Mercola Interviews Dr. Andrew Wakefield
[2010 April.] Dr Andrew Wakefield - In His own words

[2010 Feb Letter] Did retracting the paper matter? by F. Edward Yazbak

[2010 March Letter] How Unfortunate! Dr. Yazbak to BMJ  What is happening to Professor Walker-Smith, Professor Simon Murch and Dr. Andrew Wakefield, three dedicated and wonderful physicians is unjust, unfair and unforgivable.

[2010 Feb] Big Pharma/Lancet Scam: Vaccine-Autism Link Denied  by MIKE ADAMS/ DR. LEONARD HOROWITZ 

[2010 Jan] Read Silenced Witnesses Volume II: The Parents' Story and you will know MMR causes autism and serious bowel disease, while the governments have been lying through their teeth (as usual), supported by the media Greek Chorus

[2009 Aug] How Thoughtful House and Drs. Wakefield, Krigsman and Jepson Helped My Son

[2009 Feb] Dr Andrew Wakefield Demolishes Ignorant US Vaccine Lobby

[2008] Key realities about autism, vaccines, vaccine-injury compensation, Thimerosal, and autism-related research----Gary S. Goldman, Ph.D & P.G. King PhD. 

Lancet - Statements by all on Dr Wakefield's studyDr Andrew Wakefield: his research is criticised

[May 2007] GMC Challenged On MMR Inquiry Chief's Vaccine Firm Links

"Prof Denis McDevitt,.....attended meetings that discussed warnings from other countries about an early form of the triple jab, using the Urabe strain of mumps virus, which caused encephalitis and meningitis. Despite warnings and the fact that this vaccine had already been withdrawn in Canada, the Urabe-containing jab was introduced in the UK in 1988.  Some of the 12 children whose medical history featured in the controversial 1998 Lancet paper, drawn up by Dr Wakefield and his colleagues and which suggested a possible link between the jab and bowel disease and regressive autism, had received the Urabe-strain vaccine - as indeed had some of those children in the high court litigation with manufacturers." [June 2007 Private Eye] MMR Conflict of Interest Zone

[2008 Oct] Dr Andrew Wakefield On MMR Vaccine In Sunday Express

[June 2007 Private Eye] MMR Conflict of Interest Zone
[May 2007] MMR judge faces probe over brother's link to vaccine firm
[May 2007] GMC Challenged On MMR Inquiry Chief's Vaccine Firm Links

[Media Oct 2006 Wakefield] VILIFED by the MMR zealots
MMR - SCIENCE AND FICTION": the Richard Horton story 25 September 2004 ------John Stone